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                        HONORING JARED EICHHORN


                           HON. PAUL D. RYAN

                              of wisconsin

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, June 13, 2018

  Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker, I address the House today to mark 
Jared Eichhorn's last week working as the Director of the House 
Republican Cloakroom. The Cloakroom is a special place in the people's 
House, and Jared has been its reliable steward.
  Jared's service to the House dates back to the summer of 2006, when 
he began his tenure as a staff assistant for then-Majority Leader John 
A. Boehner (OH-08). Jared kept his head down and worked his way up the 
ladder, ultimately moving to the House floor as a Floor Assistant, a 
role in which he would flourish. Working with members and staff from 
the GOP Conference, Jared became a trusted source for parliamentary 
procedure and floor strategy.
  Given Jared's hard work and steadiness, it is no surprise that in 
2015, Speaker Boehner named him to serve as the cloakroom's director, a 
post I asked him to continue in at the start of this speakership.
  Jared is one of the good guys. He is a team player who shows up every 
day and gives everything he has for this place. Whether it is running 
the Cloakroom, managing his team, fielding countless questions and 
requests from member offices, coordinating with the House Rules 
Committee, Jared's departure will be a big loss to our office and the 
institution. His quiet dedication to the people's House is an example 
for all of us, as his unflappable nature.
  A Cleveland native, Jared is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio, 
where I am also a proud alumnus. His bride, Sarah, is also a Cleveland 
native and Miami alumna. Yet while they were in both in Oxford at the 
same time, it would take a nudge by our former colleague from Ohio, 
Rep. Steve LaTourette, to make the first introduction. Jared and Sarah 
are expecting their first child later this summer and I could not be 
happier for them. I want to thank Sarah for her sacrifices during the 
late nights and long hours.
  We are so grateful for Jared's service to this institution, and the 
whole House is in his debt.