Amendment in the nature of a substitute sought to insert the text of the Small Employer Health Benefits Program Act.


An amendment in the nature of a substitute printed in House Report 108-160 to Require the Department of Labor to establish a Small Employer Health Benefits Plan (SEHB) similar to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHB). All employers with fewer than 100 employees during the previous calendar year shall be eligible to apply for coverage under SEHB. Employers must offer coverage to all employees who have completed 3 months of service. Employees working fewer than 30 hours a week are eligible for pro rata coverage. Requires the Secretary to establish an initial open enrollment period and thereafter an annual enrollment period. Requires the Department of Labor to annually contract with state licensed health insurers to offer health insurance coverage in a state. Participating insurers shall remain subject to state laws applicable to the states in which they cover residents.

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