Actions: S.Amdt. 2011 — 110th Congress (2007-2008)All Information (Except Text)

Date All Actions
10/01/2007Amendment SA 2011 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.
10/01/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S12350)
09/28/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S12320)
09/27/2007Cloture on amendment SA 2011 invoked in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 89 - 6. Record Vote Number: 357. (consideration: CR S12270-12271; text: CR S12270-12271)
09/27/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S12189, S12271)
09/26/2007Cloture motion on amendment SA 2011 presented in Senate.
09/26/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S12093)
09/25/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S12023)
09/21/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S11920)
09/20/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S11782)
09/19/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S11688)
09/18/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S11632)
09/17/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S11541)
07/17/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S9301)
07/16/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S9237)
07/13/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S9190)
07/12/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S9076)
07/11/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S8972)
07/10/2007Considered by Senate. (consideration: CR S8890-8908, S8908-8937)
07/09/2007Amendment SA 2011 proposed by Senator Nelson NE for Senator Levin. (consideration: CR S8766-8771; text: CR S8768-8769) In the nature of a substitute.