Description: H.Amdt. 793 — 104th Congress (1995-1996)All Information (Except Text)

Amendments en bloc change the Connie Lee privatization provisions; extend Sallie Mae phase-out by 2 years; add State entities to the list of those that are part of the collaborative process to ensure that State Boards of Education can participate in the collaborative process; add language to the youth block grant title to ensure that Federal funds are used to supplement, not supplant, State and local funds; and permit States to change the financial distribution of funds within the State for vocational rehabilitation services.


An amendment, consistiting of several amendments offered en bloc and made in order pursuant to the rule to change the provisions in the bill relating to the privatization of "Connie Lee. The amendments would reduce the time for the Department of Education to sell its stock in "Connie Lee" from 1 year to 6 months, and prohibit "Sally Mae" from purchasing any new "Connie Lee" stock the privatization of both organizations is complete.

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