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Passed House amended (10/06/1992)

Land Management Agency Housing Improvement Act of 1992 - Directs the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture, within one year of enactment and each four years thereafter, to conduct and submit to specified congressional committees a study of suitable quarters available for field employees of the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture.

Requires such study to: (1) expand upon existing studies and information available; (2) analyze the distinct needs of permanent and temporary employees, as well as the particular needs of employees located in isolated, urban, and high-cost areas; and (3) include an analysis of the availability and affordability of suitable quarters at field units under each Secretary's jurisdiction, non-Federal suitable quarters available for field employees with recommendations for alternatives to Federal suitable quarters, and appropriate public and private partnerships for increasing the availability and affordability of suitable housing for field employees, considering the particular needs of such employees. Directs that the first such study also include an analysis of the benefits and disadvantages to the agency and to employees of "required occupancy" of Federal quarters.

Directs the Secretaries: (1) within one year, to survey all existing governmental-owned employee housing facilities under the jurisdiction of the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture to assess the physical condition of such housing and the suitability of such housing for the effective prosecution of the agency mission; and (2) to develop an agency-wide priority listing, by structure, identifying those units in greatest need for repair, rehabilitation, replacement, or initial construction, as appropriate. Provides for the submission of the survey and priority listing study to specified congressional committees. Specifies that: (1) unless otherwise provided by law, expenditure of funds appropriated for construction, repair, or rehabilitation shall follow, in sequential order, the priority listing established by each agency; and (2) funding available from other sources for employee housing repair may be distributed by the Secretaries.

Requires that the Secretaries provide suitable secondary quarters for field employees who are permanently duty stationed at remote locations and are regularly required to relocate for temporary periods as necessary for the effective administration of an area under the jurisdiction of the respective agency.

Prohibits increases in the governmental housing rental rates for the agencies covered under this title from being in excess of ten percent more than the rental rates which were in effect on September 1, 1992, until 12 months after submission of the studies under this title.

Requires that: (1) rents and charges collected by payroll deduction or otherwise for use or occupancy of quarters of agencies identified in this Act be deposited in a special fund for each agency in the Treasury, to remain available until expended, for the maintenance and operation of the quarters of that agency; and (2) all funds generated from rental income be deposited to a reimbursable account at no lower than the agency regional office level.

Authorizes appropriations.

Title II: Colorado Military Lands - Fort Carson-Pinon Canyon Military Lands Withdrawal Act - Withdraws from appropriation under public land, mining, mineral, and geothermal leasing laws, and reserves for military use by the Army, specified lands at the Fort Carson Military Reservation and Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (both in Colorado).

Requires the Secretary of the Army (Secretary), during the period of withdrawal, to manage such lands for military purposes covered by this Act and to authorize their use by other U.S. military departments and agencies.

Directs the Secretary, with the concurrence of the Secretary of the Interior, to develop a management plan for such reserved and withdrawn lands. Requires the Secretaries to enter into a memorandum of understanding to implement such management plan for the 15-year period of the reserved and withdrawn lands established by this Act.

Authorizes the Secretaries, every five years, to determine which such lands are suitable for opening to the operation of the mining, mineral, geothermal leasing, and mineral material disposal laws.

Authorizes the Secretary of the Army to use mineral resources for construction needs of the Fort Carson Reservation or Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior to manage all withdrawn and acquired mineral resources contained within the boundaries of such areas.

Provides that land identified as suitable for operation of mining, mineral, geothermal leasing, and the mineral material disposal laws shall open automatically without further action by either the Secretary of the Interior or the Congress on a day specified by such Secretary in the Federal Register.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior, at the request of the Secretary of the Army, to close such lands in the event of a national emergency or for national defense or security purposes.

Provides that patents issued for locatable minerals shall convey title to such minerals only and shall reserve to the United States the surface of all patented lands and all nonlocatable minerals.

Terminates such land withdrawals and reservations 15 years after enactment of this Act.

Requires the Secretary of the Army to notify the Secretary of the Interior, at least three years before termination of the withdrawal and reservation, whether an extension is going to be requested and, if not, to what extent such lands are contaminated with hazardous materials. Requires the Secretary of the Army to decontaminate relinquished lands; but if such decontamination is not practicable or economically feasible, authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to refuse to accept them. Requires the Secretary of the Army to then: (1) warn the public of risks of entry; (2) conduct only decontamination activities on such lands after the expiration of the withdrawal; and (3) make a status report to the Secretary of the Interior and to the Congress.

Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to revoke withdrawal and reservation of such lands and accept jurisdiction over them if, after their decontamination, it is in the public interest to do so. Requires notice of such decision in the Federal Register.

Authorizes appropriations.

Title III: "In Lieu" Land Claims - Disclaims all Federal right, title, and interest in specified base lands over which the United States holds record title. Prescribes guidelines under which the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture must prepare interim lists of such lands and identify those listed lands which are located wholly or partially within any conservation system unit (and all other listed lands which the Congress has designated for specific management or which the Secretary concerned finds should be retained for specific needs), which shall be excluded from the final lists of disclaimed lands. Prescribes guidelines for the preparation of final land lists. Establishes a deadline by which the appropriate Secretary must issue quitclaim deeds for the disclaimed lands.

Authorizes claimants to make land claims against the United States in the U.S. Claims Court.

Authorizes appropriations.

Amends the Wildlife Disaster Recovery Act of 1989 to postpone the due date for a report by the National Commission on Wildfire Disasters to December 1, 1992.

Title IV: National Park System Provisions - Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior (Secretary) to establish at or near the Lincoln Home National Historic Site the Abraham Lincoln Interpretive Center. Directs that: (1) the Center be added to and administered as part of the Site; and (2) upon establishment of the Center, the boundary of the Site is modified to include the Center.

Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) acquire land or interests in and near the Site for purposes of this title; (2) construct, operate, and maintain a facility, including an exhibit area, to preserve and make available materials related to, and provide interpretive and educational services which communicate the meaning of, the life of Abraham Lincoln; (3) enter into cooperative agreements with appropriate Federal agencies and the State of Illinois, or any political subdivision thereof, for the interpretation of resources at the Center, and with the owners of documents and artifacts of historical or cultural significance as determined by the Secretary; and (4) acquire documents and artifacts related to the purposes of the Center for display at the Center.

Authorizes appropriations.

Authorizes the Secretary to enter into cooperative agreements with: (1) appropriate organizations or groups, on an equal-dollar matching basis, to promote education concerning the natural and cultural resources of the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area (Area) and lands adjacent thereto; (2) the William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom (subject to specified requirements); and (3) the Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore Foundation and the University of California at Los Angeles, jointly (Foundation and UCLA) for completion of an archeological survey, vegetation mapping, historical context, and history of lands within the Area. Authorizes the expenditure of Federal funds on non-Federal property located within the Area pursuant to any cooperative agreement that meets the requirements of this title.

Limits the Secretary's authorization to enter into cooperative agreements under this title to those agreements under which there will be visits by students or other beneficiaries to federally-owned lands within the Area and under which the responsibility of the Secretary will be limited to the providing of interpretation services concerning the natural and cultural resources of the Area, while the other parties will be responsible for all other costs. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into such agreements only if the Secretary determines that acquisition of the facilities would further the purposes of the Area.

Specifies that, with respect to the cooperative agreements with the Foundation and UCLA, only such agreements shall be authorized under which work on non-Federal lands shall be done only with the consent of the owner and under which all information obtained will be used by the Secretary to further public education and interpretation and management of the resources and values of the Area.

Authorizes appropriations.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) conduct a study to identify potential means to preserve and interpret Revere Beach, Massachusetts; and (2) as part of such study, propose alternatives for cooperation in its preservation and interpretation, including providing recommendations on the suitability and feasibility of establishing Revere Beach as a unit of the National Park System.

Sets forth provisions regarding: (1) the contents of the study; and (2) congressional review.

Authorizes appropriations.

Title V: Report on State of the Nation's Rivers - Amends the Outdoor Recreation Act of 1963 to direct the Secretary to enter into a contract or other appropriate arrangement (contract) with the National Academy of Sciences or with any other independent entity having appropriate scientific expertise to prepare a "State of the Nation's River Systems" report providing an assessment of the status and trends of the Nation's River and their associated riparian resources.

Specifies that such report shall be prepared by an independent panel of experts in fields of biology, zoology, ecology, and related fields and shall be based on existing data and information relating to the chemical, physical, and biological elements and processes of river resources and their associated riparian resources.

Requires the contract to provide for: (1) the formation of a partnership with the States in the development of the report, including financial assistance to the States for the States' efforts; and (2) updating the report every five years.

Sets forth additional report requirements, including provisions regarding: (1) a submission deadline (for the initial report, within 18 months); (2) components of the report; and (3) distribution of the report.

Title VI: California Railroad Land Title Clearances - Railroad Right-of-Way Conveyance Validation Act - Validates conveyances of certain lands in Nevada County and San Joaquin County, California, that form parts of the right-of-way granted by the United States to the Central Pacific Railway Company.