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Conference report filed in House (02/27/1990)

Library Services and Construction Act Amendments of 1990 - Amends the Library Services and Construction Act (the Act) to revise its programs and extend the authorization of appropriations.

Includes international cooperative associations of library entities among library networks covered by such Act.

Authorizes appropriations for FY 1990 through 1994 for grants (or activities) relating to: (1) library services; (2) public library and construction technology enhancement; (3) interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing; (4) library services for Indian tribes; (5) foreign language materials acquisition; (6) library literacy programs; (7) evaluation and assessment; and (8) family learning centers and library literacy centers under provisions for library learning center programs.

Revises allocations to Indian tribes and to Alaskan native villages, regional corporations, and village corporations.

Requires assurances that libraries within the State receiving assistance under this Act shall not discriminate, in providing space for public meetings, on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, or handicapping condition.

Provides for interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing under long-range State programs.

Directs the Secretary of Education (the Secretary) to: (1) coordinate specified programs; and (2) give the head of the State library administrative agency opportunity for comment on applications for foreign language and for library literacy grants before the award, to assure that the purposes of such grants are consistent with the long-range State program.

Revises provisions for maintenance of effort.

Limits the authority of the Department of Education to contract out or otherwise transfer activities or functions of the Department of Education Research Library. Directs the Comptroller General to study and report on such Library.

Requires library service programs to provide for assistance to libraries: (1) in developing intergenerational library programs matching older volunteers with libraries interested in developing after school literacy and reading skills programs for unsupervised school children; (2) in providing mobile library services and programs to child-care providers or centers which are licensed or certified by the State or otherwise meet the requirements of State law; (3) in establishing and supporting model library literacy centers to reduce the number of functionally illiterate individuals and help them reach full employment; and (4) in providing and displaying educational materials, and in conducting community programs, for drug abuse prevention.

Authorizes a State, in carrying out its library services program, to make subgrants to library systems or networks which include libraries other than public libraries, if the purpose of the subgrant is to improve services for public library patrons.

Allows States to ratably reduce payments to major urban resource libraries only under specified conditions.

Revises services for institutionalized individuals under certain maintenance of effort requirements for State annual programs to make them services to handicapped individuals generally.

Requires State library services programs to provide assistance to public libraries for technology enhancement to improve services.

Provides for grants to develop the technological capacity of libraries for interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing.

Requires that public library construction projects follow policies and procedures that will promote the preservation of library and information resources in such facilities.

Requires that statewide resource sharing plans and programs be directed toward attaining compliance with specified provisions.

Allows reimbursement of expenses of public and school libraries which cooperate to make school library resources available to the public during periods when school is not in session.

Authorizes the State long-range interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing program to: (1) include a statewide preservation cooperation plan; and (2) identify the preservation objectives to be achieved during the period covered by the long-range plans. Authorizes: (1) the use of funds to carry out such preservation cooperation plan; and (2) part or all of such preservation program to be contracted to other agencies or institutions.

Raises the general maximum limit on the amount of a single Foreign Language Materials Acquisition grant from $15,000 to $35,000, but allows no more than 30 percent of total funds for any fiscal year to be used for grants in amounts between $35,000 and $125,000.

Prohibits any recipient from receiving more than one such grant for any fiscal year.

Raises the maximum limit on the amount of a single Library Literacy Program grant from $25,000 to $35,000.

Authorizes the Secretary, directly or by grants or contracts, to evaluate and assess programs under the Act.

Establishes a new title VIII program for Library Learning Center Programs.

Establishes a program for Family Learning Centers. Directs the Secretary to make competitive grants to local public libraries for such Centers. Requires that such funds be used to initiate, expand, or improve public library services to families. Requires that specified portions of such funds be used to acquire: (1) resources and materials in print and electronic formats which are intended for use by and with adults (including materials in child care, child development, nutrition, parenting skills, and job and career information) and children and adolescents; and (2) computer hardware (by purchase or lease) and software for use by library patrons. Sets forth application requirements and selection priorities, including extended hours and days of library opening and special services for adolescent parents, single-parent families, dual-career families, limited English language proficiency families, and educationally disadvantaged adults and their children. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1990 and after for grants for such centers.

Establishes a program for Library Literacy Centers. Directs the Secretary to make competitive grants to States to support not more than one library literacy center per State to coordinate distribution of library literacy materials and equipment on a loan basis to local public libraries in order to initiate, expand, or improve public library literacy services and programs. Sets forth State and local application requirements, and authorized uses of funds.

Limits the 25 percent the maximum portion of grant funds which each such center may use to acquire literacy education computers and software. Requires States receiving such grants to set up advisory committees. Provides for selection of such centers. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1991 and after for grants for such centers.

Retitles title I under the Act as Public Library Services.