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                          HON. CAROL D. MILLER

                            of west virginia

                    in the house of representatives

                         Monday, April 29, 2019

  Mrs. MILLER. Madam Speaker, I rise to recognize two of my 
constituents, Isaac Pyle and Emma Mustowe, who each earned the West 
Virginia Golden Horseshoe award.
   The West Virginia Department of Education describes the Golden 
Horseshoe award as being ``unique in its statewide recognition of 
scholastic achievement.'' The award is given annually to two hundred 
and twenty-one 8th grade students who have outscored their classmates 
on a West Virginia history exam and essay about West Virginia current 
events. A minimum of two students from each county and one student from 
the West Virginia schools for the Deaf and Blind are selected for the 
award. In a ceremony during Golden Horseshoe Day, the state 
superintendent of schools uses an antique sword to dub each kneeling 
student either a lady or knight of the Golden Horseshoe Society. This 
is arguably one of the greatest awards of that school year for 8th-
grade students.
   Soon to be knighted is Isaac Pyle of Webster Springs. Isaac is the 
son of Jeremy Pyle and Dr. Allison Pyle. An exceptional student, Isaac 
is a captain of the West Virginia History Bowl Team for Webster County 
High School. As the winner of his school competition, he has qualified 
four times for the state Math Field Day and has qualified for the state 
spelling bee. Isaac proudly maintains a 4.0 GPA and is enrolled in 
advanced courses.
   Emma Mustowe of Webster Springs will also join the rolls as a Lady 
of the Golden Horseshoe Society. The daughter of Tobby and Janna 
Mustowe, Emma is a talented writer and performer. She is a winner of 
the Webster County Young Writers Competition. She is a captain of the 
West Virginia History Bowl Team for Webster County High School and a 
winner in the Webster County Regional Literature Fair. Emma is also a 
member of the award-winning Webster County High School Showband.
   As Congresswoman for the Third Congressional District of the State 
of West Virginia, it is my distinct honor to rise today to recognize 
the dedication and achievement that Isaac Pyle and Emma Mustowe have 
put forward in winning the Golden Horseshoe award. I congratulate them 
on being model students and exemplary West Virginians.

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