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                        THE TRUMP BUSINESS MODEL

  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from 
Arizona (Mr. Gallego) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. GALLEGO. Mr. Speaker, as you know, Members of this House disagree 
on a whole range of topics, but one rare point of bipartisan agreement 
concerns the ZTE Corporation.
  We have all heard complaints about the theft of trade secrets by ZTE 
and other major Chinese companies. We all know that when American 
companies are forced into licensing and disclosure agreements with 
Chinese State-owned enterprises, American technology is as good as 
stolen. We have all sat through hearings and briefings on the 
significant threat that ZTE and its brother, Huawei, pose to our 
national security. That is why it is concerning that President Trump 
decided to let ZTE off the hook for secretly doing business with Iran 
and North Korea.
  Of course, this decision wasn't the only one affecting international 
trade that the Trump administration has made in recent weeks. He is 
imposing tariffs on our allies in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. His 
Ambassador to Germany has disgraced himself in the capital of our 
biggest European partner. He continues to insult our best trading 
partners by labeling them as security threats.
  That is right, Mr. Speaker. Donald Trump is giving aid and comfort to 
ZTE, a known corporate enemy of America, while at the same time going 
out of his way to alienate our closest friends and allies around the 
world. But why?
  I am sure it is just a fluke that Trump is allowing ZTE to resume its 
purchases of U.S. technology immediately following China's decision to 
award Ivanka Trump seven new Chinese trademarks.
  I am positive it is just a coincidence that Trump cut a deal with ZTE 
right away after various Chinese entities offered $1 billion in 
financing to a resort with ties to the Trump organization. Just a 
  There is nothing to see here, says the Trump administration. Don't 
ask any questions. Don't demand any information. Just look the other 
  How did we get here, Mr. Speaker? Where is the Grand Old Party as 
Donald Trump erodes our alliances, makes nice with our enemies, and 
ignites a global trade war?
  We need to get to the bottom of whether there was a quid pro quo with 
China over ZTE, and we need to get to work on tough legislation to 
prevent China from illicitly acquiring American technology, especially 
technology with important defense applications and capabilities.
  Bipartisan bills for this purpose with broad support from both 
parties have already been introduced. The Republican leadership should 
immediately bring those bipartisan bills to the floor for debate and 
consideration. That is what the American people expect. They want this 
body to stand up to America's adversaries and to stand up for America's 
laws and values.

                              {time}  1030

  They want us to reassert our power as a coequal branch of government.
  Trump is tearing down America's alliances. We must preserve them.
  Trump is sucking up to dictators and repressive regimes all around 
the world. We must condemn them.
  More importantly, Trump and his cronies are using the Presidency to 
enrich themselves, and we must stop them.
  Let's put an end to the Trump of business model: quid pro quo, pay to 
play, this for that.
  Mr. Speaker, I look forward to the day when my Republican friends are 
courageous enough to say out loud what many of them whisper here in 
these hallways: that coddling Chinese companies like ZTE is reckless, 
that attacking our allies is dangerous, that using high office for 
personal gain is flat-out wrong.
  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Members are reminded to refrain from 
engaging in personalities toward the President.