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Introduced in House (04/07/1987)

Domestic Energy Supply Act of 1987 - Title I: Natural Gas Reform Act of 1987 - Natural Gas Reform Act of 1987 - Amends the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 to authorize the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (the Commission) to: (1) allow any pipeline to transport natural gas on behalf of any person; (2) require pipelines to transport gas without discrimination; and (3) require pipelines which receive gas to provide nondiscriminatory transportation services.

Requires the Commission (upon request by any person) to direct an interstate pipeline to provide transportation service (without discrimination) unless such pipeline demonstrates to the Commission that it is incapable of providing such service.

Directs the Commission to grant the petition of a local distribution company to prohibit a person from purchasing transportation service from an interstate pipeline to displace or bypass a service being provided to such person by such company.

Removes wellhead price controls over natural gas prices. Repeals the jurisdiction of the Commission over natural gas exempt from wellhead price controls. Repeals the President's standby price control authority. Repeals congressional review over natural gas price controls.

Title II: Leasing of Coastal Plain - Arctic Coastal Plain Development and Conservation Act of 1987 - Directs the Secretary of the Interior to implement a competitive oil and gas leasing program for the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

States that this Act shall be considered the primary land management authorization for all exploration and production activities on the Coastal Plain. Provides that no land management review shall be required except as specifically authorized by this Act. Mandates that all receipts from sales, rentals, bonuses, and royalties on leases under this Act be deposited into the Treasury.

Directs the Secretary to promulgate regulations to ensure that oil and gas exploration and transportation activities are conducted to achieve the reasonable protection of animal and environmental resources (including subsistence uses of the Coastal Plain). States that the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, Coastal Plain Resource Assessment," prepared by the Secretary, satisfies all legal requirements for the promulgation of such regulations, and that no further studies or assessments shall be required prior to Federal action.

Directs the Secretary to provide impact aid and other assistance to communities on the North Slope and elsewhere in Alaska in order to ensure the public services needed to accomodate oil and gas production and transportation activities on the Coastal Plain.

Title III: Repeal of Windfall Profit Tax - Crude Oil Tax Equity Act of 1987 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code to repeal the windfall profit tax on domestic crude oil.

Title IV: Onshore Leasing - Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Reform Act of 1987 - Amends Federal law regarding competitive leasing of oil and gas for onshore Federal lands to increase from 640 acres to 2,560 acres the units of land open to competitive leasing.

Provides for lease sales to be: (1) conducted by oral bidding; and (2) held at least quarterly in each State (or more frequently at the Secretary's discretion). Requires the Secretary of the Interior to accept the highest bid.

Makes lands available for leasing for a one-year period if no bid is received.

Describes circumstances under which certain lands may be leased without competitive bidding. Increases the primary lease term from five to ten years.

Authorizes the Secretary to disapprove partial assignments of less than 640 acres outside of Alaska, or of less than 2,560 acres within Alaska.

Subjects a lease to cancellation by the Secretary of the Interior after 30 days' notice for noncompliance with the lease terms unless: (1) the leasehold contains a well capable of production of oil or gas in paying quantities; or (2) the lease is committed to an approved cooperative or unit plan or communitization agreement which contains a well capable of production of unitized substances in paying quantities.

Amends the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act to make leasing in Alaska consistent with that in the lower 48 States. Repeals provisions regarding: (1) determination of favorable petroleum geological provinces; and (2) suspension of noncompetitive leasing.

Establishing an interim period during which certain pending lease applications will be processed as they would have been prior to the date of enactment of this Act.

Prohibits noncompetitive lease applications for specified lands from being processed until such lands are posted for competitive bidding in accordance with this Act.

Requires the Secretary of the Interior to hold at least one competitive lease sale for tracts which but for this Act would have been posted for the filing of simultaneous oil and gas lease applications. Permits the inclusion in such sale of certain tracts which had over-the-counter noncompetitive oil and gas lease offers.

Establishes civil penalties for persons who willfully and knowingly misrepresent the value of lands and leases under this Act. Grants to the States concurrent civil and criminal jurisdiction for violations of this Act.

Requires the Secretary to submit an annual report to the Congress regarding the implementation of this Act.

Title V: Limited Antitrust Relief for Independent Gas Producer Cooperatives - Independent Producer Cooperative Authorization Act of 1987 - Declares that in any action under the antitrust laws, the formation or operation of an independent producer cooperative shall not be deemed illegal unless the anticompetitive effects substantially outweigh the procompetitive effects. States that any person who is entitled to recover damages resulting from the formation or operation of an independent producer cooperative shall recover only the actual damages sustained (rather than treble damages as provided for under certain Federal law).

Title VI: Oil Pipeline Deregulation - Oil Pipeline Deregulation Act of 1987 - Amends the Department of Energy Organization Act to permit the Attorney General to petition the Secretary of Energy for an adjudication of whether continued regulation of an existing pipeline is in the public interest. Directs the Secretary, upon receipt of such petition, to conduct such adjudication according to prescribed guidelines.

Terminates Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulatory jurisdiction over an existing pipeline that is not the subject of such a petition 120 days after the effective date of this Act, unless a joint resolution is enacted before then directing the Secretary to conduct an adjudication of whether regulation of such pipeline is in the public interest.

Directs the Secretary to find that regulation of a pipeline is in the public interest only if it is demonstrated that such regulation is necessary to constrain the exercise of substantial market power in a significant portion of the markets in which the pipeline operates.

Terminates Commission regulatory jurisdiction over an existing pipeline if the Secretary finds that regulation over such pipeline is not in the public interest.

Authorizes the Secretary, after ten years following deregulation of an existing pipeline, to conduct an adjudication of whether, as a direct result of changed circumstances, regulation of such a pipeline not then subject to Commission regulatory jurisdiction is in the public interest.

Declares that new pipelines shall not be subject to the Commission regulatory jurisdiction. States that the termination of Commission regulatory jurisdiction does not apply to its jurisdiction over crude oil or refined oil products transported prior to termination. Precludes Commission regulatory jurisdiction from being transferred in any manner to any Federal agency. Declares that the pipeline jurisdiction provisions of this Act do not apply to the Trans-Alaska pipeline.

Confers exclusive, original jurisdiction over any petition for judical review upon the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Precludes from such judicial review any action of the Attorney General under this Act, including adjudication petitions.

Authorizes both the Secretary and the Attorney General to promulgate regulations under this Act.

Retains the applicability of all antitrust laws to pipeline transportation of crude oil or refined oil products.

Title VII: Methanol - Methanol Energy Policy Act of 1987 - Amends the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to direct the Secretary of Energy (the Secretary) to: (1) ensure that of the total number of passenger automobiles and light duty trucks acquired for Federal use during FY 1989 through 1992, at least 5,000 shall be methanol-powered vehicles; and (2) conduct studies related to methanol-powered vehicles in cooperation with the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (the Administrator). Sets guidelines for such studies.

Requires that methanol be offered for sale to the public at locations where Federal vehicles are supplied with methanol, but only until methanol is commercially available in the vicinity of such locations. Terminates such requirement after September 30, 1992.

Requires the Secretary to provide methanol-powered vehicles to any requesting Federal agency. Requires the Secretary to ensure that the cost to any Federal agency receiving such vehicle shall not exceed the cost of a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle. Requires such agencies to cooperate with the Secretary in studies about such vehicles.

Requires the Secretary to report to the Congress regarding the Federal use of methanol-powered vehicles.

Exempts such vehicles from: (1) any calculation of the average fuel economy of the passenger automobile fleet acquired in a fiscal year by the United States; and (2) any calculation with respect to a limitation on the maximum cost of individual vehicles obtained by the United States.

Authorizes appropriations for FY 1989 through FY 1992.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) establish a demonstration program for the operation of methanol-fueled diesel trucks; and (2) report to the Congress regarding such program. Authorizes appropriations for such program for FY 1989 through FY 1992.

Requires the Administrator to: (1) purchase a minimum of five methanol-powered buses during FY 1988 for use in urban settings to determine emissions and fuel economy tests; and (2) report to the Congress regarding such tests. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1989 through 1992.

Requires any State which receives Federal mass transportation assistance after January 1, 1991, for the acquisition of motor vehicles transporting 30 or more persons in a nonattainment area to acquire methanol-powered buses with such assistance.

Directs the Secretary to provide such States with supplemental grants to cover the amount by which methanol-powered buses exceed the costs of comparable diesel-powered buses. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1993 through FY 1995.

Establishes the Interagency Commission on Methanol to develop and coordinate implementation of a national methanol energy policy. Requires the Commission to: (1) perform various studies with respect to the production, use, and promotion of methanol as a fuel; (2) develop a plan for the commercialization of methanol; (3) develop a public-awareness program on methanol as a transportation fuel; (4) coordinate Federal efforts with respect to methanol research and commercialization; (5) ensure communication between Federal agencies involved in methanol demonstration projects; and (6) establish an information clearinghouse for parties working with or interested in methanol and related projects. Requires the Chairman of the Commission to establish a private sector advisory panel to inform the Commission about methanol-related matters. Sets forth reporting requirements which apply to the Commission. Terminates the Commission upon the submission of its last report.

Directs the Secretary to report to the Congress regarding a study of the comparative costs of methanol based on natural gas, coal, and other resources. Sets guidelines for such study.

Directs the Administrator to prepare a comprehensive air quality and health study regarding specified aspects of methanol as a transportation fuel compared to existing gasoline and diesel fuels. Authorizes appropriations for both studies.

Requires all passenger automobiles and light-duty trucks acquired by the United States after October 1, 1987, to be suitable for operation on all fuels for which Environmental Protection Agency waivers are in effect.

Title VIII: Enhancement of Coal Exports to Japan - Coal Export Enhancement Act of 1987 - Requires the President to enter into negotiations with the Government of Japan to implement the recommendations of the 1983 "Joint Policy of Energy Cooperation" regarding domestic coal exports to Japan, and to report to the Congress regarding such negotiations.

Title IX: Outer Continental Shelf Moratoria - Proscribes any moratorium regarding oil or gas drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf except as provided in the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.