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An amendment, considered as having been adopted pursuant to the provisions of H. Res. 407, to amend section 1 of the joint resolution to read as follows: "Section 1. Any bill, resolution, or other legislative measure changing the internal revenue laws shall require for final adoption in each House the concurrence of two-thirds of the Members of that House voting and present, unless that bill is determiend at the time of adoption, in a reasonable manner prescribed by law, not to increase the internal revenue by more than a de minimis amount. For the purposes of determining any increase in the internal revenue under this section, there shall be excluded any increase resulting from the lowering of an effective rate of any tax. On any vote for which the concurrence of two-thirds is required under this article, the yeas and nays of the Members of either House shall be entered on the journal fo that House.

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04/22/1998On agreeing to the amendment (A001) Considered as adopted pursuant to H. Res. 407
04/22/1998Amendment (A001) made in order pursuant to H. Res. 407.