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To provide for the energy security of the nation.

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Energy Policy amendment

Actions (24)

Date All Actions
04/25/2002Amendment SA 2917 agreed to in Senate by Voice Vote.
04/25/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S3342)
04/24/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S3233)
04/23/2002Cloture on the amendment SA 2917 invoked in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 86 - 13. Record Vote Number: 77.
04/23/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S3117)
04/18/2002Cloture motion on Amendtment SA 2917 presented in Senate.
04/18/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2872, S2906, S2911-2916, S2936)
04/17/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2763)
04/11/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2508)
04/10/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2425)
04/09/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2389)
04/08/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2345)
03/21/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2194)
03/19/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S2018)
03/15/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1961)
03/14/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1871)
03/13/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1805)
03/12/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1743)
03/11/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1715)
03/08/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1693)
03/07/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1632)
03/06/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1553)
03/05/2002Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S1431, S1441-1503; text as further modified: CR S1441-1503)
02/15/2002Amendment SA 2917 proposed by Senator Daschle. (consideration: CR S885-888; text as modified: CR 2/27/2002 S1262-1320; consideration: CR 4/16/2002 S2696) To provide for the energy security of the nation.

Cosponsors (1)

* = Original cosponsor
Cosponsor Date Cosponsored
Sen. Bingaman, Jeff [D-NM]* 02/15/2002