Amendment changes title XVIII to eliminate any statute of limitations on criminal prosecutions for kidnapping a child, committing a felony sex offense, or a human trafficking violation; and raises the class on the existing misdemeanor for failure to report child abuse, thereby raising the maximum penalty for such an offense from 6 months imprisonment to a year imprisonment.


An amendment numbered 29 printed in the Congressional Record to insert a new section on page 69, after line 17, stating that "notwithstanding any other law, an indictment may be found or an information instituted at any time without limitation for any offense under section 1201 involving a minor victim, and for any felony under chapter 109A, 110, or 117, or section 1591 and adding at the end of the table of sections at the beginning of the chapter the following new item: "3298. Child Abduction and Sex Offenses".

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