Amendment prohibits the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from licensing hydroelectric projects on rivers that are protected by State law; prohibits the construction of new dams in national parks; and clarifies the authority of the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service regarding issuance of rights-of-way or special use permits associated with hydroelectric projects.


An amendment to add several provisions to the bill relating to the licensing of hydroelectric power projects located on federal and state lands. The amendment would specify that the BLM and Forest Service have the authority to require right-of-way permits for federally licensed hydroelectric power plants they administer; prohibit construction of new hydroelectric dams and resevoirs which would be located within the boundaries of a national park; prohibit relicensing of existing facilities within national parks unless the Interior Department concurs in the decision; prohibit the condemnation of land within state or local parks and wildlife refuges in order to acquire rights-of-way for federally licensed hydroelectric power projects; and, prohibit federal licensing of hydorelectric projects on any river segment which is covered by a state law prohibiting such projects (except Army Corps of Engineers projects which have congressional authorization).

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