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                            PRYOR NOMINATION

  Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, in about 19 minutes the Senate will 
exercise one of its constitutional responsibilities of advice and 
consent to President Obama on the appointment of Jill A. Pryor to be a 
U.S. Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit of Georgia. I urge all of 
my colleagues to vote favorably for Ms. Pryor, a lawyer from the city 
of Atlanta and the State of Georgia, a great nominee and a great 
  As I make this recommendation, I want the Chamber to know loudly and 
clearly that I praise the President and his staff--particularly Kathy 
Ruemmler--for the job they did in coordinating with Senator Chambliss 
and myself in seeking advice and consent to come up with a series of 
appointees to the district and circuit courts of Georgia.
  Jill Pryor is an outstanding lawyer and an outstanding attorney. She 
is a graduate of William & Mary and Yale University, and was editor of 
the Yale Law Review.
  An outstanding jurist and an outstanding person, she has practiced 
and specialized in business law, representing plaintiffs and 
defendants--not in the same case, I might add--in the areas of business 
torts, corporate governance, and shareholder disputes, class actions, 
trade secrets, fraud, intellectual property fraud, and the Georgia and 
Federal RICO statutes.
  She is an outstanding member of the firm of Bondurant, Mixson & 
Elmore, and clerked for an Eleventh Circuit judge when she got out of 
Yale University Law School. She is an outstanding individual of 
impeccable credentials, impeccable integrity, and will be a great 
credit to the Federal bench of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 
Eleventh Circuit.
  I commend her to each of my colleagues here today with my highest 
recommendation, and I again thank the President of the United States 
and his staff for their cooperation in nominating a superior judge to 
the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
  Mr. President, I yield the floor and I ask unanimous consent that the 
time be equally divided.
  The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered.
  Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, I suggest the absence of a quorum.
  The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will call the roll.
  The assistant legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll.
  Mr. GRASSLEY. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the order 
for the quorum call be rescinded.
  The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered.