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                           HON. MIKE COFFMAN

                              of colorado

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, July 25, 2018

  Mr. COFFMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge the fifth 
annual Global Fest, hosted by the City of Aurora, Colorado. The office 
of Parks, Recreation, and Open Space, as well as the office of 
International and Immigrant Affairs work tirelessly every year to 
showcase the diverse cultures of the city's residents, and I am proud 
to recognize their achievements in the House of Representatives.
  The City of Aurora owns the title of Colorado's most diverse city and 
has a population of over 366,000, which makes it the third largest city 
in the state. Aurora includes about 70,000 immigrants and refugees who 
speak over 130 languages spoken and represent more than 140 different 
countries of origin. Global Fest is a wonderful opportunity for all 
Aurorans to share their rich cultural history with each other and those 
who come to participate from throughout Colorado.
  Global Fest is a fully immersive cultural experience. Attendees 
sample diverse foods, listen to live music, discover traditional arts 
and view a range of cultural performances. At the festival, Coloradans 
can observe a variety cultural items and practices. They are also able 
to see the `Parade of Nations' where representatives of an estimated 40 
countries will march together carrying their respective flags from 
their countries of origin to demonstrate the multi-cultural spirit of 
the city.
  Mr. Speaker, in my many years as an Aurora resident, I have had the 
privilege to witness its development from a small suburb of Denver into 
the bustling multicultural hub of economic activity it is today. The 
city embodies the melting pot that our nation rightfully idealizes. 
This is why Aurora is a special place. Global Fest is the singular 
annual event that best symbolizes what makes Aurora a remarkable city 
that I am proud to represent in the United States House of