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Passed Senate amended (10/26/1990)

Reclamation Projects Authorization and Adjustment Act of 1990 - Title I: Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, Wyoming - Amends Federal public works law to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to construct power generating facilities and to construct recreational facilities in excess of the amount required to replace or relocate existing facilities for the Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, Wyoming (part of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin program). Revises the amount of authorized appropriations for construction of modifications to the Dam and Reservoir.

Title II: Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel, Colorado - Authorizes the Secretary to construct, operate, and maintain a water treatment plant and to install a concrete lining on the rehabilitated portion of the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel in order that water flowing from the Tunnel may meet water quality standards. Authorizes appropriations. Requires the Secretary to submit design and operation plans to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Colorado to obtain their views before initiation of construction. Requires other notifications.

Authorizes the Secretary to formulate and implement a program for the restoration of fish and wildlife resources of those portions of the Arkansas River basin impacted by the effluent discharge from the Drainage Tunnel. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct investigations of water pollution sources and impacts attributed to mining and other related development in the Upper Arkansas River basin, to develop corrective action plans, and to implement corrective action demonstration projects. Requires appropriate public involvement in the development and implementation of such plans and programs. Requires the Secretary to arrange for cost-sharing with Colorado. Authorizes appropriations.

Title III: Lake Meredith Salinity Control Project, Texas and New Mexico - Authorizes the Secretary to construct and test the Lake Meredith Salinity Control Project, Texas, and New Mexico, in accordance with Federal reclamation laws and a June 1985 reclamation plan, with such modifications as necessary to improve the quality of water delivered to the Canadian River downstream of Ute Reservoir, New Mexico, and entering Lake Meredith, Texas. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into a construction contract with the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority of Texas for such purpose, giving the Water Authority responsibility for operation and management of project facilities upon their completion. Provides for Federal and non-Federal sharing of project costs. Authorizes appropriations.

Directs the Secretary to inventory all wetlands on Federal lands or interests owned or used by the Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) and other Federal lands associated with reclamation projects. Requires a report by the Secretary to specified congressional committees concerning such inventory.

Title IV: Cedar Bluff Unit, Kansas - Authorizes the Secretary to reformulate the Cedar Bluff Unit of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, Kansas, including reallocation of the conservation capacity of the Cedar Bluff Reservoir, in order to accomplish specified goals. Authorizes the Secretary to contract with Kansas for the sale, use, and control of the designated operating pool, with the exception of water reserved for the City of Russel, Kansas, and to allow Kansas to acquire use and control of water in the joint-use pool, with a specified exception. Outlines contract provisions and provides for appropriate transfers of title to land and buildings and other fixtures.

Title V: Salt-Gila Aqueduct, Arizona - Redesignates the Salt-Gila Aqueduct, Arizona, as the Fannin-McFarland Aqueduct.

Title VI: Warren Act Supplement - Authorizes the Secretary to enter into contracts with political subdivisions of California for the impounding, storage, and carriage of water for domestic, municipal, fish and wildlife, industrial, and other beneficial purposes from any facilities associated with the Central Valley Project, Cachuma Project, and the Ventura River Project, California.

Title VII: Truckee-Carson Pyramid Lake Water Settlement, Nevada and California - Truckee-Carson-Pyramid Lake Water Rights Settlement Act - Confirms the interstate allocation of waters of the Carson River and its tributaries pursuant to a specified court decree. Provides for the allocation of waters from the River and its tributaries to the States of California and Nevada, with specified annual acre-feet limitations on the amount of such water diverted for storage purposes. Provides continuing rights for each State and for any water right owner for uses of groundwater or the construction of storage facilities for such water in a manner not inconsistent with the purposes of this title.

Sets specified limits on the annual gross diversions of water for use within the Lake Tahoe Basin from natural sources. Provides for the measured allocation of such water diversion between California and Nevada for specified purposes, including snow making in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Authorizes specified transbasin diversions from the Lake Tahoe Basin to the extent permitted under State law.

Allocates to California the right to divert or extract within the Truckee River Basin in California a specified amount of water annually from natural sources in such Basin, subject to specified terms and conditions. Allocates additionally to California the amount of water decreed to the Sierra Valley Water Company by judgment in a specified court proceeding. Allocates to Nevada all water in excess of such allocations.

Confirms the right to water for use on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation in amounts provided in a specified court decree. Provides for compliance with water allocation rights enumerated under this title. States that nothing in this title shall prevent the interstate transfer of water or water rights for use within the Truckee River Basin, subject to specified provisions. Confirms the jurisdiction of the court involved to enforce its decree. States that use of water by the United States for itself or an Indian tribe shall be charged to the State where the water use occurs, except as otherwise provided.

Directs the Secretary to negotiate an operating agreement with California and Nevada for the operation of the Truckee reservoirs to ensure that such reservoirs are operated to: (1) satisfy all applicable dam safety and flood control requirements; (2) provide for the enhancement of spawning flows available in the Lower Truckee River for the Pyramid Lake fishery in a manner consistent with the Secretary's responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act; (3) carry out the terms and conditions of a preliminary settlement as provided in a ratification agreement regarding such reservoirs and their appropriate uses; (4) ensure that water is stored and released from such reservoirs to satisfy the exercise of water rights specified under certain court decrees, except for those rights voluntarily relinquished by the appropriate party; and (5) minimize the Secretary's costs associated with the operation and maintenance of Stampede Reservoir. Outlines authorized operating agreement provisions. Requires such agreement to be approved by the appropriate courts after being entered into by the Secretary and the two States. Provides for approval and promulgation of regulations to enforce the operating agreement, the preliminary settlement, and the ratification agreement by appropriate parties. Limits the use of water from the Stampede Reservoir to use to meet drought conditions or other emergencies, or as required to be converted to fishery credit water. Requires all of the fishery credit water established under the agreements to be used by the United States solely for the benefit of the Pyramid Lake fishery. Requires the Secretary to satisfy applicable requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act in negotiating and implementing the agreements.

Authorizes the Secretary to use Washoe Project facilities, Truckee River Storage Project facilities, and Lake Tahoe Dam and Reservoir for the storage of nonproject water to fulfill the purposes of this title. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into an agreement with the Sierra Pacific Power Company and the Pyramid Lake tribe to store water owned by the power company in Stampede Reservoir, with specified storage limitations. Releases the Secretary from securing payments for the costs of constructing Washoe Project facilities, other than the power plant.

Authorizes and directs the Secretary, in conjunction with Nevada and other appropriate parties, to acquire water and water rights and to transfer, hold, and exercise such rights and related interests to sustain, on a long-term average, approximately 25,000 acres of primary wetland habitat within the Lahontan Valley wetlands, in accordance with specified conditions.

Directs the Secretary to manage specified Federal land in Nevada as the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge and to operate such Refuge as a unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Requires the Secretary to administer all such lands in accordance with provisions of the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966, with a specified exception. Authorizes the Secretary to take such actions necessary to prevent, correct, or mitigate for adverse water quality and fish and wildlife habitat conditions attributable to agricultural drain water originating from lands irrigated by the Newlands Project, with a specified exception. Requires the Secretary to submit to the Congress recommendations for revision of boundaries or transfers of public lands for addition to the Wildlife System.

Directs the Secretary of the Navy to undertake a study to develop land management plans or measures to achieve dust control, fire abatement and safety, and foreign object damage control on those lands owned by the United States within the Naval Air Station at Fallon, Nevada, in a manner that reduces the direct surface deliveries of water. Directs the Navy Secretary to promptly select and implement plans that reduce water use without impairing the safety of operations at the Naval Station. Requires the Secretary of the Interior to use all water saved by the Secretary of the Navy in this manner for the benefit and enhancement of fish and wildlife resources in the area.

Directs the Secretary of the Navy to fund and implement a demonstration project and test site for the cultivation and development of low-precipitation grasses, shrubs, and other appropriate plant species with the goal of restoring previously-irrigated farmland in the Newlands Project area to a stable and ecologically appropriate dryland condition. Provides for appropriate reimbursement to non-Federal entities for operation and management costs related to such project. Provides for State cost-sharing of project costs.

Authorizes the Secretary to convey to Nevada the Carson Lake and Pasture for use by the State as a wildlife refuge, with reverter rights.

Establishes in the Treasury the Lahontan Valley and Pyramid Lake Fish and Wildlife Fund for appropriation to the Secretary for fish and wildlife programs for Lahontan Valley consistent with this title and for protection and restoration of the Pyramid Lake fishery consistent with this title. Directs the Secretary to endeavor to distribute funds equally to the Valley and the fishery.

Authorizes the Secretary to convey to Nevada or to Churchill County, Nevada, Federal lands known as the Indian Lakes area for fish, wildlife, and recreation purposes.

Authorizes the Secretary, pursuant to the Endangered Species Act, to expeditiously revise, update, and implement plans for the conservation and recovery of the cui-ui and Lahontan cutthroat trout.

Authorizes and directs the Secretary of the Army to incorporate into the Army's ongoing reconnaissance level study of the Truckee River a study of the rehabilitation of the Lower Truckee River up to and including the river terminus at Pyramid Lake, for the benefit of the Pyramid Lake fishery. Authorizes appropriations to the Secretary of the Army for such purposes.

Authorizes the Secretary (Interior) to acquire water and water rights and to transfer, hold, and exercise such rights and related interests to assist the conservation and recovery of the Pyramid Lake fishery in accordance with this title, subject to specified conditions. Directs the Secretary to study and report on the social, economic, and environmental effects of the water rights purchase program. Provides that the rights of the United States to store water in Stampede Reservoir shall be used by the Secretary for the conservation of the Pyramid Lake fishery, as long as such use is consistent with prior operating, preliminary settlement, and ratification agreements.

Allows water from all such reservoirs to be used for non-consumptive purposes such as recreation, instream beneficial uses, and the generation of hydroelectric power. Authorizes the Secretary to use storage capacity in the Truckee River reservoirs for the storage of non-project water.

Establishes in the Treasury the Pyramid Lake Paiute Fisheries Fund and authorizes appropriations to such Fund. Allows interest earned from the Fund (not principal) to be available to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe for the operation and maintenance of fishery facilities at Pyramid Lake and for conservation of the Pyramid Lake Fishery. Makes the principal of such Fund unavailable for withdrawal. Requires the Pyramid Lake Tribe to meet certain conditions before receiving Fund amounts.

Authorizes appropriations to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Economic Development Fund for FY 1993 through 1997. Authorizes the principal and interest from such Fund to be available for tribal economic development only in accordance with a plan developed by the Pyramid Lake Tribe in consultation with the Secretary. Empowers the Tribe with complete discretion to invest and manage the Fund, with a specified exception.

Expands the purposes of the Newlands Reclamation Project (currently, irrigation purposes only) to include: (1) fish and wildlife purposes; (2) municipal and industrial water supply in specified counties in Nevada; (3) recreation; (4) water quality; and (5) other beneficial uses as recognized by the State of Nevada. Prohibits the Secretary from implementing this title in a manner that would: (1) increase diversions of Truckee River water to the Newlands Project over those allowed under applicable operating criteria; and (2) conflict with applicable court decrees.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) study the feasibility of improving the conveyance efficiency of Newlands Project facilities; and (2) consider the effect of the measures required to achieve such efficiency on groundwater resources and wetlands in the Project area. Authorizes the Secretary to use and enter into agreements to allow water rights holders to use Newlands Project facilities in Nevada, where such facilities are not otherwise committed to fulfill other Project purposes.

Authorizes the Secretary to conduct a study to identify administrative, operational, and structural measures to benefit recreational use of Lahontan Reservoir and the Carson River downstream of the Lahontan Dam.

Authorizes the Secretary to study the feasibility of reusing municipal wastewater for wetlands improvement or creation, or other beneficial purposes in specified areas in Nevada.

Authorizes the Secretary to cancel all repayment obligations owing to the Bureau by the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District, with a specified condition requiring the District to enter into a settlement agreement concerning claims for recoupment of certain excess diverted water. Requires Nevada to also implement water conservation measures in a specified amount pursuant to such settlement. Authorizes the Secretary to match the funds from Nevada for such water conservation measures. Authorizes the Secretary to manage existing Newlands Project re-regulatory reservoirs for the purposes of fish and wildlife. Outlines operating criteria, procedures, and compliance provisions.

Makes the effectiveness of provisions of this title and its agreements, authorities, and appropriations contingent upon the dismissal with prejudice of specified outstanding litigation and proceedings. Requires the Pyramid Lake Tribe's claim to the remaining waters of the Truckee River which are not subject to vested or perfected rights to be finally resolved in a manner satisfactory to Nevada and the Tribe before such provisions take effect.

Requires all of the trust lands within the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation to be held by the United States for the sole use and benefit of the Pyramid Lake Tribe. Recognizes all of Anaho Island as part of such Reservation, to be managed and administered as part of the National Wildlife Refuge System for the benefit of colonial nesting species and other migratory birds. Recognizes the beds and banks within the Reservation as part of the Reservation to be held in trust for the sole use and benefit of the Tribe. States that the Tribe shall have the sole and exclusive authority to establish rules and regulations governing hunting, fishing, boating, and all other forms of water-based recreation on the Reservation except for fee-patented lands there. Gives the consent of the United States to the negotiation and execution of an intergovernmental agreement between the Tribe and Nevada establishing and implementing the water-based rules and regulations. States that nothing in this title shall limit or diminish the Government's trust responsibility to any Indian tribe. States that nothing in this title shall be construed to: (1) waive or alter requirements of any Federal environmental or wildlife conservation law; (2) create an express or implied Federal reserved water right; (3) subject the United States or an Indian tribe to any State jurisdiction to which they would not otherwise be subject; (4) affect the power of specified courts or court decrees; and (5) adversely affect water rights to the Carson River and its tributaries for the benefit of lands within the Fallon Indian Reservation.

Directs the Secretary to undertake appropriate measures to address significant adverse impacts on domestic uses of groundwater directly resulting from the water purchases authorized under this title.

Declares that, for purposes of the Federal Power Act, there was no construction at four hydroelectric project works owned by the Sierra Pacific Power Company and located on the Truckee River.

Authorizes the Secretary to exchange surveyed public lands in Nevada for interests in fee patented lands, water rights, or surface rights to lands within or contiguous to the exterior boundaries of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation.

Authorizes appropriations to implement this title.

Title VIII: Vermejo Project Relief, New Mexico - Transfers Vermejo Project facilities in New Mexico to the Vermejo Conservancy District as of a specified date. Excludes lands and water rights purchased for the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge and certain contractual arrangements from such transfer.

Title IX: Transfer to Elephant Butte Irrigation District, New Mexico - Authorizes the Secretary to transfer to the Elephant Butte Irrigation District, New Mexico, title to such easements, ditches, laterals, canals, drains, and other rights-of-way that are used solely for the purpose of serving District lands and which the Secretary determines are necessary to enable the District to carry out operation and maintenance with respect to that portion of the Rio Grande project to be transferred.

Title X: Grand Canyon Protection - Grand Canyon Protection Act of 1990 - Directs the Secretary to operate the Glen Canyon Dam in a manner so as to protect, mitigate adverse impacts to, and improve the values for which Grand Canyon National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were established, including natural and cultural resources, and visitor use. Requires such operation to occur in accordance with operating plans and criteria enumerated in this title and to comply with specified laws, compacts, and treaties. Directs the Secretary to promptly develop an interim operating plan for Glen Canyon Dam and to implement such plan by a specified conditional date. Requires consultation in the development of such interim plan with appropriate Government agencies, the Secretary of Energy, State Governors, Indian tribes, and the general public. Requires the Secretary to complete a final Glen Canyon Dam environmental impact statement within three years after enactment of this Act. Directs the Secretary to establish and implement long-term monitoring programs and activities that will ensure that the Dam is operating in a manner consistent with requirements outlined in this title. Authorizes appropriations to carry out this title.

Title XI: Irrigation Drainage Demonstration Program and Lake Andes - Wagner/Marty II Projects, South Dakota - Directs the Secretary, through the assistance and cooperation of an oversight committee, to carry out a demonstration program in accordance with a May 1990 Demonstration Program Plan of Study, which includes: (1) the development of accurate means of quantifying projected irrigation and drainage requirements and drainage return flow quality and quantity with respect to glacial tills and other soils found in the Lake Andes-Wagner Unit and Marty II Unit; (2) development of best management practices for improving irrigation water use and development; (3) investigation of the potential for enhancement of wetlands and fish and wildlife within the area; and (4) investigation of the suitability of glacial till soils for crop production under irrigation. Requires study sites to be obtained through leases from landowners who voluntarily agree to participate in the demonstration program under specified conditions. Provides for the sale of crops grown under the demonstration program. Outlines other demonstration program provisions, including annual reporting requirements. Requires the demonstration phase of the Program to terminate at the end of the fifth full irrigation season after commencement of the Program.

Directs the Secretary, on the basis of the concluding report and recommendations of the Demonstration Program, to comply with the study and reporting requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and regulations issued to implement its provisions with respect to the Lake Andes-Wagner and Marty II units.

Authorizes the Secretary to construct, operate, and maintain the Lake Andes-Wagner and Marty II units, South Dakota, as units of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program. Outlines irrigation and pumping requirements for each such unit and conditions for repayment of construction costs. Requires the mitigation of fish and wildlife losses as a result of the construction and operation of such units. Provides that, in establishing and operating such units, a Federal employment preference shall be given to members of the Yankton-Sioux Tribe who can perform such work, with appropriate training opportunities for such individuals. Provides for cost sharing with respect to such Project by way of a negotiated proposal of agreement between the Secretary, South Dakota, and the Lakes Andes-Wagner Irrigation District. Limits the total non-Federal share of the cost to 30 percent. Authorizes appropriations for: (1) construction of each such unit; (2) costs of the Demonstration Program; and (3) operation and maintenance of each unit. Provides that, from such appropriated sums, the Secretary shall make an annual Federal contribution to a South Dakota Biological Diversity Trust established under this title, as long as the Trust complies with certain prescribed requirements. Outlines permissible uses of Trust proceeds. Requires the Secretary to utilize two percent of the amount authorized for the restoration of damaged natural ecosystems, the provision of jobs, recreational opportunities expansion, and support of research, training, and education. Requires annual reports.

Title XII: Fort Hall Indian Water Rights Settlement, Idaho - Fort Hall Indian Water Rights Act of 1990 - Ratifies the 1990 Fort Hall Indian Water Rights Agreement (the Agreement) between the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, the United States, the State of Idaho, and non-Indian Snake River water users represented by the Committee of Nine to settle all water rights claims of the Tribes in the Upper Snake River Basin. Directs the Secretary to implement the Agreement including provisions outlined by this title for mitigating the adverse impact on the non-Indian water users through contracts for a specified amount of storage space in the Palisades and Rire Reservoirs to protect existing uses of River water.

Gives the force and effect of law to specified portions of the Agreement with respect to the rights of the Tribes to: (1) transfer and lease the Tribal water rights confirmed in a decree (the Final Decree) by a District Court in Idaho; (2) rent the water accruing to Federal storage space held in trust for the Tribes in the Palisades and American Falls Reservoirs under the Michaud Act; and (3) use such water for instream flows for river reaches on or adjacent to the Fort Hall Reservation and up to a specified amount of storage water rights for instream flows in reaches of the Blackfoot River. Amends the Michaud Act and Contract to authorize the uses of such rights. Limits the uses of all other Tribal water rights to uses within the Reservation.

Authorizes and directs the Secretary to establish the Tribal Development Fund. Authorizes appropriations to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for the three fiscal years following enactment of this title for payment to the Fund and disbursement by the Secretary to the Tribes upon request. Authorizes appropriations to BIA to meet the Government's share of the costs pledge under the Agreement for: (1) developing a Reservation water management system; and (2) acquiring for the Fort Hall Indian Irrigation Project lands and grazing rights to enhance the operation and management of the Project and provide collateral benefits to the Grays Lake Wildlife Refuge. Prohibits any funds authorized to be appropriated under such provisions from being distributed on a per capita basis to members of the Tribes. Authorizes the Tribe to bring an action in a U.S. Claims Court in the event such authorized funds are not paid.

Provides that the Final Decree shall not be set aside by: (1) the Committee of Nine or the State because of failure to apply for the storage space in the Palisades and Rire Reservoirs within one year of the enactment of this title; or (2) the Tribes or the United States for failure to appropriate the funds authorized by this title or to acquire the grazing allotments adjacent to Grays Lake.

Provides that when the Agreement is effective, the Tribes and the United States shall be deemed to have waived and released all water rights or claims to water rights from any source within the Upper Snake River Basin, other than those set forth in the Agreement or under State law for certain Indian lands.

Provides that the water rights described in the Agreement and confirmed in the Final Decree are in full satisfaction of all water rights claims of members of the Tribes and allottees for certain Indian lands in the Upper Snake River Basin.

Title XIII: Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe Settlement - Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Indian Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act of 1990 - Establishes in the Treasury the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribal Settlement Fund. Authorizes appropriations to the Fund for FY 1992 through 1997. Outlines authorized Fund uses, including: (1) tribal economic development, governmental services and facilities, and per capita member distributions; (2) rehabilitation and betterment of the irrigation system of the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Indian Reservation; and (3) acquisition of lands, water rights, and related property interests. Allows limited obligation of the Fund principal for per capita distributions to tribal members.

Directs the Tribe to develop a plan for the investment, management, administration, and expenditure of amounts in the Fund and to submit such plan to the Secretary.

Provides that title to lands, water rights, and related property interests acquired by the Tribe within Churchill and Lyon counties in Nevada shall be held in trust by the United States as part of the Reservation under certain conditions. Limits the total annual use by the Tribe of water rights appurtenant to the Reservation which are served by the Newlands Reclamation Project. Authorizes the Secretary to reimburse non-Federal entities for delivery costs of water from the Newlands Project. Outlines permissible water uses for water received from the Newlands Project. Authorizes the Tribe to acquire other land, water rights, and related property interests for specified purposes, including consolidation of water rights, elimination of fractional interests, tribal programs, industry development, and general rehabilitation and enhancement of the total resources potential of the Reservation. Prohibits monies to be distributed from the Fund to the Tribe until the Tribe agrees to release certain claims and be bound by the development plan. Releases the United States from liability with regard to the investment, management, or use of funds by the Tribe, except with regard to certain legal trust responsibilities.

Directs the Secretary to develop and implement a plan for the closure of specified water drains on the Reservation in order to address any significant environmental problems with that system and its closure.

Title XIV: Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Studies - Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Study Act - Directs the Secretary to undertake a program to investigate and identify opportunities for reclamation and reuse of municipal, industrial, domestic, and agricultural wastewater and naturally impaired ground and surface waters. Excludes the San Luis Unit of the Central Valley Project from such investigation.

Directs the Secretary to undertake appraisal investigations to identify opportunities for wastewater reclamation and reuse.

Authorizes the Secretary to participate with appropriate Federal, State, regional, and local authorities in studies to determine the feasibility of wastewater reclamation and reuse projects.

Authorizes the Secretary to conduct a study of the feasibility of a comprehensive wastewater reclamation and reuse system for southern California. Requires cooperation with California in such study and a report of study results.

Requires the Secretary to conduct a feasibility study of the development of demonstration and permanent facilities to reclaim and reuse wastewater in the San Diego, California, metropolitan service area.

Directs the Secretary to conduct feasibility studies of: (1) demonstration and permanent facilities to reclaim and reuse wastewater in the San Jose, California, metropolitan area; (2) Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area wastewater reclamation; and (3) Tucson, Arizona, wastewater reclamation.

Authorizes the Secretary to participate with appropriate entities in California in the design, planning, and construction of wastewater reclamation and reuse projects to treat a specified amount of yearly effluent from the Hyperion Service Area, City of Los Angeles, in order to provide new water supplies, reduce the demand for imported water, and reduce sewage effluence discharged into Santa Monica Bay.

Authorizes the Secretary, in cooperation with appropriate entities in Colorado, to assess and develop a means of reclaiming the waters of Lake Cheraw, Colorado, and controlling pollutants from such Lake from damaging groundwater resources or the waters of the Arkansas River. Authorizes appropriations for all the studies under this title.

Directs the Secretary to conduct an investigation and analysis of the impacts of existing Bureau projects on the quality and quantity of groundwater resources. Requires a report and authorizes appropriations.

Title XV: Reclamation Reform Act Amendments - (Text Omitted)

Title XVI: Central Utah Project Completion - Central Utah Project Completion Act - Increases the authorization of appropriations for the Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) in order to provide for completion of the Central Utah Project. Requires the Secretary of the Interior to implement certain recommendations of that Department's Inspector General with respect to such additional funding. Prohibits the expenditure of funds provided by this title for certain Utah reclamation projects and features. Terminates the authorization of appropriations for construction of any CRSP participating project located in Utah five years after the enactment of this title unless cost-sharing is agreed to and construction funds are requested by the Secretary. Directs the Secretary to report to the Congress on the status of CRSP participating projects for which construction has not begun by October 15, 1990.

Sets aside specified amounts of the funding made available for CRSP and such projects and studies for: (1) the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project; and (2) the construction and rehabilitation of specified projects to increase efficiency, enhance beneficial uses, and achieve greater water conservation within the Uintah Basin Replacement Project. Imposes certain procedural requirements to be met before such construction or rehabilitation can begin. Provides for the resolution of certain matters associated with the Uintah Indian Irrigation Project and the Brush Creek and Jensen Unit. Requires 35 percent cost-sharing from non-Federal sources for the design, engineering, and construction of the features of the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project for which specified amounts of the additional funding for CRSP have been set aside. Prohibits Federal funds from being provided to any non-Federal interest until such interest enters into binding agreements with the appropriate Federal authority to comply with this Act and all Federal fish, wildlife, recreation, and environmental laws with respect to the use of such funds.

Imposes water conservation planning and management requirements on the Central Utah Water Conservancy District. Requires the District to prepare and maintain a water management improvement plan. Requires any conservation measure proposed to the District through the Utah Department of Natural Resources to be added to the water management improvement inventory and evaluated by the District for approval. Provides for implementation of the water management improvement plan. Allows water saved by any conservation measure adopted and implemented by the District to be retained by the District for its own use or disposition. Requires a status report on the water management planning process and a water conservation pricing study. Requires a study on the coordinated efforts of independent municipal, industrial, and irrigation water systems toward water management goals. Provides funding for such studies.

Authorizes the Governor of Utah, prior to March 31, 1991, to establish a Utah Water Conservation Advisory Board to recommend water conservation standards and regulations for promulgation by State or local authorities in the service area of each petitioner for a water management project under this title. Requires the Board, if established, to recommend such standards before January 1, 1992. Requires the District to pay annual surcharges to the State if the Secretary determines that water management plans have not been developed and implemented or that required studies have not been completed. Provides for judicial review and citizen suits.

Specifies certain requirements regarding the generation of hydroelectric power operations with respect to the Central Utah Project.

Encourages the execution of operating agreements for certain reservoirs.

Allows for the prepayment or other disposition of certain repayment contracts for construction of the Jordan Aqueduct System.

Requires the Comptroller General to audit Central Utah Project cost allocations. Requires the Secretary to reallocate such costs as necessary.

Imposes financial penalties for the use of Central Utah Project water to grow surplus crops until the construction costs of the facilities authorized by this title are repaid.

Title XVII: Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation Mitigation and Conservation - Establishes the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission to coordinate the implementation of the mitigation and conservation provisions of this Act among the Federal and State fish, wildlife, and recreation agencies. Directs the Commission to establish plans for fish and wildlife mitigation activities. Sets forth funding requirements for Commission activities and projects.

Requires the District to acquire a specified amount of additional permanent storage waters for fish and wildlife purposes. Earmarks a specified amount of additional funding for such purposes.

Sets forth requirements for certain minimum stream flows.

Requires completion of the fish, wildlife, and recreation projects identified or proposed in the 1988 Definite Plan Report.

Directs the Commission to acquire big game winter range lands to compensate for the impacts of Federal reclamation projects in Utah. Directs the Commission to construct big game crossings and wildlife escape ramps for the protection of big game animals along certain canals. Earmarks specified amounts of additional funding for such purposes.

Sets forth requirements for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and enhancement of wetlands and fisheries.

Requires that the project plan for the stabilization of high mountain lakes in the Upper Provo River drainage be revised to require that certain lakes be stabilized at levels beneficial for a fish habitat and recreation.

Earmarks specified amounts of additional funding for: (1) specified riparian habitat development projects; (2) a Commission study of the impacts to soils and riparian fish and wildlife habitats in drainages that will experience substantially reduced water flows resulting from the operation of the Strawberry Collection System; (3) acquisition of wetland acreages; (4) fish habitat improvements to the Jordan River; (5) construction of recreational facilities for the Jordan River Parkway; (6) specified uses with respect to the Provo River Corridor; (7) certain improvements to Central Utah Project recreational features; and (8) mitigation and restoration of watersheds and fish and wildlife resources in Utah impacted by CRSP.

Requires that project construction be concurrent and proportionate with the implementation of the fish, wildlife, and recreation mitigation and conservation goals of titles XVI through XVIII of this Act.

Title XVIII: Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Account - Establishes in the Treasury the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Account for certain purposes, including to ensure that the level of environmental protection, mitigation, and enhancement achieved in connection with CRSP projects is preserved and maintained and that resources are available to address unfunded environmental impacts of such projects and unknown environmental needs within affected State areas. Sets forth procedures for Federal and State contributions to the Account and contributions from power revenues. Provides for funding of State fish and wildlife projects from the Account after the Commission has terminated. Sets forth requirements for managing the Account.

Title XIX: Ute Indian Rights Settlement - Provides for payment of financial compensation to the Ute Indian Tribe for the use of its water rights in the Uinta Basin. Allows tribal use of the Project's Bonneville Unit facilities. Ratifies and approves the Revised Ute Indian Compact of 1990 which established the uses and management of such tribal waters. Places restrictions on the disposal of Indian tribal waters into the Lower Colorado River Basin.

Authorizes appropriations for: (1) tribal farming operations; (2) repair of Cedarview Reservoir, Utah; (3) stream improvements in the Ute Reservation; (4) the cleaning of debris from the Bottle Hollow Reservoir, Utah; (5) recreation enhancement; and (6) the construction of a municipal water conveyance system pipeline hookup.

Authorizes and directs the Secretary to establish the Tribal Development Fund and earmarks funds for deposit into such Fund. Requires the Ute Tribe to prepare a Tribal Development Plan for all or a part of the Fund. Requires the Tribe to comply fully with all fish, wildlife, recreation, and environmental laws before receiving amounts from the Fund. Provides for the waiver of claims concerning the Tribe's water rights covered under the original Ute Indian Compact, including claims that the Tribe has the right to develop lands set forth in the Compact. Resurrects such claims if the Tribe does not receive Fund monies.

Title XX: Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act - States that nothing in titles XVI through XIX shall be interpreted as modifying or amending requirements of either the Endangered Species Act or the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.

Title XXI: Miscellaneous - Authorizes the Secretary to conduct a research project for the development of an enhanced evaporation system for saline water treatment, to be located in the Salton Sea area of southern California.

Directs the Secretary to convey to the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District, Washington, all rights and interests of the United States, exclusive of oil, gas, and other mineral deposits, to a specified parcel of real property in Sunnyside.

Authorizes the Secretary to free certain landholders from payments of charges incurred because such landholders filed irrevocable elections under the Election Reform Act after a specified date.

Title XXII: Civil War Studies - Civil War Sites Study Act of 1990 - Authorizes and directs the Secretary to prepare a study of Shenandoah Valley Civil War sites. Requires such study to include the views and recommendations of the National Park System Advisory Board. Requires a congressional report. Establishes the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission to prepare a study of historically significant sites and structures in the United States associated with military action during the Civil War. Requires consultation between the Commission and appropriate entities. Requires the Commission to submit such study to appropriate congressional committees. Authorizes appropriations to carry out this title.

Title XXIII: San Juan Island, Washington - Directs the Secretary to complete a survey of the lands granted to the State of Washington by a 1921 Act which granted land then comprising a military facility to the University of Washington for biological and general university research. Provides exemptions, disclaimers, and conditions respecting the current use of such lands. Requires such map to be available for public inspection. Amends the 1921 Act to provide that if any such granted land becomes contaminated with hazardous substances or is used for the disposal, placement, or release of such substances, such land shall not revert to the United States under any circumstances.

Title XXIV: Okanogan National Forest Land Exchange - Directs the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain Federal lands within the State of Washington in exchange for certain lands in such State currently held by the State. Requires an analysis of such exchange and appraisals of the Federal lands being exchanged in accordance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976. Requires such exchange to occur by November 1, 1991, under certain terms and conditions.

Authorizes appropriations to the U.S. Forest Service to prepare a supplement to a final environmental impact statement for the proposed Early Winters Resort in Methow Valley, Washington.

Authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to construct buildings and related facilities on federally-owned land in Skagit County, Washington, for plant materials purposes. Achieves funding for such construction from the exchange of certain lands in Skagit County and Bellingham, Washington.