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                         HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                     Wednesday, September 10, 2014

  Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate the 2014 
recipients of the coveted Ellis Island Medal of Honor.
  Presented annually by the National Ethnic Coalition of 
Organizations--NECO, the Ellis Island Medals of Honor pay tribute to 
our Nation's immigrant heritage, as well as individual achievement. The 
Medals are awarded to U.S. citizens from diverse ethnic backgrounds who 
exemplify outstanding qualities in both their personal and professional 
lives, while continuing to preserve the richness of their particular 
heritage and culture. We honor these outstanding individuals because 
the important work they do today, creates a better world for all of us 
tomorrow. Since the Medals' founding in 1986, more than 2,000 American 
citizens have received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, including six 
American Presidents, United States Senators, Congressmen, Nobel 
Laureates, athletes, artists, clergy, and military leaders. This Medal 
is not about material success, nor is it about the politics of 
immigration; it is about the people who have committed themselves to 
this nation, embraced the opportunities America has to offer, and most 
importantly, who have used those opportunities to not only better their 
own lives but make a difference in our country and in the lives of its 
  Citizens of the United States hail from every nation known to man. 
The iconic metaphor of this nation as a veritable melting pot of 
cultures continues to ring true, and it is this diversity that adds to 
the unique richness of American life. It is the key to why America is 
the most innovative, progressive and forward thinking country in the 
world. The Ellis Island Medals of Honor not only celebrate select 
individuals but also the pluralism and democracy that enabled our 
forebearers to celebrate their cultural identities while still 
embracing the American way of life. This award serves to remind us all 
that with hard work and perseverance anyone can still achieve the 
American dream. In addition, by honoring these remarkable Americans, we 
honor all who share their origins and we acknowledge the contributions 
they have made to America.
  I commend NECO and its Board of Directors headed by my good friend, 
Nasser J. Kazeminy, for honoring these truly outstanding individuals 
for their tireless efforts to foster dialogue and build bridges between 
different ethnic groups, as well as to promote unity and a sense of 
common purpose in our nation.
  Mr. Speaker, I ask all of my colleagues to join me in recognizing the 
good works of NECO and in congratulating all of the 2014 recipients of 
the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. I also submit the names of this year's 

              2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipients

       Salpy Akaragian RN-BC, MN; Iran Davar Ardalan; Marina 
     Arsenijevic; Sherry S. Bahrambeygui; Lily Ring Balian; Maria 
     Bartiromo; Gerald A. Benjamin; Robert S. Bennett; Norbert R. 
     Berg; Narpat Bhandari; Barbara J. Bowers, M.D., Ian Bremmer; 
     Major General Mark A. Brilakis; Charles Ta-Peng Chang; Edwin 
     M. Chang, M.D.; Hazem H. Chehabi, M.D.; Quyen D. Chu, M.D.; 
     Vice Admiral Daniel L. Cooper; Brigadier General Ruben A. 
     Cubero; Vice Admiral Philip Hart Cullom.
       H.E. Archbishop Hovnan Derderian; Samir A. Desai; Paul J. 
     DiMare; Captain Jeffrey F. Dixon; Diana L. Ecclestone; E. 
     Llwyd Ecclestone; Salim F. Fadil, M.D.; Phillip Frost, M.D.; 
     Chief Thomas P. Galati; Diana Xing Wu Gao; Jean-Pierre 
     Garnier, PhD.; Colonel Michael J. Gould; General Frank J. 
     Grass; Scott Green; Felix `Phil' Grucci; Admiral Harry B. 
     Harris, Jr.; Samuel R. Harris; Richard B. Herman, Esq.; 
     Evander Holyfield; Joan B. Horning.
       Professor David P.J. Hung, O.M.D., PhD.; Vahe Imasdounian; 
     Jae Kung Jeung; Larry E. Jodsaas; Yue-Sai Kan; Shaygan 
     Kheradpir; Minsun Kim; Gary Sze Kong; Gwen S. Korovin, M.D.; 
     Dr. Alma Kunanbaeva; Kin Y. Lam, M.D.; Norma Lerner; Anita 
     Bevacqua McBride; Douglas W. McCormick; Honorable Robert Carl 
     McFarlane; Raffi Megerian; Dr. Aria Mehrabi; David C. 
     Meltzer, Esq.; Ali Mojdehi; Darioush Nasseri, M.D.; Jerar 
       Herbert V. Nootbaar; Dattatreyudu Nori, M.D.; Pejman Nozad; 
     Ivan Obolensky; Fatih Ozmen; Frank Pallone, Jr.; Peter Kihyo 
     Park; Jorge M. Perez; Lauren Pizza; Rabbi Joseph Potasnik; 
     Arun Kumar Pramanik, M.D.; Helen Psaras; Major General L. 
     Scott Rice; U.S. Representative Edward R. Royce; Major 
     General Jay Santee; Elizabeth Sarquis; Timothy R. Scully, 
     CSC; Ketki Sharadkumar Shah, M.D.; Yash Paul Soi; Andrew 
       Abdul M. Suleman; Elie Tahari; Honorable David H. Thorne; 
     Honorable Gaddi H. Vasquez; Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.; 
     Honorable John P. Walsh; Robert R. Weinstine, Esq.; Honorable 
     Jesse White; Steven W. Wong; Yannis C. Yortsos, PhD; Lotfi 
     Zadeh; Tim H. Zagat; Charles Zhang.
       And receiving the International Ellis Island Medal of 
     Honor, Ahmet Calik and Nigel Lythgoe.