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Passed Senate amended (09/25/1987)

(Measure passed Senate, amended, roll call #272 (84-7))

Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations Act, 1988 - Title I: Department of the Treasury - Treasury Department Appropriations Act, 1988 - Makes appropriations to the Department of the Treasury for FY 1988 for the following: (1) departmental offices; (2) the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; (3) the Financial Management Service; (4) the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; (5) the U.S. Customs Service; (6) operation and maintenance expenses of the Air Interdiction program; (7) the Customs Forfeiture Fund; (8) customs services at small airports; (9) a grant to Puerto Rico for the installation of an aerostat radar drug interdiction surveillance system; (10) the U.S. Mint; (11) the Bureau of the Public Debt; (12) payment of Government losses of goods in shipment; and (13) the Internal Revenue Service, including salaries and expenses, processing tax returns, examinations and appeals, investigations, collections, and taxpayer services. Limits the amount of appropriated funds for specified purposes within the Internal Revenue Service which may be transferred to other Internal Revenue Service appropriations.

Makes appropriations to the U.S. Secret Service.

Authorizes the use of Department of the Treasury appropriations for uniforms and allowances, purchasing insurance for motor vehicles operated in foreign countries, entering into contracts, and other authorized services.

Prohibits funds appropriated under this title from being used for the collection of any underpayment of tax, unless collected under specified procedures. Limits the amount of funds appropriated to the Department of the Treasury that may be transferred between appropriations.

Reliquidates and provides a refund for antidumping duties paid by the importer of record with respect to specified entries.

Requires the Department of the Treasury to undertake a study of the economic impact with respect to the recognition of income from an installment sale under the installment method of accounting under the Internal Revenue Code and to recommend revenue-neutral alternatives to minimize such impact.

Title II: United States Postal Service - Postal Service Appropriation Act, 1988 - Makes appropriations to the Postal Service Fund for FY 1988.

Prohibits funds appropriated under this title from being used by the U.S. Postal Service or any other governmental agency for the locating of a specified regional mail distribution center in New York for a period of 180 days.

Title III: Executive Office of the President - Executive Office Appropriations Act, 1988 - Makes appropriations for FY 1988 for the Executive Office of the President for salaries and/or operating expenses of the following: (1) compensation of the President; (2) the Office of Administration; (3) the White House Conference for a Drug Free America; (4) the executive residence at the White House; (5) the official residence of the Vice President; (6) the provision of special assistance to the President; (7) the Council of Economic Advisers; (8) the Office of Policy Development; (9) the National Critical Materials Council; (10) the National Security Council; (11) the Office of Management and Budget; (12) the Office of Federal Procurement Policy; and (13) unanticipated needs.

Title IV: Independent Agencies - Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 1988 - Makes appropriations for FY 1988 for salaries and expenses of the following independent agencies: (1) the Administrative Conference of the United States; (2) the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations; (3) the Advisory Committee on Federal Pay; (4) the Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped; and (5) the Federal Election Commission.

Makes funds deposited in the Federal Buildings Fund available for specified purposes of the General Services Administration (GSA), limiting the availability of such funds for certain programs construction projects, purchases, and repairs and alteration of GSA. Makes appropriations for FY 1988 for: (1) the Federal Property Resources Service; (2) the National Defense Stockpile Transaction Fund; (3) general management and administration; (4) real property relocation; (5) the Information Resources Management Service; (6) the Office of the Inspector General; and (7) allowances and office staff for former Presidents.

Requires the appropriate fund or appropriation to be credited within GSA for certain specified expenses.

Requires GSA funds to be available for the hire of passenger motor vehicles.

Limits the amount of funds that may be transferred between appropriations within the GSA, requiring such proposed transfers to be submitted to the Senate and House Appropriations Committees for approval.

Limits the transfer of funds for activities of the Federal Buildings Fund.

Makes permanent the authority for GSA expenses of transportation audit contracts and contract administration at not to exceed 40 percent of overpayments collected annually.

Requires the Administrator of GSA to acquire space for the Bureau of Mines in the suburban Washington Metropolitan region.

Requires GSA to transfer without compensation or reimbursement to the Veterans Administration a specified tract of land in New Mexico.

Makes appropriations for FY 1988 for the following purposes: (1) the National Archives and Records Administration; (2) the Office of Personnel Management (including the transfer of trust funds); (3) for a revolving fund for entertainment expenses of the President's Commission on Executive Exchange; (4) for Government contributions for health insurance payments for retired employees; (5) for payment to the Civil Service and Retirement Disability Fund; (6) the Merit Systems Protection Board (including a transfer of funds); (7) the Office of Special Counsel; (8) the Federal Labor Relations Authority; and (9) the United States Tax Court.

Title V: General Provisions - Sets forth certain limits, with conditions, on the use of appropriations made under this Act for travel expenses.

Prohibits the availability of any part of an appropriation made under this Act for the following: (1) to pay the salary of an employee filling a position formerly held by an employee who left the employment to serve in the armed forces, successfully completed his required period of service, and has reapplied for his former position; (2) to purchase or sell real estate in order to establish new offices inside or outside the District of Columbia; (3) to remain available for obligation beyond the current fiscal year, unless expressly so provided in this Act; and (4) for the purchase of hand or measuring tools not produced in the United States, with certain exceptions as determined by the Administrator of General Services.

Sets forth expenditure limitations on appropriations made under this Act with regard to consulting service procurement contracts.

Prohibits certain funds made available to the GSA from being obligated or expended after the date of enactment of ths Act for certain building services functions previously performed by GSA employees.

Prohibits any of the funds made available under this Act from being used for any of the following: (1) administrative expenses in connection with the enforcement of specified provisions concerning the labeling and advertising of wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages, with an exception; (2) for the purpose of eliminating any existing requirement for sureties on customs bonds; (3) for the funding of any activity or the payment to any Government employee which would prohibit the enforcement of a specified provision of the Tariff Act of 1930; (4) to transfer control over the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia out of the Treasury Department; and (5) for publicity or propaganda purposes within the United States not heretofore authorized by the Congress.

Prohibits the use of any part of an appropriation made in this Act for the payment of the salary of any officer or employee of the U.S. Postal Service who in any way interferes with another employee's ability to communicate with any member or committee of the Congress in connection with any matter pertaining to the employment of such officers or employees with the Postal Service.

Prohibits, with specified exceptions, the use of any funds appropriated under this Act for the following purposes: (1) to procure passenger automobiles with a fuel efficiency rating of less than 22 miles per gallon; and (2) to pay for an abortion, or to fund any Federal health plan which provides any benefits or coverage for abortions, except where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term.

Prohibits any funds appropriated in this Act from being available for any of the following purposes: (1) for the procurement of, or the payment of the salary of any person engaged in the procurement of, stainless steel flatware not produced in the United States; (2) to solicit bids or enter into any contracts to close or consolidate executive seminar centers for the Office of Personnel Management; and (3) for the sale, lease, or other specified activity in connection with the disposition of and on which the Beltsville Agriculture Center is located in Beltsville, Maryland without the specific approval of the Congress.

Prohibits any of the funds appropriated under this Act from being available for either: (1) the sale, lease, or other disposal of any portion of the land on which the Phoenix Indian School is located at Phoenix, Arizona, without the specific approval of the Congress; or (2) the sale or other disposal of lands in the vicinity of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas, administered by the Department of the Army's Corps of Engineers, without specific approval of the Congress.

Makes funds appropriated by this Act available: (1) to pay officers and members of the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division at rates higher than that provided under provisions of the District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Salary of 1958 if authorized by the Office of Personnel Management; and (2) for use by other agencies of the Government for the performance of work for which such funds were appropriated in this Act and only when such work can be accomplished more efficiently and/or at a lesser cost to the Government. Requires funds for such work to be made available only as a result of a written memorandum of understanding between the heads of such agencies that are party to such agreement. Requires the approval of the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations for agreements involving $1,000,000 or more.

Prohibits funds appropriated under this Act from being used to apportion or impose any administrative limitation upon the amount of user fees that are used to fund customs overtime inspectional services, or to reimburse any appropriation for such services, pursuant to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985.

Title VI: General Provisions - Limits the per-vehicle amount that may be expended for the purchase of passenger motor vehicles, with specified exceptions.

Authorizes appropriations currently available to the executive departments and independent agencies for travel expenses for the current fiscal year to be available also for quarters allowances and cost-of-living allowances.

Prohibits any part of any funds appropriated in this or any other Act from being used to pay the salary of any officer or employee of the Government whose post of duty is in the continental United States unless such person: (1) is a citizen of the United States; (2) has filed a declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States; (3) is a person owing allegiance to the United States; (4) is a lawfully-admitted alien from Poland, Cuba, South Vietnam, or the Baltic countries; or (5) is a South Vietnamese, Cambodian, or Laotian refugee paroled in the United States after January 1, 1975. States exceptions and provides penalties for those persons submitting false affidavits under this provision.

Requires appropriations available during the current year to any: (1) department or agency for maintenance and operating expenses to also be available for payment to GSA for charges for space and services and for those building renovation and alteration expenses which constitute public improvements; and (2) Government corporation for administrative expenses to also be available for the payment of rent in the District of Columbia.

Prohibits funds from any appropriation in the current year from being paid to a person for filling a position for which he or she has been nominated after the Senate has voted not to approve such nomination.

Authorizes the use of foreign credits owed to or owned by the United States for any purpose for which appropriations are made for the current year, only when the appropriate reimbursement is made to the Treasury from the agency concerned.

Prohibits appropriations contained in this or any other Act from being used for interagency financing of boards, commissions, councils, or similar groups which do not have a prior and specific statutory approval to receive financial support from more than one agency or instrumentality.

Authorizes funds made available by this or any other Act to either GSA or the Postal Service Fund to be used for the employment of guards for all buildings and areas owned or occupied by the United States or the Postal Service and under the charge and control of either GSA or the Postal Service, with certain conditions and restrictions.

Prohibits funds available pursuant to this Act from being available to implement any regulation which has been disapproved by a resolution duly adopted under the laws of the United States.

Prohibits funds made available under this or any other Act from being used for any agency to pay the Administrator of General Services a higher rental rate for the use of space and services than the rate established by the GSA for the fiscal year for which the appropriations are granted.

Prohibits the use of funds appropriated under this or any other Act for fiscal years 1988 or 1989 from being used to pay any prevailing rate employee (as defined under Federal law), during specified periods of such fiscal years, in an amount that exceeds the current rates payable after taking into consideration certain applicable rate adjustments. Requires OPM to determine the prevailing rate for employees paid from a pay schedule that was not in existence as of September 30, 1987, and prohibits prevailing rates paid to employees subject to this provision from being changed from those rates in effect as of September 30, 1987, except as determined by OPM. Allows OPM to provide exceptions to the limitations imposed by this provision if determined necessary to retain or recruit qualified employees.

Prohibits, during the period in which any department or agency head holds office, funds in excess of $5,000 from being used to renovate, redecorate, or remodel the office of such department or agency head unless advance notice has been expressly approved by the Senate and House Appropriations Committees.

Outlines the conditions under which office space will be leased by the Government to an individual or entity providing child care services during FY 1988 or thereafter, including the requirement that, in order to qualify for such leasing, such individual or entity must use such space to provide child care services to a group of indivduals of whom at least 50 percent or more are current Federal employees. Allows such space to be provided without charge for rent or services connected with such rental.

Permits the use of appropriations to pay travel to the United States for the immediate family of employees serving abroad in cases of death or life-threatening illnesses of such employees.

Prohibits any of the funds appropriated under this or any other Act from being used to prepare, promulgate, or implement any regulations dealing with organizations participating in the 1987 and 1988 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) other than repromulgating and implementing the 1984 through 1987 CFC regulations, unless such revised regulations conform to specified criteria.

Requires estimated productivity savings which result from specified program functions participating in the shared Savings Plan in the President's Productivity Improvement Program to be withheld from obligation unless estimated savings are not achieved, with specified exceptions.

Amends the Service Contract Act of 1965 to include contracts for motor vehicle fleet management services pursuant to Federal Motor Vehicle Expenditure Control requirements contained in the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985 as exempt from contract requirements relating to minimum wage under the Service Contract Act of 1965.

Amends the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 to authorize the Administrator of GSA to pay out of the General Supply Fund direct and indirect costs associated with: (1) the utilization of excess personal property inventories of agencies and the donation, sale or, other disposal of surplus personal property; (2) the sale for executive agencies of personal property; and (3) the utilization and disposal of abandoned, seized, and forfeited personal property.

Includes as creditable items to such Fund: (1) proceeds from the sales of surplus personal property; and (2) charges paid and reimbursed expenses incurred for the disposition or transfer of such property.

Requires expenses of post payment transportation audit activities, including contracts, contract administration, and other direct and indirect costs, to be financed from overpayments collected from carriers on transportation bills paid by the Government and other similar type refunds. Limits payment to any contractor to no more than 50 percent of the overpayment identified by any contractor audit.

Authorizes the Administrator to use funds from the Fund for the payment of costs of the expense of prepayment transportation audit of transportation billings, including reclaims, by GSA. Provides that payment by agencies for which prepayment audits are performed by GSA shall be at fixed prices which will recover full costs if practicable.

Permits any new member of the Merit Systems Protection Board who serves only a portion of a seven-year term in office to continue to serve until a successor is appointed, except that such member may not continue to serve for more than one year after the date on which the original term would otherwise expire, unless reappointed.

Prohibits funds appropriated or made available by this Act from being used to procure electric utility service, except where such procurement is authorized by the Federal Power Act or by State law.

Provides that a Federal agency that details an employee to another agency for more than a 60-day period in FY 1989 shall bill the agency to which said employee has been assigned for all salaries and expenses for such employee.

Revises one of the conditions for defining the term "law enforcement officer" to increase to ten years (currently three years) the time period for determining the eligibility of an employee who is transferred directly to a supervisory or administrative position after performing duties relating to the apprehension of criminals for the protection of U.S. officials.