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                       TRIBUTE TO BEVERLY WILSON


                         HON. JOHN T. DOOLITTLE

                             of california

                    in the house of representatives

                     Wednesday, September 27, 2006

  Mr. DOOLITTLE. Mr. Speaker, whether she was called Beverly, Bev, Mom, 
Grandma, Dear Friend or the Mail Lady, Beverly Wilson was known by all 
for her compassion and generous spirit. Bev was a fifty-year resident 
of Lincoln, California, and served as a postal carrier for 26 years. 
Tragically, Bev was killed in the line of duty a mere four weeks short 
of retirement.
  Beverly dedicated her life to bringing joy to those around her. She 
was an ideal co-worker. She gently guided her younger colleagues 
through thoughtful gestures and kind words. For no occasion at all, she 
would surprise her fellow workers with homemade baked goods, fresh 
vegetables from her garden, or jarred pomegranate jellies. The people 
who worked alongside Bev knew that, in her, they had a true friend.
  Her customers thought the world of Bev. She took the time to know 
each of them, and her association with the people she serviced grew 
into friendships that lasted decades. While seeing them six days a week 
for twenty-six years, Bev shared the lives of her patrons, delighting 
alongside them during their joyous moments and providing warm comfort 
in times of sorrow. One of Bev's sons once asked, ``How can one little 
old woman touch the lives of so many people?''
  Beverly Wilson was the proud mother of five children and fifteen 
grandchildren. While she spent so much of her time doing good deeds for 
her customers, co-workers and other friends, she always had time for 
her family. Beverly's fifteen grandchildren could always expect a card 
from ``Grandma Bev'' on their birthdays, as she never missed even one.
  Beverly Wilson remains an example of dedication and kindheartedness 
today. When the residents of Lincoln, CA visit the new postal facility 
named after her, they will be inspired by the memories of such an 
outstanding and considerate individual.