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A substitute amendment to strike the text of the resolution after the 'resolve' clause and insert new language providing that after the end of 90 days beginning 8/29/83, funds may not be used for peacekeeping activities in Lebanon by U.S. forces unless before the completion of that period 1) the President has invoked the War Powers Resolution or 2) the President certifies that a ceasefire is in effect and significat progress is being made in a negotiated political resolution. If such certification is made it must be recertified every 30 days or the War Powers Resolution is deemed invoked. This resolution is not to preclude withdrawal of the troops by the President or by congressional resolution, not does it change any provision of that Resolution or the Lebanon Emergency Act regarding number of U.S. troops in Lebanon.

Actions (2)

Date All Actions
09/28/1983Amendment Failed of Passage in Committee of Whole by Recorded Vote: 158 - 272 (Record Vote No: 360).
09/28/1983Amendment Offered by Representative Long, of MD.