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                        MUSIC ASSOCIATION DAY''

  Mr. ALEXANDER (for himself and Mr. Kaine) submitted the following 
resolution; which was considered and agreed to:

                              S. Res. 644

       Whereas the Country Music Association was founded in 1958 
     as the first not-for-profit trade organization to promote a 
     genre of music;
       Whereas the organization began with 160 members and has 
     grown to more than 7,400 industry professionals around the 
     world, representing every aspect of the business--
       (1) to guide the evolution of country music; and

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       (2) to provide unity of purpose within the industry;
       Whereas the long-standing mission of the Country Music 
     Association is to heighten the awareness of country music 
     around the world and to support the continued growth of 
     country music by recognizing excellence in the genre and 
     serving as a repository for critical and timely information 
     and communication, all while providing a forum for industry 
       Whereas country music is the story of the United States, 
     one that celebrates everyday life, evoking celebration and 
     pain, joy and sorrow, love and loss, and connecting those 
     near and far, in the United States and across the globe;
       Whereas the preservation by the Country Music Association 
     of the uniquely rich heritage and time-honored traditions of 
     country music continues to lead the advancement of country 
       Whereas the Country Music Association Foundation, the 
     philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association 
     established in 2011, is committed to improving and sustaining 
     music education programs across the United States, having 
     invested more than $21,000,000 through the date of adoption 
     of this resolution;
       Whereas, in 2018, the Country Music Association celebrates 
     60 years of honoring the success of its leaders and 
     professionals and its unique ability--
       (1) to embrace risks and change; and
       (2) to bring a sense of unity to the genre and the country 
     music community; and
       Whereas the people of the United States recognize the 
     excellence of the Country Music Association: Now, therefore, 
     be it
       Resolved, That the Senate recognizes the significant 
     contributions of the Country Music Association over 60 years 
     and designates September 25, 2018, as ``Country Music 
     Association Day''.