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                         SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS



  Mr. INHOFE (for himself and Mr. Dodd) submitted the following 
resolution; which was considered and agreed to:

                              S. Res. 581

       Whereas Huntington's Disease is a progressive degenerative 
     neurological disease that causes total physical and mental 
     deterioration over a 12 to 15 year period;
       Whereas each child of a parent with Huntington's Disease 
     has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the Huntington's 
     Disease gene;
       Whereas Huntington's Disease typically begins in mid-life, 
     between the ages of 30 and 45, though onset may occur as 
     early as the age of 2;
       Whereas children who develop the juvenile form of the 
     disease rarely live to adulthood;
       Whereas the average lifespan after onset of Huntington's 
     Disease is 10 to 20 years, and the younger the age of onset, 
     the more rapid the progression of the disease;
       Whereas Huntington's Disease affects 30,000 patients and 
     200,000 genetically ``at risk'' individuals in the United 
       Whereas, since the discovery of the gene that causes 
     Huntington's Disease in 1993, the pace of Huntington's 
     Disease research has accelerated;
       Whereas, although no effective treatment or cure currently 
     exists, scientists and researchers are hopeful that 
     breakthroughs will be forthcoming;
       Whereas researchers across the Nation are conducting 
     important research projects involving Huntington's Disease; 
       Whereas the Senate is an institution that can raise 
     awareness in the general public and the medical community of 
     Huntington's Disease: Now, therefore, be it
       Resolved, That the Senate--
       (1) designates June 6, 2008, as ``National Huntington's 
     Disease Awareness Day'';
       (2) recognizes that all people of the United States should 
     become more informed and aware of Huntington's Disease; and
       (3) respectfully requests the Secretary of the Senate to 
     transmit a copy of this resolution to the Huntington's 
     Disease Society of America.