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                        STATES ARMY NURSE CORPS

  Mr. REID of Nevada (for Mr. Inouye (for himself, Ms. Murkowski, and 
Mr. Cochran)) submitted the following resolution; which was considered 
and agreed to:

                               S. Res. 31

       Whereas throughout the history of the United States, nurses 
     have served the United States Armed Forces during times of 
     peace and war;
       Whereas the establishment of the United States Army Nurse 
     Corps (referred to in this preamble as the ``Army Nurse 
     Corps''), a permanent nursing corps, was authorized under 
     section 19 of the Act of February 2, 1901 (31 Stat. 753, 
     chapter 192);
       Whereas for the 110 years since its establishment, the Army 
     Nurse Corps has served with distinction at home and abroad;
       Whereas more than 21,000 Army nurses served in World War I, 
     providing care in evacuation, mobile surgical hospitals, and 
     on hospital trains and transport ships;
       Whereas in World War II, more than 57,000 Army nurses 
     served with distinction, including 67 nurses who were 
     captured in the Philippines and held as prisoners of war for 
     3 years before their liberation in February 1945;
       Whereas Army nurses have served with the United States Army 
     in hostilities in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, 
     and Somalia;
       Whereas Army nurses have served shoulder to shoulder with 
     the United States Army for more than 9 years in Afghanistan 
     and 7 years in Iraq;
       Whereas as of the date of agreement to this resolution, 
     nurses in the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, and the 
     Regular Army are deployed in more than 15 countries;
       Whereas the motto of Army nurses, ``Embrace the Past, 
     Engage the Present, Envision the Future'', symbolizes the 
     bond of the Army Nurse Corps to its rich history as well as 
     its commitment to the care of future generations of 
       Whereas Army nurses, who selflessly serve the United 
     States, will continue to serve the United States Army, 
     regardless of the cause, location, or magnitude of future 
     battles; and
       Whereas the Army Nurse Corps is committed to providing 
     quality care to the United States Army during times of peace 
     and war, at any time and in any place: Now, therefore, be it
       Resolved, That the Senate--
       (1) recognizes the valor, commitment, and sacrifice that 
     United States Army Nurse

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     Corps nurses have made throughout the history of the United 
       (2) commends the United States Army Nurse Corps for 110 
     years of selfless service; and
       (3) calls upon the people of the United States to observe 
     that anniversary with appropriate ceremonies and activities.