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  The following bills and joint resolutions were introduced, read the 
first and second times by unanimous consent, and referred as indicated:

           By Mr. COTTON:
       S. 2474. A bill to allow for additional markings, including 
     the words ``Israel'' and ``Product in Israel,'' to be used 
     for country of origin marking requirements for goods made in 
     the geographical areas known as the West Bank and Gaza Strip; 
     to the Committee on Finance.
           By Mr. SULLIVAN (for himself and Mr. Daines):
       S. 2475. A bill to establish a Commission on Structural 
     Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeals; to the 
     Committee on the Judiciary.
           By Mr. PORTMAN (for himself, Ms. Cantwell, Mrs. 
             Shaheen, and Mr. McConnell):
       S. 2476. A bill to exclude power supply circuits, drivers, 
     and devices designed to be connected to, and power, light-
     emitting diodes or organic light-emitting diodes providing 
     illumination or ceiling fans using direct current motors from 
     energy conservation standards for external power supplies; to 
     the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.
           By Mr. DAINES (for himself and Mr. Sullivan):
       S. 2477. A bill to amend title 28, United States Code, to 
     provide for the appointment of additional Federal circuit 
     judges, to divide the Ninth Judicial Circuit of the United 
     States into 2 circuits, and for other purposes; to the 
     Committee on the Judiciary.