Description: H.Amdt. 572 — 102nd Congress (1991-1992)All Information (Except Text)

Amendment to the Miller (CA) amendment (A019) sought to amend the Federal Power Act (FPA) by: (1) preventing hydroelectric power licensees from condemning State and local park, recreation, and wildlife refuge areas to build new dams; (2) requiring the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to give weight to State legislative actions in licensing decisions; (3) reversing a court decision which required new hydro projects to receive certain permits; and (4) authorizing FERC to assess and collect civil penalties for violations of the FPA and relevant regulations.


An amendment to specify the authority of land management agencies regarding right-of-way permits for hydroelectric power projects, as does the Miller amendment, but does not delegate the authority to establish various conditions governing said rights-of-way.

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