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  (Ms. JACKSON LEE asked and was given permission to address the House 
for 1 minute.)
  Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, 1 minute is really not enough time, but 
I really wanted to highlight, as quickly as I can, some crucial issues 
that we have experienced over the work recess.
  First of all, I condemn the actions of Saudi Arabia as it relates to 
the bombing of the two or at least one bus of children. I believe the 
United States should address this question immediately, for children 
are our most precious resource.
  I am concerned that now 497 children still remain without their 
families at the border, that 300 of those parents have been deported, 
and most of the children are under 5. This is inhumane, cruel. And it 
is, of course, the most tragic act that this Federal Government could 
have done. I ask the Trump administration immediately to respond.
  Listening to the hearings of Justice Kavanaugh, let me indicate that 
there is no comment on the character of the man, but there is a comment 
on the appointment. And that appointment involves an individual, the 
President of the United States, who is under investigation, and, also, 
the papers that are needed have not been provided.
  Finally, Mr. Speaker, let me indicate that I note that the State 
Department and the Defense Department decided to cut the funding for 
Pakistan. Pakistan is a nation that we should attempt to continue 
negotiations and diplomacy, and we should recognize that those military 
dollars are important for the fight against terrorism. These things 
should be taken up on behalf of the American people.