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                     HON. ERIC A. ``RICK'' CRAWFORD

                              of arkansas

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, April 26, 2018

  Mr. CRAWFORD. Mr. Speaker, on Friday, 21 students from Valley View 
High School in my hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas will arrive in our 
Nation's Capital to compete in the We the People National Competition. 
For the better part of the past school year, these impressive students 
have given up their free time to study our Nation's constitutional 
democracy and thoroughly examine the history and principles of the 
  This weekend, they will put their knowledge to the ultimate test here 
in Washington. They will compete in a simulated Congressional hearing 
by evaluating and defending positions on historical and contemporary 
constitutional issues. Our government functions at its best when 
citizens engage in the political and policy making process, and I'm 
proud that these students are already preparing themselves for that 
process through their education.
  Valley View has a history of excellence in We the People. Mrs. Traci 
Smith started We the People at Valley View nearly a decade ago, won the 
Arkansas state competition several times, and brought hundreds of 
students to the Capital to compete. Today, the program is led by Mr. 
Jacob Lamberson, who has coached at the national competition several 
times. Both teachers deserve our gratitude for their exceptional work 
preparing the rising generation for civic engagement and leadership.
  I include in the Record the names of the competing students: Jesse 
Allison, Walker Bartels, Adrian Brown, Benjamin ``Benji'' Campbell, 
Aaron Dent, Cooper Fanning, Colin Ford, Simon Gomez, Dylan Johnson, 
Ryan Jones, Ilyse Levy, Taylor Martin, Carly Mason, Daniel Miao, Tanner 
Mote, Weston Myers, Camryn Pierce, Anna Rhodes, Jackson St. Pierre, 
Johnny Waters, and Kori Wood.
  Mr. Speaker, I hope you and the rest of Congress will join me in 
congratulating these young men and women for their achievements and 
wish them the best of luck in their future pursuits.