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                          HON. JOHN R. CURTIS

                                of utah

                    in the house of representatives

                         Monday, March 18, 2019

  Mr. CURTIS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize the leaders in 
Emery County, Utah, who fought for over two decades to resolve long 
standing issues facing their county through federal legislation. On 
March 12th, 2019, President Trump signed into law S. 47, a sweeping 
public lands bill that included the Emery County Public Lands 
Management Act, with broad bipartisan support.
  With this historic achievement, I would like to pay tribute to the 
exceptional efforts and years of dedication from the Emery County 
Commissioners, Emery County Public Lands Council, and many other state 
and local leaders who played an integral role in making this 
cooperative effort possible. This law will benefit Utahns for decades 
into the future.
  This law is a model for how Utahns can work together to solve public 
land management questions in one of the most unique landscapes of the 
country. After years of input and stakeholder engagement, this law 
resolves a number of issues affecting the region through a school land 
trust exchange, conveying certain lands to Emery County, expanding 
Goblin Valley State Park, conservation designations, and the creation 
of the new San Rafael Swell Recreation Area. The bill also decreases 
the amount of land owned by the federal government in Emery County.
  There are countless individuals over the years who deserve 
recognition and made this law possible. Over the last year, since I 
sponsored the Emery County bill in the House, I would particularly like 
to recognize:
  Emery County Commissioners Lynn Sitterud, Kent Wilson, and Gil 
  Emery County Public Lands Council Members Rod Play (Chair), Edward 
Geary (Vice Chair), Laren Huntsman, Leon McElprang, Kim McFarlane, J.R. 
Nelson, Randall Stilson, Sherrel Ward, Les Wilberg, Bruce Wilson, and 
Ray Petersen (Public Lands Administrator).
  House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop.
  Governor Gary Herbert.
  Senator Mitt Romney.
  These leaders should all be very proud of what was accomplished with 
this bill.