Description: H.Amdt. 499 — 103rd Congress (1993-1994)All Information (Except Text)

Amendments en bloc: (1) require U.S. flags to be flown at half-staff on all Government buildings on Peace Officers Memorial Day; (2) express as the sense of Congress that violent felonies against truckers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent under Federal law; (3) fund a demonstration program under the Justice Department that would provide domestic violence court advocates; (4) increase criminal penalties for visa and passport abuse crimes; (5) ensure that programs funded under the Model Intensive Grant Program and Local Partnership Act are coordinated with existing programs; (6) reauthorize Secret Service authority regarding financial institution fraud; (7) authorize $210 million for Treasury Department law enforcement activities; (8) require a study on converting three closed military installations into Federal prison facilities; (9) make technical changes to the appointment procedures for the Commission to Support Law Enforcement; (10) provide penalties for crimes regarding explosives; (11) authorize funds for the Hope in Youth Program, and a program to provide gang prevention services to boys and girls; (12) allow the Justice Department to assist local law enforcement officials in investigating violent crimes against travelers; (13) allow funds to be used for job programs to prevent crime under the Local Partnership Act; (14) pro.ide for a study on prison overcrowding; (15) make technical amendments to the Violent Repeat Offender Incarceration Act; (16) authorize the INS to accept non-Federal assistance in its deportation responsibilities; (17) promote the removal and prevention of graffiti with Juvenile Trafficking and Gang Prevention Grant funds; (18) lift the current four-year limit on victims assistance programs under the Byrne Memorial Fund; (19) add provisions on criminal aliens and immigration enforcement; (20) create the National Commission on Crime and Violence; (21) add the Secretary of the Interior to the Ounce of Prevention Council; (22) clarify the intent of the bill to increase Federal funds for State and local communities in fighting crime through additional programs; (23) establish the Urban Recreation and At-Risk Youth program; (24) express the sense of Congress regarding comparable funding of programs for rural areas; (25) require States to provide appropriate professional training to corrections officers who deal with repeat violent offenders; (26) allow in the awarding of grants for consideration to be given to States which incarcerate large number of inmates who are in the U.S. illegally; (27) authorize rural anti-crime and anti-drug initiatives; (28) authorize $12 million for the establishment of Boys and Girls Clubs in public housing; and (29) increase the penalties for illegal trafficking in counterfeit goods and services. See pages H2304-2312 in the Congressional Record for complete list of en bloc amendments.


An amendment offered en bloc, consisting of the following 35 amendments printed in Part Two of House Report 103-474: Amendment No. 1. (Porter), 2. (Barca), 3. (Olver), 4. (Gilman), 5. (Watt), 6. (Hoyer), 7. (Hoyer), 8. (Livingston), 9. (Slaughter), 10. (Slaughter), 11. (Martinez), 12. (Abercrombie), 14. (Scott), 15. (Bonilla), 16. (Smith, MI), 17. (Inslee), 18. (Filner), 19. (Hall, OH), 20. (Becerra), 21. (Wheat), 22. (Vento), 23. (Wise), 24. (Miller, CA), 25. (Fazio), 26. (Strikland), 27. (Brooks), 28. (Long), 29. (Rostenkowski), 30. (Frank), 34. (McCandless), 35. (Kennedy), 42. (Owens), 43. (Evans), 44. (Rangel), and 47. (Manzullo).

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