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                          HON. JOHN A. YARMUTH

                              of kentucky

                    in the house of representatives

                         Monday, April 29, 2019

  Mr. YARMUTH. Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor and recognize the 
outstanding service of T.J. McGrath on her retirement after nearly 27 
years of distinguished public service, the past 10 years at the 
Congressional Budget Office, most recently as its General Counsel.
  T.J. was promoted to that position in late 2016, in recognition of 
her dedication, ability, skillful work, and breadth of experience. In 
that capacity, she has served as CBO's principal legal officer and an 
integral part of the agency's leadership team. She has overseen CBO's 
legal staff and their work, skillfully leading them in interpreting 
legislative proposals and providing high-level analysis regarding 
significant judicial decisions, scorekeeping guidelines, and relevant 
budget laws. She has been a leader in making CBO's analysis more 
  Moreover, since becoming CBO's General Counsel, she has worked 
tirelessly, building professional relationships across the legislative 
branch, focusing on creating a positive work environment at CBO, and 
providing training so that employees have the skills they need to 
interact more effectively. One example that encapsulates all three of 
those efforts is bystander training. T.J. worked closely with the 
Office of Congressional Workplace Rights to develop training to prevent 
harassment in the workplace. The training provided participants with 
practical tools for taking ownership of their work environment and 
encouraged bystanders not to remain silent if they witness an incident 
that might make someone feel uncomfortable. As a result of T.J.'s 
efforts, CBO was the first agency in the legislative branch to receive 
bystander training.
  From 2009 to 2016, T.J. served as CBO's Deputy General Counsel. In 
that position, she dealt with many operational matters and quickly 
demonstrated her ability to develop practical solutions. She instituted 
CBO's successful legal intern program, updated and refined CBO's 
internal policies, served as lead attorney in cases involving the 
Congressional Accountability Act, and worked closely with a Justice 
Department attorney in a case brought in U.S. District Court. T.J. also 
made valuable contributions to numerous reports, testimonies, and cost 
estimates in just about every subject area covered by CBO, including 
the economy, national security, and health care.

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  T.J.'s service to the nation did not begin with her work at CBO. She 
came to CBO from the Defense Department's TRICARE Management Activity 
(now the Defense Health Agency), where she was an Associate General 
Counsel, providing guidance to the Director and staff on policy and 
legal issues involved in delivering quality health care to military 
personnel, military retirees, and their dependents.
  Although T.J. is retiring from civilian service, she will continue 
her exemplary military career. For nearly 27 years, she has served as a 
member of the Air Force's Judge Advocate General Corps. She first 
served on active duty with assignments across the world, including in 
Alaska, Korea, Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. During that time, T.J. 
defended the Air Force against tort claims, prosecuted criminal 
offenses, taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy, commanded a cadet 
squadron, and was a military assistant to the General Counsel of the 
Department of Defense. Since transferring to the reserves more than 14 
years ago, she has served in the North American Aerospace Defense 
Command and United States Northern Command, the Air Force Space 
Command, the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, and the Pacific Air 
Forces. She remains active as a colonel in the selected reserves today.
  Her colleagues in CBO and on the Hill appreciate her hard work, keen 
insights, sense of humor, and steady hand. They will especially miss 
her generosity with her time and knowledge, her patience, and 
especially her kindness.
  I know my colleagues join me in extending our thanks and appreciation 
to T.J. for her service to our country. We wish her well in her future 
undertakings and hope that the nation will continue to benefit from her 
expertise and commitment.