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                            FLOODING IN IOWA

  Mr. GRASSLEY. Madam President, Governor Reynolds designated this week 
as ``Severe Weather Awareness Week'' in Iowa. That goes beyond just a 
flooding situation; it is because of the catastrophic flooding 
throughout our State and to tell everybody that it is not over. The 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has warned of 
significant spring flooding yet to come.
  We are seeing increased flows in the Missouri River, the Mississippi 
River, and their tributaries. Iowans should review their insurance 
policies for gaps and consider flood insurance. That is one of the 
things Governor Reynolds is suggesting. Also, it would be good to have 
a plan in case it is necessary to evacuate, including important 
personal belongings and pets. FEMA's website, ready.gov, can help you 
with that information.
  Iowans know severe weather, including massive snowstorms, flooding, 
tornadoes, and heavy winds. The key is that we prepare, help our 
neighbors, and stay vigilant.
  I thank Governor Reynolds for alerting people to the future, as well 
as worrying about the past.
  Thank you.
  I yield the floor.