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                          HON. DONALD M. PAYNE

                             of new jersey

                    in the house of representatives

                         Tuesday, May 11, 2010

  Mr. PAYNE. Madam Speaker, I ask my colleagues here in the House of 
Representatives to join me as I rise to pay tribute to the wonderful 
accomplishments of Gene A. Vincenti as he retires from Rutgers Newark. 
It is indeed a pleasure for me to add my congratulations to that of his 
family, friends and colleagues of the Rutgers Newark community as they 
celebrate in honor of ``Mr. Rutgers Newark.'' For all the contributions 
he has made over the years, Mr. Vincenti deserves to be feted on this 
marvelous although melancholy occasion.
  Rarely has an individual been such an integral part of a university 
by having received both undergraduate and graduate degrees and going on 
to work at the same institution for over 38 years. However, that is 
exactly what Gene has done. His career at Rutgers Newark can only be 
described as mutually beneficial. Having worked with three provosts and 
three presidents, Gene has been instrumental in helping to develop the 
current landscape of Newark. In addition to his involvement with the 
Council for Higher Education in Newark, CHEN, alliance, Gene had a hand 
in determining the locations of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center 
and the Prudential Arena. He also had input on redeveloping the Broad 
Street train station and the Broad and Halsey Street areas near the 
  Gene's involvement in CHEN and his numerous years as a champion of 
Rutgers Newark helped to create some dynamic improvements and image 
boosting initiatives for the City of Newark. His sphere of influence in 
the community and the synergy he helped to create through CHEN will 
always be remembered by the many students, administrators and residents 
of the Greater Newark area.
  Madam Speaker, I know my fellow members of the House of 
Representatives agree that Gene Vincenti has been a part of the fabric 
of Newark Rutgers and that his departure will leave a void that will 
not easily be filled. We wish him well in this new phase of his life.