Description: H.Amdt. 961 — 104th Congress (1995-1996)All Information (Except Text)

Amendment makes certain technical and conforming changes; clarifies that any new forward deployment of border patrol officers will not affect current border checkpoints; sets up a pilot program for using closed military bases as possible holding areas for illegal aliens; provides that city and county governments can qualify for reimbursement from the Federal Government for incarceration of illegal aliens; and increases the number of Federal prosecutors dealing with immigration-related crimes such as the smuggling of illegal aliens or previously deported aliens into the United States.


An amendment, printed as amendment No. 1 in House Rept. 104-483, to make several technical and conforming changes to the bill, requiring border identification cards with biometric identifiers to be issued to aliens who frequently enter the U.S.; directing the INS to consult with authorities regarding the possibility of using closed military bases for housing illegal immigrants awaiting deportation; authorizing local police to arrest, detain, or deport any illegal immigrant in their locality in order to assist the Attorney General; provide that new attorneys hired by the AG be assigned to prosecute immigration related crimes; changes the date for hiring new federal prosecutors from fy 1995 to fy 1996;allows for the immediate release and deportation for nonviolent illegal immigrants; restricts aliens from being deported to a country where they would face possible persecution; allowing family sponsors of alien parents to obtain a performance bond in lieu of health insurance; deleting provisions in the bill to allot 50,000 visas for the spouses of children of lawful permanent resident aliens; clarifying that all aliens may have access to public health immunizations, including treatment for symptoms of communicable diseases, regardless of their cause; deleting the Earned Income Tax Credit provisions which would prohibit individuals without tax i.entification numbers from participating in the program; allowing family-sponsored aliens to receive certain forms of public assistance without violating terms of sponsorship.

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