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House receded and concurred with amendment (09/07/1988)

(House receded and concurred in certain Senate amendments with amendment)

Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Appropriations Act, 1989 - Title I - Treasury Department Appropriations Act, 1989 - Makes FY 1989 appropriations to the Department of the Treasury for: (1) the Office of the Secretary, including international affairs functions within the Office; (2) the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, with a prohibition against using any of the funds to reduce training activities of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Center at Marana, Arizona; (3) the Financial Management Service; (4) the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, including an amount earmarked solely for enforcement of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act; (5) the U.S. Customs Service, including specified amounts for the Customs Cooperation Council meeting and for additional personnel in the Honolulu Customs District, as well as amounts for expenses of the Air Interdiction program, the Customs Forfeiture Fund, and customs services at small airports; (6) the U.S. Mint, including a specified amount for research and development; (7) the Bureau of the Public Debt, including amounts for expenses of the National Economic Commission; (8) the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including specified amounts for the Statistics of Income Program and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program; and (9) the U.S. Secret Service, including specified amounts for continued construction of the James J. Rowley Secret Service Training Center and for presidential candidate protective activities.

Prescribes personnel levels to be maintained by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (with a specific allocation for the Armed Career Criminal Apprehension Program), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Customs Service, and in connection with certain IRS taxpayer assistance functions.

Requires advance congressional approval in connection with specified categories of U.S. Secret Service expenditures.

Limits transfers among funds appropriated to the Department of the Treasury. Prohibits funds from being used to place certain Department functions under the oversight of the Department's Inspector General.

Title II: United States Postal Service - Postal Service Appropriation Act, 1989 - Makes FY 1989 appropriations to the Postal Service, subject to various restrictions.

Expresses the sense of the Senate that no funds appropriated under this Act or received as revenue by the Postal Service be used to implement Phase II of its contract with Perot Systems until 45 days after the General Accounting Office reports to the Congress on the Perot Systems sole source contract.

Requires that specified funds be used to continue full postal service and facility upgrading in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Title III: Executive Office of the President - Executive Office Appropriations Act, 1989 - Makes FY 1989 appropriations for the Executive Office of the President for: (1) compensation of the President; (2) the Office of Administration; (3) the White House office; (4) the executive residence at the White House; (5) the official residence of the Vice President; (6) special assistance for the President; (7) the Council of Economic Advisers; (8) the Office of Policy Development; (9) the National Critical Materials Council; (10) the National Security Council; (11) the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), subject to a number of limitations; and (12) the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Appropriates, in addition, amounts to the President for expenses associated with unanticipated needs in connection with national interest or security.

Appropriates amounts to be used for a comprehensive office automation system, including equipment and software, for OMB.

Title IV: Independent Agencies - Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 1989 - Makes FY 1989 appropriations for salaries and expenses of: (1) the Administrative Conference of the United States; (2) the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations; (3) the Advisory Committee on Federal Pay, adding a requirement that the Committee's report be submitted to the relevant congressional committees at the same time it is submitted to the President; (4) the Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped; (5) the Federal Election Commission; (6( the General Services Administration (GSA); (7) the National Archives and Records Administration, including provisions for continued construction at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts, and construction of a new facility in Prince George's County, Maryland; (8) the Office of Personnel Management, including fund transfers; (9) the Merit Systems Protection Board, including fund transfers; (10) the Federal Labor Relations Authority; and (11) the U.S. Tax Court.

Appropriates funds among the following GSA accounts: (1) Federal Buildings Fund; (2) Federal Supply Service; (3) Federal Property Resources Service; (4) real property relocation; (5) general management and administration; (6) Information Resources Management Service; (7) Office of Inspector General; (8) allowances and office staff for former Presidents; (9) expenses associated with presidential transition; and (10) National Defense Stockpile Transaction Fund.

Makes funds deposited in the GSA Federal Buildings Fund available for specified expenses, but limits their availability for certain programs, construction projects, purchases, and repairs and alterations. Permits limits on new construction project costs to be exceeded by up to ten percent in proportion to savings effected in other projects. Terminates all funding for direct construction projects and for repairs and alteration prospectus projects on September 30, 1990. Requires advance congressional approval in connection with certain activities.

Directs the Administrator of General Services, no later than July 30, 1989, to assess the level of unobligated balances, if any, in the Federal Buildings Fund and request reprogramming to provide up to $10,000,000 of additional funds for United States-Mexico Border Facility projects.

Earmarks an amount of the GSA appropriation for personnel and associated costs in support of congressional district and Senate State offices.

Limits fund transfers among GSA appropriations and among activities of the Federal Buildings Fund. Requires proposed transfers to be submitted to the Senate and House Appropriations Committees for approval.

Authorizes the use of GSA funds to lease space in buildings on land owned by the United States.

Directs the Administrator of General Services to take specific action in connection with: (1) site selection and design for a Social Security Administration facility in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; (2) property in Avondale, Maryland, used by the Department of the Interior; and (3) a lease-purchase agreement for a building to house the IRS Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

Directs the GSA to construct under its lease-purchase authority a facility in Chamblee, Georgia, for the Centers for Disease Control.

Mandates a specified level of full-time equivalent positions for Federal Protective Officers and describes how the level is to be achieved.

Authorizes the Administrator of General Services to transfer funds under prescribed procedures to repay certain agency loans from the Federal Financing Bank.

Authorizes the GSA to sell a specified Federal building in Lakeland, Florida.

Prohibits funds appropriated under this Act from being used for the sale or other disposal of lands administered by the Army Corps of Engineers in the vicinity of either Bull Shoals Lake or Norfork Lake, Arkansas, unless the Congress expressly approves the action.

States a specific FY 1989 appropriation for GSA general management and administration salaries and expenses.

Directs the GSA Administrator to transfer to the Secretary of the Army specified property in Laurel, Maryland, for use in connection with the Maryland National Guard.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior, within 30 days of this Act's enactment, to designate a consolidated agency within the Department for relocation to Avondale, Maryland, such group to be relocated by the GSA Administrator.

Prohibits Federal Buildings Fund moneys from being used for new construction in connection with the St. Croix Federal Building, Courthouse in the Virgin Islands.

Prohibits funds appropriated under this Act from being used for the sale or other disposition of the Middle River Federal Depot in Baltimore County, Maryland, before October 1, 1989, with a specific exception.

Title V: General Provisions - Limits or prohibits the availability of appropriations made under this Act for various purposes, including the following: (1) travel expenses; (2) certain veterans' employment practices; (3) the purchase or sale of real estate to establish new offices, whether inside or outside the District of Columbia; (4) obligations beyond the current fiscal year, unless expressly provided otherwise; (5) expenditures related to hand or measuring tools not produced in the United States: (6) consulting service procurement contracts; (7) certain building services functions previously performed by GSA employees; (8) administrative expenses in connection with the enforcement of laws governing alcoholic beverage labeling and advertising; (9) administrative expenses in closing the GSA Federal Information Center in Sacramento, California; (10) elimination of existing requirements for sureties on customs bonds; (11) any activity or the payment of any Government employee that would prohibit the enforcement of a specified provision of the 1930 Tariff Act; (12) transfer of control over the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers in Glynco, Georgia, and Marana, Arizona, out of the Treasury Department: (13) publicity or propaganda within the United States not authorized by the Congress; (14) salaries of certain U.S. Postal Service employees; (15) procurement of passenger automobiles with fuel efficiency ratings below 22 MPG; (16) funding any abortion, unless the life of the mother is endangered; (17) expenditures in connection with stainless steel flatware not produced in the United States; (18) solicit bids or enter into contracts with respect to executive seminar centers for the Office of Personnel Management; and (19) contracting out or downgrading the position classification of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Police Force.

Directs the Administrator of General Services to use all funds authorized and appropriated before January 1, 1985, from the National Defense Stockpile Transaction Fund to evaluate and purchase materials to meet specified stockpile goals.

Requires the obligation, not later than October 1, 1989, of proceeds, to a $2,000,000 maximum, from sales of silver from the National Defense Stockpile, for a pilot project to upgrade cobalt deposited in the Stockpile to the highest purity levels required for critical military applications.

Authorizes the Administrator of General Services to acquire space for the U.S. Courts at a specified site in Tacoma, Washington.

Authorizes the availability of appropriations under this Act for Federal employee incentive awards.

Authorizes higher pay to certain Federal employees and sets conditions for qualification.

Requires FY 1989 pay raises for programs funded by this Act to be absorbed within levels appropriated in this Act.

Limits funds available to agencies for consulting services, based on FY 1987 expenditures. Applies resulting savings to the 4.1 percent pay increase for Federal employees.

Instructs the OMB Director to direct agencies to comply with Federal budget process requirements with respect to presenting information on consulting services.

Authorizes the Office of Personnel Management to accept donations of supplies and equipment for the Federal Executive Institute during FY 1989.

Title VI: General Provisions - Limits per-vehicle expenditures for the purchase of passenger motor vehicles.

Authorizes current fiscal year appropriations for travel expenses to be available also for quarters allowances and cost-of-living allowances.

Prohibits funds appropriated in this or any other Act from being used to pay the salary of any Government officer or employee stationed in the continental United States unless the person meets specified qualifications. Cites exceptions and penalizes persons submitting false affidavits.

Makes current year appropriations for: (1) agencies' management and operating expenses available also to pay GSA charges for space and services and for improvements expenses; and (2) administrative expenses of Government corporations available also to pay rent in the District of Columbia.

Prohibits current year appropriations from being paid to a person for filling a position for which he or she has been nominated if the Senate has voted against the nomination.

Authorizes the use of foreign credits for any purpose for which appropriations are made for the current year, but only when the agency concerned reimburses the Treasury.

Prohibits appropriations from being used for interagency financing of advisory bodies that do not have prior and specific statutory authorization to receive funding from more than one agency.

Permits funds appropriated by this or any other Act to either the GSA or the Postal Service Fund to be used to employ security guards for Federal buildings and areas.

Prohibits funds from being used: (1) to implement any regulation that has been disapproved by a lawfully adopted resolution; (2) by any agency to pay to the GSA higher rental rates than those for the fiscal year of the appropriations; (3) to pay any prevailing rate employee, during specified periods, more than the current rates; or (4) to plan, implement, or administer certain reductions in service areas of the U.S. Customs Service or any consolidation or centralization of duty assessment or appraisement functions of their offices.

Prohibits funds in excess of $5,000 from being used to renovate, redecorate, or remodel the office of any active department or agency head, unless the Senate and House Appropriations Committees have approved in advance.

Permits the use of appropriations to pay travel to the United States for the immediate family of any Federal employee serving abroad in cases of death or life-threatening illnesses of the employee.

Requires each executive agency detailing any personnel to report annually to the Appropriations Committees on armed services personnel included in any detail.

Prohibits the use of funds to contract for the manufacture of distinctive paper for U.S. currency or securities or to procure foreign-produced paper for passports.

Continues temporary authority for experimental programs under which unused accrued annual leave of Federal employees may be transferred to other Federal employees needing the leave because of personal emergencies.

Prohibits the use of funds to implement or enforce certain employee non-disclosure agreements.

Increases the pay for Federal civilian employees by 4.1 percent, effective January 1, 1989, execpt for persons holding positions in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch or in the government of the District of Columbia whose salary at the end of FY 1988 is equal to or greater than the rate of basic pay for Level III of the Executive Schedule.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to sell specified amounts of silver in each of FY 1989 through 1991, permitting reductions in these amounts upon the determination that the sale will severely disrupt the domestic market for silver.

Prohibits any executive agency from purchasing, constructing, or leasing additional facilities for Federal law enforcement training, except within or contiguous to existing locations, without the advance approval of the Appropriations Committees.

Provides job security to certain employees performing stockpile management and related functions in the Federal Property Resources Service of the GSA.

Prohibits Federal agencies from expending funds to procure any product or service that is subject to provisions of Federal law that grant to the GSA the authority to procure automatic data processing and telecommunications resources. Permits limited exceptions in accordance with this Act.

Prohibits the obligation or expenditure of appropriated funds by any Federal entity unless it administers, in good faith, a written policy designed to ensure a drug-free workplace. Applies the same prohibition to indirect recipients of Federal funds (grantees, contractors).

Permits Government agencies to pay the expenses of career Senior Executive Service personnel in connection with their final move home to the United States.

Amends Federal law to transfer responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the William Langer Jewel Bearing Plant in North Dakota from the General Services Administration to the National Defense Stockpile Manager of the Department of Defense.

Locates Missouri Baptist Hospital of Sullivan in Sullivan, Missouri, in Frank County, Missouri, for the purpose of Medicare hospital payments. Applies this provision retroactively, effective for discharges on or after December 22, 1987.