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Passed House amended (10/30/1989)

Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to prepare a document containing a detailed description of the benefits, limitations, procedures, requirements, and other aspects of the education programs administered by the Department. Requires the Secretary to distribute the document: (1) to individuals applying for benefits under an education program administered by the Department and to individuals receiving benefits at least annually thereafter; (2) to education and training institution officials on at least an annual basis; and (3) upon request, to other individuals affected by education programs administered by the Secretary, including military education personnel.

Adds the chapter which pertains to training and rehabilitation for veterans with service-connected disabilities to existing law provisions which: (1) require the veteran and the educational institution offering a course in which such veteran is enrolled to report to the Secretary such enrollment and any interruption or termination of the education of such veteran; (2) require the Secretary, prior to making payment of a reporting fee to an educational institution, to require such institution to certify that it has exercised reasonable diligence in determining whether such institution or any course offered by such institution approved for the enrollment of veterans meets certain applicable requirements and that it will report any failure to meet any such requirements to the Secretary; and (3) authorize the Secretary to pay to any educational institution or to any joint apprenticeship training committee acting as a training establishment a reporting fee which will be in lieu of any other compensation or reimbursement for reports or certifications which such institution or training committee is required to submit to the Secretary.

Repeals portions of the work-study allowance provision relating to the number of hours worked by veteran-students and the compensation received for such work. Changes the eligibility for such allowance from veteran-students who are pursuing full-time programs of rehabilitation, education, or training to individuals who are pursuing such programs at least half-time.

Authorizes the Secretary to renew payment of previously discontinued educational assistance allowance only upon finding that: (1) the veteran will be resuming enrollment at the same educational institution in the same program and such institution has both approved the veteran's reenrollment and certified it to the Department of Veterans Affairs; or (2) in the case of a proposed change of either educational institution or program of education by the veteran, the cause of the unsatisfactory attendance, conduct, or progress has been removed; (3) the program proposed to be pursued is suitable to the veteran's aptitudes, interests, and abilities; and (4) if a proposed change of program is involved, the change meets the requirements for approval under the change of program provisions of the Veterans' Benefits statute. Makes parallel changes with respect to the survivors' and dependents' educational assistance program.

Repeals portions of the Federal veterans' benefits provisions with respect to periods for which payment of educational assistance or subsistence allowances is prohibited.

Allows the shop portions of courses which entitle veterans to educational benefits to be measured in three 50-minute periods. (Current law provides for measurement in three one-hour periods.)

Provides that for the purpose of measuring clock hours of attendance or net of instruction under provisions of the veterans' benefits code, the number of credit hours (semester or quarter hours) represented by such unit courses or subjects shall be converted to equivalent clock hours. Requires that such equivalent clock hours then be combined with the actual weekly clock hours of training concurrently pursued to determine the total clock hours of enrollment. Provides a formula for the determination of clock hour equivalency.

Provides that payment of an educational assistance allowance in the case of an eligible individual pursuing a program of education on less than a half-time basis shall be made in a lump-sum amount for the entire quarter, semester, or term not later than the last day of the month immediately following the month in which certification is received from the educational institution in which such individual has enrolled and is pursuing a program. Provides for the reduction of the entitlement provided pursuant to the apprenticeship or other on-job training provisions.