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Titles (1)

Official Titles

Official Titles - House of Representatives

Official Title as Introduced

Expressing the sense of Congress with respect to the relation of trade agreements to health, safety, labor, and environmental laws of the United States.

Actions Overview (4)

08/06/1992Passed/agreed to in House: On agreeing to the resolution Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 362 - 0 (Roll no. 376).
07/31/1992Reported by the Committee on Ways and Means. H. Rept. 102-635, Part II.
06/30/1992Reported by the Committee on Energy and Commerce. H. Rept. 102-635, Part I.
11/21/1991Introduced in House

All Actions (25)

Date Chamber
08/07/1992SenateReceived in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Finance.
08/06/1992-9:03pmHouseMotion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.
08/06/1992-9:03pmHouseOn agreeing to the resolution Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 362 - 0 (Roll no. 376).
08/06/1992-8:36pmHouseThe previous question was ordered pursuant to the rule.
08/06/1992-8:09pmHouseDEBATE - Pursuant to the provisions of H. Res. 542, the House proceeded with one hour of general debate.
08/06/1992-8:09pmHouseRule provides for consideration of H. Con. Res. 246 with 1 hour of general debate. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions. Provides for consideration in the House.
08/06/1992-8:09pmHouseConsidered under the provisions of rule H. Res. 542.
08/06/1992-8:08pmHouseRule H. Res. 542 passed House.
08/05/1992-5:35pmHouseRules Committee Resolution H. Res. 542 Reported to House. Rule provides for consideration of H. Con. Res. 246 with 1 hour of general debate. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions. Provides for consideration in the House.
07/31/1992HousePlaced on the House Calendar, Calendar No. 186.
07/31/1992HouseReported by the Committee on Ways and Means. H. Rept. 102-635, Part II.
07/29/1992HouseOrdered to be Reported.
07/29/1992HouseCommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
07/23/1992HouseSubcommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Action By: House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade
07/23/1992HouseForwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee.
Action By: House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade
06/30/1992HouseReported by the Committee on Energy and Commerce. H. Rept. 102-635, Part I.
06/18/1992HouseCommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
06/18/1992HouseOrdered to be Reported.
05/12/1992HouseForwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee.
Action By: House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Competitiveness
05/12/1992HouseSubcommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Action By: House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Competitiveness
01/15/1992HouseReferred to the Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Competitiveness.
Action By: Committee on Energy and Commerce
11/25/1991HouseReferred to the Subcommittee on Trade.
Action By: Committee on Ways and Means
11/21/1991HouseReferred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.
11/21/1991HouseReferred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
11/21/1991HouseIntroduced in House

Cosponsors (219)

* = Original cosponsor
CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Rep. Gephardt, Richard A. [D-MO-3]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Dingell, John D. [D-MI-16]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Wyden, Ron [D-OR-3]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Sikorski, Gerry E. [D-MN-6]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Conyers, John, Jr. [D-MI-1]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Ford, William D. [D-MI-15]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Brown, George E., Jr. [D-CA-36]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Berman, Howard L. [D-CA-26]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Downey, Thomas J. [D-NY-2]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Espy, Mike [D-MS-2]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Kennelly, Barbara B. [D-CT-1]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Lewis, John [D-GA-5]* 11/21/1991
Rep. McDermott, Jim [D-WA-7]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Matsui, Robert T. [D-CA-3]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Obey, David R. [D-WI-7]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Olver, John W. [D-MA-1]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Rose, Charlie [D-NC-7]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Russo, Martin A. [D-IL-3]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Sanders, Bernard [I-VT-At Large]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Schumer, Charles E. [D-NY-10]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Torres, Estaban Edward [D-CA-34]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Weiss, Ted [D-NY-17]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Panetta, Leon [D-CA-16]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Owens, Wayne [D-UT-2]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Moran, James P. [D-VA-8]* 11/21/1991
Rep. Vento, Bruce F. [D-MN-4] 01/28/1992
Rep. Dorgan, Byron L. [D-ND-At Large] 01/28/1992
Rep. Savage, Gus [D-IL-2] 01/28/1992
Rep. Bacchus, Jim [D-FL-11] 01/28/1992
Rep. Cardin, Benjamin L. [D-MD-3] 01/28/1992
Rep. Scheuer, James H. [D-NY-8] 01/28/1992
Rep. Martinez, Matthew G. [D-CA-30] 01/28/1992
Rep. Bonior, David E. [D-MI-12] 01/28/1992
Rep. McCloskey, Frank [D-IN-8] 01/28/1992
Rep. Patterson, Elizabeth [D-SC-4] 01/28/1992
Rep. Pelosi, Nancy [D-CA-5] 01/28/1992
Rep. Kostmayer, Peter H. [D-PA-8] 01/28/1992
Rep. Edwards, Don [D-CA-10] 01/28/1992
Rep. Durbin, Richard J. [D-IL-20] 01/28/1992
Rep. Gejdenson, Sam [D-CT-2] 01/28/1992
Rep. Nowak, Henry [D-NY-33] 01/28/1992
Rep. Skaggs, David E. [D-CO-2] 01/28/1992
Rep. Bilbray, James H. [D-NV-1] 01/28/1992
Rep. Dellums, Ronald V. [D-CA-8] 02/07/1992
Rep. Dwyer, Bernard J. [D-NJ-6] 02/07/1992
Rep. Hunter, Duncan [R-CA-45] 02/07/1992
Rep. Boxer, Barbara [D-CA-6] 02/07/1992
Rep. Oberstar, James L. [D-MN-8] 02/07/1992
Rep. Kildee, Dale E. [D-MI-7] 02/07/1992
Rep. Kaptur, Marcy [D-OH-9] 02/07/1992
Rep. Jontz, Jim [D-IN-5] 02/07/1992
Rep. Murphy, Austin J. [D-PA-22] 02/07/1992
Rep. Carper, Thomas R. [D-DE-At Large] 02/07/1992
Rep. Slattery, Jim [D-KS-2] 02/19/1992
Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-11] 02/19/1992
Rep. Beilenson, Anthony C. [D-CA-23] 02/19/1992
Rep. Frank, Barney [D-MA-4] 02/19/1992
Rep. Spratt, John M., Jr. [D-SC-5] 02/19/1992
Rep. Stark, Fortney Pete [D-CA-9] 02/19/1992
Rep. Bryant, John W. [D-TX-5] 02/19/1992
Rep. LaRocco, Larry [D-ID-1] 02/19/1992
Rep. Gonzalez, Henry B. [D-TX-20] 02/19/1992
Rep. Kolter, Joseph P. [D-PA-4] 02/19/1992
Rep. Manton, Thomas J. [D-NY-9] 02/19/1992
Rep. Norton, Eleanor Holmes [D-DC-At Large] 02/19/1992
Rep. Feighan, Edward F. [D-OH-19] 02/19/1992
Rep. Evans, Lane [D-IL-17] 02/19/1992
Rep. Lantos, Tom [D-CA-11] 02/24/1992
Rep. Boucher, Rick [D-VA-9] 02/24/1992
Rep. Collins, Cardiss [D-IL-7] 02/24/1992
Rep. Ray, Richard B. [D-GA-3] 02/24/1992
Rep. Yates, Sidney R. [D-IL-9] 02/24/1992
Rep. McHugh, Matthew F. [D-NY-28] 02/24/1992
Rep. Eckart, Dennis E. [D-OH-11] 02/26/1992
Rep. Hayes, Charles A. [D-IL-1] 02/26/1992
Rep. Johnson, Tim [D-SD-At Large] 02/26/1992
Rep. Lipinski, William O. [D-IL-5] 02/26/1992
Rep. Traxler, Bob [D-MI-8] 02/26/1992
Rep. Unsoeld, Jolene [D-WA-3] 02/26/1992
Rep. Abercrombie, Neil [D-HI-1] 03/02/1992
Rep. Condit, Gary A. [D-CA-15] 03/02/1992
Rep. Frost, Martin [D-TX-24] 03/02/1992
Rep. Gordon, Bart [D-TN-6] 03/02/1992
Rep. Hochbrueckner, George J. [D-NY-1] 03/02/1992
Rep. Kleczka, Gerald D. [D-WI-4] 03/02/1992
Rep. Pallone, Frank, Jr. [D-NJ-3] 03/02/1992
Rep. Mrazek, Robert J. [D-NY-3] 03/02/1992
Rep. Andrews, Robert E. [D-NJ-1] 03/05/1992
Rep. Borski, Robert A. [D-PA-3] 03/05/1992
Rep. Guarini, Frank J. [D-NJ-14] 03/05/1992
Rep. Harris, Claude [D-AL-7] 03/05/1992
Rep. Jenkins, Edgar L. [D-GA-9] 03/05/1992
Rep. Kanjorski, Paul E. [D-PA-11] 03/05/1992
Rep. Long, Jill L. [D-IN-4] 03/05/1992
Rep. Nagle, Dave R, [D-IA-3] 03/05/1992
Rep. Roybal, Edward R. [D-CA-25] 03/05/1992
Rep. Torricelli, Robert G. [D-NJ-9] 03/05/1992
Rep. Wolpe, Howard E. [D-MI-3] 03/05/1992
Rep. McMillen, Thomas [D-MD-4] 03/12/1992
Rep. Jones, Ben [D-GA-4] 03/12/1992
Rep. Rinaldo, Matthew J. [R-NJ-7] 03/12/1992
Rep. Cox, John W., Jr. [D-IL-16] 03/12/1992
Rep. Browder, Glen [D-AL-3] 03/12/1992
Rep. DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3] 03/12/1992
Rep. Lloyd, Marilyn [D-TN-3] 03/12/1992
Rep. Fascell, Dante B. [D-FL-19] 03/12/1992
Rep. Lehman, Richard H. [D-CA-18] 03/12/1992
Rep. Alexander, Bill [D-AR-1] 03/12/1992
Rep. Hughes, William J. [D-NJ-2] 03/20/1992
Rep. Andrews, Thomas H. [D-ME-1] 03/20/1992
Rep. Moody, Jim [D-WI-5] 03/20/1992
Rep. Peterson, Collin C. [D-MN-7] 03/20/1992
Rep. Wilson, Charles [D-TX-2] 03/20/1992
Rep. Horn, Joan Kelly [D-MO-2] 03/20/1992
Rep. Stokes, Louis [D-OH-21] 03/20/1992
Rep. DeFazio, Peter A. [D-OR-4] 03/20/1992
Rep. Mollohan, Alan B. [D-WV-1] 03/26/1992
Rep. Erdreich, Ben [D-AL-6] 03/26/1992
Rep. Payne, Donald M. [D-NJ-10] 03/26/1992
Rep. Dooley, Calvin M. [D-CA-17] 03/26/1992
Rep. Moakley, John Joseph [D-MA-9] 03/26/1992
Rep. Washington, Craig A. [D-TX-18] 03/26/1992
Rep. Stallings, Richard H. [D-ID-2] 03/26/1992
Rep. Reed, Jack [D-RI-2] 03/26/1992
Rep. Ford, Harold E. [D-TN-9] 03/26/1992
Rep. Lowey, Nita M. [D-NY-20] 03/26/1992
Rep. Wheat, Alan [D-MO-5] 03/26/1992
Rep. Ackerman, Gary L. [D-NY-7] 03/26/1992
Rep. Hatcher, Charles [D-GA-2] 03/26/1992
Rep. Hall, Tony P. [D-OH-3] 03/26/1992
Rep. Jefferson, William J. [D-LA-2] 03/26/1992
Rep. Studds, Gerry E. [D-MA-10] 04/07/1992
Rep. Slaughter, Louise McIntosh [D-NY-30] 04/07/1992
Rep. Atkins, Chester G. [D-MA-5] 04/07/1992
Rep. Miller, George [D-CA-7] 04/07/1992
Rep. Serrano, Jose E. [D-NY-18] 04/07/1992
Rep. Darden, George (Buddy) [D-GA-7] 04/07/1992
Rep. Blackwell, Lucien E. [D-PA-2] 04/07/1992
Rep. Mineta, Norman Y. [D-CA-13] 04/07/1992
Rep. Fazio, Vic [D-CA-4] 04/07/1992
Rep. Foglietta, Thomas M. [D-PA-1] 04/07/1992
Rep. Shays, Christopher [R-CT-4] 04/09/1992
Rep. Neal, Stephen L. [D-NC-5] 04/09/1992
Rep. Coyne, William J. [D-PA-14] 04/09/1992
Rep. Schroeder, Patricia [D-CO-1] 04/09/1992
Rep. Luken, Charles [D-OH-1] 04/09/1992
Rep. Sawyer, Tom [D-OH-14] 04/28/1992
Rep. Thomas, Lindsay [D-GA-1] 04/28/1992
Rep. Mfume, Kweisi [D-MD-7] 04/28/1992
Rep. Staggers, Harley O., Jr. [D-WV-2] 04/28/1992
Rep. Rangel, Charles B. [D-NY-16] 04/28/1992
Rep. Hertel, Dennis M. [D-MI-14] 04/28/1992
Rep. Wise, Robert E., Jr. [D-WV-3] 04/28/1992
Rep. Montgomery, G. V. (Sonny) [D-MS-3] 04/28/1992
Rep. Collins, Barbara-Rose [D-MI-13] 04/28/1992
Rep. Oakar, Mary Rose [D-OH-20] 04/28/1992
Rep. Dixon, Julian C. [D-CA-28] 04/28/1992
Rep. Dicks, Norman D. [D-WA-6] 04/28/1992
Rep. Mavroules, Nicholas [D-MA-6] 04/28/1992
Rep. Price, David E. [D-NC-4] 04/28/1992
Rep. Bentley, Helen Delich [R-MD-2] 04/30/1992
Rep. Rowland, J. Roy [D-GA-8] 04/30/1992
Rep. Rahall, Nick J., II [D-WV-4] 04/30/1992
Rep. McEwen, Bob [R-OH-6] 04/30/1992
Rep. Poshard, Glenn [D-IL-22] 04/30/1992
Rep. Bruce, Terry L. [D-IL-19] 04/30/1992
Rep. Swift, Al [D-WA-2] 04/30/1992
Rep. Pastor, Ed [D-AZ-2] 04/30/1992
Rep. Peterson, Douglas (Pete) [D-FL-2] 05/07/1992
Rep. AuCoin, Les [D-OR-1] 05/07/1992
Rep. Gaydos, Joseph M. [D-PA-20] 05/07/1992
Rep. Hayes, James A. [D-LA-7] 05/14/1992
Rep. Neal, Richard E. [D-MA-2] 05/14/1992
Rep. Markey, Edward J. [D-MA-7] 05/14/1992
Rep. Ravenel, Arthur, Jr. [R-SC-1] 05/14/1992
Rep. Early, Joseph D. [D-MA-3] 05/14/1992
Rep. Sabo, Martin Olav [D-MN-5] 05/14/1992
Rep. Dymally, Mervyn M. [D-CA-31] 05/21/1992
Rep. Donnelly, Brian J. [D-MA-11] 05/21/1992
Rep. Fish, Hamilton, Jr. [R-NY-21] 05/28/1992
Rep. Sangmeister, George E. [D-IL-4] 05/28/1992
Rep. Kennedy, Joseph P., II [D-MA-8] 06/04/1992
Rep. Sisisky, Norman [D-VA-4] 06/04/1992
Rep. Taylor, Gene [D-MS-5] 06/04/1992
Rep. Hoagland, Peter [D-NE-2] 06/04/1992
Rep. Waters, Maxine [D-CA-29] 06/04/1992
Rep. Traficant, James A., Jr. [D-OH-17] 06/04/1992
Rep. Annunzio, Frank [D-IL-11] 06/04/1992
Rep. Campbell, Ben Nighthorse [D-CO-3] 06/04/1992
Rep. Hefner, W. G. (Bill) [D-NC-8] 06/04/1992
Rep. Cooper, Jim [D-TN-4] 06/04/1992
Rep. Swett, Dick [D-NH-2] 06/11/1992
Rep. Owens, Major R. [D-NY-12] 06/11/1992
Rep. Clay, William (Bill) [D-MO-1] 06/11/1992
Rep. Flake, Floyd H. [D-NY-6] 06/11/1992
Rep. Engel, Eliot L. [D-NY-19] 06/11/1992
Rep. McNulty, Michael R. [D-NY-23] 06/11/1992
Rep. Mink, Patsy T. [D-HI-2] 06/11/1992
Rep. English, Glenn [D-OK-6] 06/11/1992
Rep. Machtley, Ronald K. [R-RI-1] 06/11/1992
Rep. Costello, Jerry F. [D-IL-21] 06/11/1992
Rep. Solomon, Gerald B. H. [R-NY-24] 06/11/1992
Rep. Perkins, Carl C. [D-KY-7] 06/23/1992
Rep. Jacobs, Andrew, Jr. [D-IN-10] 06/23/1992
Rep. Levin, Sander M. [D-MI-17] 06/23/1992
Rep. Meyers, Jan [R-KS-3] 06/23/1992
Rep. Payne, Lewis F., Jr. [D-VA-5] 06/23/1992
Rep. Brewster, Bill K. [D-OK-3] 06/23/1992
Rep. Lancaster, H. Martin [D-NC-3] 06/24/1992
Rep. Tauzin, W. J. (Billy) [D-LA-3] 06/24/1992
Rep. Carr, Bob [D-MI-6] 06/24/1992
Rep. Roemer, Tim [D-IN-3] 07/02/1992
Rep. Valentine, Tim [D-NC-2] 07/02/1992
Rep. Glickman, Dan [D-KS-4] 07/02/1992
Rep. Faleomavaega, Eni F. H. [D-AS-At Large] 07/02/1992
Rep. Murtha, John P. [D-PA-12] 07/02/1992
Rep. LaFalce, John J. [D-NY-32] 07/09/1992
Rep. Roe, Robert A. [D-NJ-8] 07/09/1992
Rep. Visclosky, Peter J. [D-IN-1] 07/09/1992

Committees (3)

Committees, subcommittees and links to reports associated with this bill are listed here, as well as the nature and date of committee activity and Congressional report number.

Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
House Energy and Commerce11/21/1991 Referred to
06/18/1992 Markup by
06/30/1992 Reported by H.Rept 102-635 Part 1
House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Competitiveness01/15/1992 Referred to
05/12/1992 Markup by
05/12/1992 Reported by
House Ways and Means11/21/1991 Referred to
07/29/1992 Markup by
07/31/1992 Reported by H.Rept 102-635 Part 2
House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade11/25/1991 Referred to
07/23/1992 Markup by
07/23/1992 Reported by
Senate Finance08/07/1992 Referred to

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Latest Summary (1)

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Shown Here:
Introduced in House (11/21/1991)

Calls upon the President, as part of the Uruguay Round General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) talks, to initiate negotiations to make GATT compatible with the Marine Mammal Protection Act and other U.S. health, safety, labor, and environmental laws, including laws to protect the environment outside of the United States.

Declares that the Congress will not approve legislation to implement any trade agreement (including the Uruguay Round of the GATT and the U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Agreement) that jeopardizes such laws, including the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Clean Air Act.