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Conference report filed in House (10/27/1990)

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 1991 - Title I: Congressional Operations - Congressional Operations Appropriations Act, 1991 - Appropriates funds for FY 1991 for the operations of the Senate and of the House of Representatives. Sets forth administrative provisions for the use of such funds. Appropriates funds for: (1) joint items of the House and Senate; (2) the Office of Technology Assessment; (3) the Congressional Budget Office; (4) the Office of the Architect of the Capitol; (5) the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress; and (6) congressional printing and binding at the Government Printing Office.

Empowers U.S. Capitol Police to make arrests off Capitol grounds in certain circumstances.

Title II: Other Agencies - Appropriates funds for: (1) the Botanic Garden; (2) the Library of Congress; (3) the Architect of the Capitol; (4) the Copyright Royalty Tribunal; (5) the Government Printing Office; and (6) the General Accounting Office. Sets forth limitations on the use of such funds.

Authorizes appropriations for the Library to acquire specified property for: (1) a day care center for children of Library and other legislative branch employees; (2) staff development and training; and (3) other purposes relating to the Library's operations.

Title III: General Provisions - Sets forth various specified requirements for and prohibitions or limitations on the use of appropriations.

Directs the Architect of the Capitol to develop an overall telecommunications plan for the other agencies of the legislative branch that will be compatible with current plans of the House and the Senate.

Authorizes legislative branch agencies to use telecommunications systems and services provided by the Architect of the Capitol, the House, or the Senate under a specified plan if such systems and services have been: (1) acquired competitively; and (2) determined to at least equal in quality to, and not greater in cost than, the systems and services known as "FTS2000."

Amends Federal law to remove the disbursement authority of the Botanic Garden from the Library of Congress.

Revises the authority for issuing the Speaker's Pay Orders.

Requires Federal departments, agencies, or instrumentalities to have a policy designed to ensure that all of its workplaces are drug-free.

Exempts Members of Congress and Senators from serving on State and local juries.

Sets forth requirements and limitations on the use of the congressional frank. Establishes an Official Mail Allowance for Members, officers, and employees of the House of Representatives who are entitled to use the congressional frank.

Withholds from obligation specified funds appropriated under this Act.

Amends the John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development Act with respect to the Center's use of income from investments.

Authorizes the President pro tempore of the Senate to adjust the pay to maintain the same pay relationships that existed on December 31, 1986, between personnel and Senators and between positions.

Permits congressional mass mailings to countries adjoining a congressional district.

Requires FY 1991 pay raises to be absorbed within the levels appropriated in this Act.

Amends the United States Institute of Peace Act to authorize the U.S. Institute of Peace, through its Board of Directors, to award an annual Spark M. Matsunaga Medal of Peace and a cash award to a person or persons who have contributed in extraordinary ways to peace among the nations and peoples of the world, giving special attention to contributions advancing society's knowledge and skill in peacemaking and conflict management. Directs the Board to establish an advisory panel to advise in selection of award recipients. Requires the Institute to report to specified congressional committees on selection procedures.

Requires quarterly registration of Senate mass mailings with the Secretary of the Senate.

Provides for: (1) January 1991 cost-of-living adjustments for Federal judges; (2) certain reimbursements to the Library of Congress; (3) extension of funds available for specified Senate matters, including floor tracking cable TV channels; and (4) two cable TV stations for the House of Representatives.