Amendment in the nature of a substitute was offered as the Democratic substitute.


An amendment in the nature of a substitute offered in lieu of amendment numbered 3 printed in part B of House Report 109-468 to establish a 10 year budget through fiscal year 2016; balance the budget by 2012; put forth smaller deficits than the House Republican budget for 2007 and over five years; accumulate less debt over five years than House Republican budget; reject cuts to important domestic priorities, such as education, health, veterans, and the environment; provide more funding than the Republican budget for homeland security functions, including port security; be devoid of reconciliation instructions; provide middle-class tax relief; and provide for budget enforcement rules to restore fiscal discipline. Pursuant to a previous unanimous consent request, the amendment also contains a modification in the level of emergency spending, from $4.348 billion to $6.45 billion.

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