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One Hundred First Congress of the United States of America
Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday, the twenty-third day
of January,
one thousand nine hundred and ninety
Joint Resolution
To establish calendar year 1992 as the `Year of Clean Water'.
Whereas, clean water is a natural resource of tremendous value and importance
to the Nation;
Whereas, there is resounding public support for protecting and enhancing the
quality of this Nation's rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, and marine waters;
Whereas, maintaining and improving water quality is essential to protect
public health, to protect fisheries and wildlife, and to assure abundant
opportunities for public recreation;
Whereas, it is a national responsibility to provide clean water as a legacy
for future generations;
Whereas, substantial progress has been made in protecting and enhancing water
quality since passage of the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean
Water Act) due to concerted efforts by Federal, State, and local governments,
the private sector, and the public;
Whereas, serious water pollution problems persist throughout the Nation and
significant challenges lie ahead in the effort to protect water resources
from point and nonpoint sources of conventional and toxic pollution;
Whereas, further development of water pollution control programs and
advancement of water pollution control research, technology, and education
are necessary and desirable; and
Whereas, October of 1992 is the 20th anniversary of the enactment into law
of the Clean Water Act: Now, therefore, be it
 Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States
 of America in Congress assembled, That, the Congress of the United States
 hereby designates calendar year 1992 as the `Year of Clean Water' and the
 month of October 1992 as `Clean Water Month' in celebration of the Nation's
 accomplishments under the Clean Water Act, and the firm commitment of the
 Nation to the goals of that Act.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Vice President of the United States and
President of the Senate.

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