Summary: H.R.2575 — 101st Congress (1989-1990)All Information (Except Text)

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Passed Senate amended (08/04/1990)

Title I: Congressional Medal for Veterans of the Attack on Pearl Harbor - Authorizes the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate to present a bronze medal to individuals: (1) who were members of the armed forces and were present in Hawaii on December 7, 1941; and (2) who participated in combat operations that day against Japanese military forces attacking Hawaii.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to strike such medals.

Authorizes appropriations.

Title II: Yosemite National Park Centennial Medal - Yosemite National Park Centennial Medal Act - Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to strike and sell medals in commemoration of the centennial of Yosemite National Park, California, in 1990.

Requires that all sales of such medals include a surcharge of $2 each. Requires that all surcharges be paid to an endowment fund for the benefit of the Park to be administered by the National Park Foundation. Requires that the net income from the fund be paid to the Secretary of the Interior to fund special supplemental projects relating to back country trail development and rehabilitation and the preservation of Sequoia groves within the boundaries of the Park.

Requires the Secretaries to enter into a memorandum of agreement to allow: (1) the Secretary of the Treasury to deliver medals to the Secretary of the Interior; and (2) the Secretary of the Interior to provide for the sale of the medals in National Park facilities.

Grants the Comptroller General the right to examine all records of the National Park Foundation which are related to such medals.

Title III: Commemorating the United States Constitution - Amends Federal law to: (1) change the design on the reverse side of certain coins; (2) authorize the redesign of one or more coins at one time (requires the first designated coin to have a design commemorating the two hundredth anniversary of the United States Constitution for a two-year period, after which such coin shall be redesigned again); and (3) require the design on the obverse side of such coins to contain the likenesses of those currently displayed, although these shall also be considered for redesign.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury in selecting the new design to consider thematic representations of certain defined constitutional concepts.

Amends Federal law to require the Secretary to deposit in the general fund of the Treasury any profits received from the sale of uncirculated and proof sets of coins for reduction of the national debt.