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  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker's announced policy of 
January 3, 2019, the gentleman from Florida (Mr. Soto) is recognized 
for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader.
  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize the award-winning 
host of XL 106.7's morning show, Johnny Magic, with his show, Johnny's 
House, for the great work he has done for the Central Florida 
  Johnny was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, but has called Orlando 
home for the last 30 years, while working for XL 106.7. He uses his 
voice, talents, and resources to work with our community. During times 
of need, after natural disasters, and times of crisis in our community, 
he has gone out of his way to help those in need. He genuinely cares 
for this community, and it shows through all of his hard work.
  Johnny Magic has witnessed firsthand the struggles that many families 
in our community experience. These experiences inspired him to develop 
a program that would make it possible for disadvantaged families to 
provide a wonderful holiday experience for their children. This is how 
the Baby DJ, Inc. program came to fruition.
  Over the last 25 years, this program has worked and collaborated with 
local churches, nonprofit organizations, and community partners to 
fulfill this mission. With the help of volunteers, the Baby DJ program 
has been able to provide resources to assist families in need and, in 
recent years, has expanded their operation to serve other charitable 
efforts that take place throughout the year.
  The program has provided backpacks and school supplies to countless 
schools in need in central Florida. These supplies provide a welcome 
relief to the families and students, as well as to teachers who 
routinely pay for school supplies for students and for their 
  Johnny Magic, and his team, and the Baby DJ program, are not only 
inspiring, but it is also what makes central Florida so wonderful.
  So I want to thank Johnny Magic, I want to thank the good folks at 
Johnny's House, the Baby DJ, Inc. program for their contributions and 
for his contribution to central Florida.

                       Honoring Dr. Yarisa Bonet

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Dr. Yarisa Bonet.
  Dr. Bonet is a professional dedicated to education. Her mission is to 
provide tools to individuals to achieve a productive work-life balance 
and adopt healthy lifestyles.
  Dr. Bonet is active in many community organizations. She is the 
chairman of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Polk Chamber of 
Commerce, and the chair of the adult leadership class. She is a Haines 
City Rotarian and an active member of the Hispanic Professional and 
Business Women Association.
  Dr. Bonet is a community-centric individual who has counseled, 
trained, mentored and educated her community for over 16 years.
  In 2014, she founded Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga, a wellness and yoga 
center with offices in Orlando and Davenport.

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  She has also developed wellness-related education programs, such as 
``Kill Stress in 3 Steps.''
  Last summer, Dr. Bonet launched the YLove Project, a free yoga, 
meditation, and emotional intelligence program for kids.
  She also has over 14 years of experience in healthcare management and 
has been the keynote speaker for hospitals and medical organizations in 
the areas of teaching about emotional intelligence and patient-centered 
  Dr. Bonet holds a doctor of education from Nova Southeastern 
University. She has a master's degree in mental health and 
rehabilitation counseling from the University of North Florida, a 
graduate certification in psychiatric vocational rehabilitation from 
Boston University, and a bachelor's degree in sciences from the 
University of Puerto Rico.
  Dr. Bonet is a certified emotional intelligence facilitator, a 
registered yoga teacher, and a certified meditation teacher. Yarisa 
also holds a certification in executive and talent coaching by Peoples 
  Dr. Bonet has been married for 17 years and has three boys. I would 
be remiss if I didn't mention she is a fellow Boricua.
  For that, we honor Dr. Yarisa Bonet.

                        Honoring Claudia Camacho

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Claudia Camacho.

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  Claudia Camacho is a bilingual professional and experienced 
administrator in the areas of admissions, academic affairs, faculty 
supervision, and training at Ana G. Mendez University.
  Claudia has over 20 years of a strong background in customer service. 
In 2002, she started working at Walt Disney World, providing 
orientation and mentorship to new cast members in all aspects of 
merchandise operations in the park and assisting managers.
  In 2005, she started working as an integrated services officer at Ana 
G. Mendez University, Metro Orlando Campus.
  Through her 14 years of experience working in various positions at 
the university, she has championed the admissions and academic affairs 
departments. Along with recruitment and personnel training, she has 
continuously succeeded in the development of program initiatives and 
special projects.
  As an associate director, she has participated in various events 
across central Florida in support of the Hispanic community. In 
addition, she has served as a liaison between the university and 
different organizations across central Florida, providing assistance 
and resources to the community.
  Claudia has been a member of the Academic and Student Affairs 
Commission; the Academic Leadership Team; and the Discipline, 
Curriculum Development, and the Commencement Coordination Committees of 
the university.
  Ms. Camacho earned a bachelor's degree in industrial chemistry from 
the Universidad de Puerto Rico, Humacao campus in 1991. In 2005, she 
graduated from the Universidad Metropolitana at Ana G. Mendez 
University with a master's degree in business administration.
  Claudia also promotes a respectful, inclusive environment that 
embraces diversity. As a leader, one of her top priorities is to serve 
and support the Hispanic community and other fellow Boricuas from 
central Florida.
  For that, we honor Ms. Claudia Camacho.

                     Honoring Yanidsi Velez Quiles

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Yanidsi Velez Quiles.
  Yanidsi Velez Quiles was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and raised in 
the municipality of Carolina known as La Tierra de Gigantes, the land 
of the giants.
  Yanidsi is the granddaughter of two veterans who served in the 65th 
infantry division of the United States Army, also known as The 
Borinqueneers, which served in World War II.
  Yanidsi is the daughter of two self-driven entrepreneurs and a first-
generation college student. She is also the wife of a loving and 
supportive Ponceno, someone from Ponce, and a devoted foster and 
adoptive mother.
  Yanidsi has been a leading advocate for Hispanic grassroots 
organizations and pro-Latino legislation at the local and statewide 
level. Her public service and nonprofit career spans more than a 
  Yanidsi's leadership and community expertise, developed from doing 
work on the ground through community organizing, capacity-building, and 
advocacy work, has helped improve our way of life. She has led multiple 
civic engagement initiatives, issue-based campaigns, and programs that 
resulted in empowering over 800,000 Latinx individuals.
  In recent years, she has been a strong advocate for the thousands of 
displaced Puerto Rican families who have sought to rebuild their lives 
in Florida, as well as those who continue to work to rebuild on the 
  Currently, Yanidsi is a senior State director for the Hispanic 
Federation. Yanidsi manages Hispanic Federation's Florida operations 
overall, with a primary focus on strategic planning, program 
development, public policy advocacy, and resource development.
  Yanidsi is most known as a woman of faith, passion, and compassion. 
She embodies the courage and strength within our community.
  For that, we honor Ms. Yanidsi Velez Quiles.

                         Honoring Henry Cordero

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Henry Cordero.
  Henry was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. He 
was raised by his parents, Felix Cordero and Norma Melendez.
  During Henry's school years, he was elected president of the 4-H 
Puerto Rico chapter. He won the National Citizen award, representing 
Puerto Rico, and was nominated and elected the president of the Puerto 
Rico Council Youth Office.
  Henry is a natural artist, playing instruments without taking any 
music lessons. He has been the singer of several music groups, such as 
Juventud 78, The Caps Band, and Henry's Combo Show.

  Henry worked at Cordero Studios as a photographer with his brother, 
Felix Cordero, for over 20 years. Henry learned all about photography, 
lights, illumination, setup, portraits, and other techniques from his 
brother, Felix Cordero.
  Since Henry moved to Florida in 1996, he has not stopped working to 
reach the American Dream. As an entrepreneur, he developed his own 
business, Cordero Studio Productions, which offers services for all 
your needs, such as photography, videography, photo booths, sound, 
music, pipe and drape, video projectors, video screens, event 
coordinator, t-shirt printing, and more.
  Henry is very involved in the community. With his talent, he provides 
services to local schools, nonprofit agencies, churches, and other 
local groups.
  Henry lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife of 33 years and his 
three children, Mariangelix, Henry, Jr., and Erik. At this time, Henry 
has one grandchild, Soleil. He is also supportive of his wife, Maribel, 
who has been elected as Orange County Commissioner in central Florida.
  Henry continues to be an asset within our community, with all his 
talents and dedication.
  For that, we honor Mr. Henry Cordero.

                        Honoring Kelly Quintero

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Kelly Quintero.
  Kelly Quintero is a first-generation American born to Colombian 
immigrants, Juan Carlos and Julieta Quintero, in New Jersey.
  As a student at the University of Central Florida, Kelly was actively 
involved in a number of student organizations on campus while earning 
her bachelor's in international relations.
  Kelly interned for my office as a then-State senator in Tallahassee 
during the State legislative session. Since then, Kelly knew that being 
part of politics and the political process was her calling.
  Soon after graduating, in 2013, Kelly worked for the Orange County 
government, overseeing bilingual communications. She then transitioned 
to central Florida political director for Hillary Rodham Clinton's 
Presidential campaign. Kelly's involvement with the campaign introduced 
her to community leaders who inspired her to use her skills, knowledge, 
and relationships to advocate for communities in need.
  In 2017, Kelly was the State legislative advocate for the League of 
Women Voters of Florida, where she worked with allies and elected 
officials to advocate on issues like gun control, voter rights, and 
funding for public education. Kelly successfully raised awareness on 
these issues with the help of statewide members.
  Soon after, Kelly began a new challenge as the director of advocacy 
and government relations for Second Harvest Food Bank of central 
Florida, the largest hunger-relief organization in the region. In this 
role, she has increased community engagement on advocacy efforts, 
including the farm bill, the intersection of health, hunger, and 
education of food insecurity and other issues at all levels of 
government. This has resulted in receiving Feeding America's Advocacy 
Hall of Fame Award every year.
  Kelly is also a 2018 recipient of the Orlando Business Journal's 40 
Under 40 award. Kelly resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, 
Eddie Johnstone, and their two cats.
  For that, we honor Ms. Kelly Quintero.

                        Honoring Soraya Marquez

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Soraya Marquez.
  Soraya Marquez is a Venezuelan leader in central Florida. During the 
last 20 years, Soraya Marquez has organized local communities within 
different Latin communities in Orlando, Florida.

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  Soraya has also conducted electoral campaigns, motivating citizens to 
register and exercise the right to vote in each election, having led 
the registration of 100,000 new voters in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, 
and Hillsborough Counties in elections since 2012.
  Soraya's work has transcended to local high school projects, where 
she has encouraged students to become an active part of the electoral 
process. Soraya has promoted conferences with elected officials about 
the operation of cities and counties, as well as incorporating the 
importance of climate change. Soraya keeps the immigrant community on 
her daily agenda through meetings, informational sessions, and clinics 
in the face of immigration reform.
  Another priority for Soraya in the community has been free 
citizenship workshops, promoting the change and the perception of 
permanent legal residents by taking the important step of being a 
citizen of the United States.
  Soraya Marquez and her husband, Gustavo Marquez, are the founders of 
the C-Ciudadano organization. Soraya is also the state director of Mi 
Familia Vota in Florida.
  One of Soraya's most important awards includes the recognition of the 
Government of Mexico with the Ohtli Award for community leaders.
  For that, we honor Ms. Soraya Marquez.

                  Honoring Jennifer A. Marcial Ocasio

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Jennifer Marcial Ocasio.
  Jennifer A. Marcial Ocasio is the senior content editor of El 
Sentinel Orlando. Jennifer manages the team covering all news related 
to the central Florida Hispanic community and focuses mainly on El 
Sentinel's digital platforms and the production and editing of the 
Spanish weekly.
  Jennifer has been working in the media business for over a decade. 
Before joining El Sentinel, Jennifer launched and managed the online 
web page for Univision Puerto Rico, where she served as a team leader 
for nearly 5 years. Jennifer is driven by breaking news, human interest 
stories, and social media.
  Jennifer is a proud, born-and-raised Puerto Rican and feels honored 
representing her culture in the continental United States.
  Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in journalism with a second 
concentration in political science from the University of Puerto Rico 
and a master's degree in communications from Florida International 

  Since she moved to Orlando, Jennifer has become a key role model and 
leader for the Hispanic community. She has given a voice to the 
underserved communities and works tirelessly to have their stories and 
achievements heard.
  Jennifer serves as the current president of the central Florida 
chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and works 
to promote the work and opportunities of #MoreLatinosInNews.
  For that, we honor Ms. Jennifer A. Marcial Ocasio.

                         Honoring Homan Machuca

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Homan Machuca.
  At the age of 16, Homan Machuca began a career in broadcasting as a 
recording assistant at Nuevo Continente of Bogota, the first 
evangelical Christian radio station founded in Colombia, where he later 
advanced to general manager. Homan also worked at Todelar, one of the 
largest radio networks in Colombia.
  Homan studied at Colegio Superior of Telecommunications and the 
University of America in Bogota, where he received his degree in 
journalism and communications.

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  Homan relocated to the United States in 1984, where he was employed 
as a journalist for La Magica 1220 news. He then worked as the news 
director for Noticias 11Q radio; Cosmos 1270 radio; Cadena Fantastica 
radio; Viva 1160 AM radio; and Univision television channel 63, in 
Orlando, Florida, as well.
  Homan was the first Latino to transmit via satellite for the NASA 
space shuttle launches with United Latin Television to stations in 
Latin America and Europe.
  Homan Machuca won an Emmy Award for his work in television arts & 
  Machuca is a five-time Paoli Award recipient. In 2008, he was awarded 
the Don Quijote award. He was awarded the Reportaje del Ano with United 
Press International for the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that 
deeply affected our State and the Nation. Before the Challenger 
disaster, he was on the list of journalists to be able to travel to 
  Machuca is currently working as a senior reporter for Telemundo 31 
NBC Station in Orlando and is the host of ENFOQUE, a program that 
explores social, economic, political, and community analysis. Homan 
continues to report and perform voiceovers for organizations such as 
National Geographic, Discovery, and others.
  Machuca serves with different organizations as a volunteer in the 
Hispanic community, including COAMED, a group of doctors from Orlando 
who travel to different countries helping people with medical 
necessities. He also is part of Whipping Childhood Cancer, an 
organization dedicated to helping kids diagnosed with cancer. He has 
served as a board of director there for 4 years.
  Machuca married his wife, Dawn Dodge Machuca, in Colombia in 1975. 
They currently reside in Florida with their children, Elaine, Timothy, 
and Nathalie.
  Mr. Speaker, for that, we honor Mr. Homan Machuca.

                         Honoring Jackie Colon

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Jackie Colon.
  Jackie Colon was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and came to the United 
States at the age of 7. After Jackie lost her father, Julio Jaime, at 
the age of 11, her mom, Maria, was determined to carry on her husband's 
legacy for her family.
  Jackie attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and received her MBA 
from Florida Christian University. Ms. Colon married her high school 
sweetheart, Charles Colon, who later became a U.S. Navy officer. They 
have two children, Jasmine and Charles Jovani. Before moving to 
Florida, Ms. Colon worked for several Fortune 500 companies on Wall 
  Jackie Colon is now the southeast regional director for the National 
Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, 
known as NALEO. She is also CEO and President of JC Consulting, LLC.
  Jackie became the first Hispanic elected to the Palm Bay city 
council. She was the youngest deputy mayor in the history of the city 
of Palm Bay, Florida. She was the first elected Hispanic elected to the 
Brevard County Commission and served as chairman of the board of the 
County Commissioners of Brevard County, Florida.
  Jackie served as a gubernatorial appointment to Governor Jeb Bush as 
Florida Commissioner on the Status of Women; gubernatorial appointment 
to the East Central Florida Planning Council by Governor Charlie Crist; 
Space Coast delegation liaison to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson; senatorial 
appointment to U.S. Senator Mel Martinez to the Armed Forces Service 
Academy Selection Committee.
  Ms. Colon was a board member of the Association of the United States 
Army and chairman of the Juvenile Justice Council as well.
  She has received the Legislator of the Year Award by the Children's 
Advocacy Council; Woman of the Year Government Award by the Central 
Florida Citrus Council; Leadership Award by the 45th Space Wing, 
Patrick Air Force Base; Patriot Award by the National Coalition of 
Homeless Veterans; named one of the 25 Most Influential Hispanics in 
Central Florida by Vision Magazine as well.
  Ms. Jackie Colon has served at the local, State, and national level. 
She has represented companies in North and South America as well. Ms. 
Colon has been a keynote speaker in International Business Summits in 
Brazil. She is a life coach, motivational speaker, and continues to 
inspire thousands across North and South America.
  Mr. Speaker, for those reasons, we honor Jackie Colon.

                        Honoring Alibeth Suarez

  Mr. SOTO. Mr. Speaker, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to 
recognize Alibeth Suarez.
  Alibeth Suarez is a journalist, originally from Venezuela, with a 
passion to

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communicate and to support humanitarian causes.
  She graduated from high school with the best school rating average 
and obtained a bachelor's degree in communications from Central 
University of Venezuela. Her graduation project was the creation of a 
community digital newspaper, which received a distinguished mention.
  In 2015, Alibeth moved to the U.S. She started attending English 
classes with the Orange County Library System. Today, she is bilingual 
and works as a Questline Reference Assistant and has been with the 
libraries for 4 years.
  She is a Library Ambassador, promoting different classes, events, and 
programs. In the last 2 years, she has spoken to around 20,000 people 
about library resources and created the idea of a radio show called 
Portada in Mas 100.7 FM to express in English and Spanish the different 
options the library offers, especially to the Hispanic community.
  Currently, with about 50 shows aired and 31 guests interviewed, 
Alibeth continues to open new bridges for the community to learn, grow, 
and connect.
  She is planning a project for Hispanics to help better understand the 
need to save the planet and be grateful about how the U.S. is a land of 
  She acts as media coordinator for Casa de Venezuela Orlando, where 
she is helping in the process of collecting and shipping medical 
supplies to Venezuela in the cause for freedom and restoring democracy, 
as well as assisting fellow immigrants, especially lobbying for a 
bipartisan bill to approve temporary protective status for Venezuelans, 
a bill that I had the honor of passing through this Chamber last month.
  At present, Alibeth lives in Orange County, Florida, and is a proud 
constituent of Florida's Ninth Congressional District.
  Mr. Speaker, for that, we honor Alibeth Suarez.
  Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.