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                              GUN VIOLENCE

  (Mr. MOULTON asked and was given permission to address the House for 
1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. MOULTON. Mr. Speaker, last year I attended a rally where the 
father of a gunshot victim spoke, and he talked about all the things 
that he and other people around this country are doing to end senseless 
gun violence.
  Then he turned to the crowd and asked: But what is Congress doing? 
And tens of thousands of Americans, as if they had rehearsed it 
hundreds of times, all said in unison: ``Nothing.''
  But what is Congress doing? Nothing.
  Standing in that crowd was not a proud moment for me, because he is 
  Mr. Speaker, 37 Americans have died from gun violence in my district 
alone in the past 5 years. Gun violence is now the second leading 
killer of young people Nationwide, trailing only car accidents.
  For too long, Congress has done exactly what the crowd said: nothing.
  This week, we are putting forth legislation to enhance background 
checks, but this alone isn't enough. Thoughts and prayers won't cut it. 
Only action saves lives. This is just a start.