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  The following concurrent resolutions and Senate resolutions were 
read, and referred (or acted upon), as indicated:

           By Mr. MENENDEZ (for himself, Mr. Cardin, Mrs. Shaheen, 
             Mr. Coons, Mr. Udall, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Kaine, Mr. 
             Markey, Mr. Merkley, and Mr. Booker):
       S. Res. 453. A resolution honoring the Employees of the 
     Department of State and the United States Agency for 
     International Development, and for other purposes; to the 
     Committee on Foreign Relations.
           By Mr. MENENDEZ (for himself, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Durbin, 
             Mr. Cruz, Mr. Cardin, Ms. Collins, and Mr. Kaine):
       S. Res. 454. A resolution calling for the immediate release 
     of Cuban democracy activist Jose Daniel Ferrer and commending 
     the efforts of Jose Daniel Ferrer to promote human rights and 
     fundamental freedoms in Cuba; to the Committee on Foreign 
           By Mr. McCONNELL:
       S. Res. 455. A resolution to authorize representation by 
     the Senate Legal Counsel in the Case of Richard Arjun Kaul v. 
     Senator Charles Schumer, et al; considered and agreed to.
           By Mr. BLUMENTHAL (for himself, Mr. Casey, Mr. Brown, 
             Ms. Cantwell, Mr. Merkley, Ms. Hassan, Ms. Duckworth, 
             Mr. Murphy, Ms. Harris, Mr. Whitehouse, Mr. Van 
             Hollen, Mr. Coons, Mrs. Murray, and Ms. Hirono):
       S. Con. Res. 30. A concurrent resolution recognizing the 
     need to improve physical access to many federally funded 
     facilities for all people of the United States, particularly 
     individuals with disabilities; to the Committee on Health, 
     Education, Labor, and Pensions.