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Passed House amended (07/29/1993)

Maritime Administration Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994 - Authorizes appropriations for the Maritime Administration for: (1) operating-differential subsidies; (2) manpower, education, and training; (3) operating programs; (4) national security support capabilities; (5) administrative costs related to new Federal ship mortgage insurance loan guarantees; (6) costs of such guarantees; and (7) assistance to the Massachusetts Center for Marine Environmental Protection at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to use proceeds from the sale or disposal of National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) vessels for facility and ship maintenance, modernization and repair, acquisition of equipment, training simulators, and fuel costs necessary to maintain training at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the State maritime academies.

Authorizes the Secretary to designate National Shipbuilding Enhancement Institutes. Allows an Institute's activities to include such activities as: (1) developing vessel construction and repair technology; (2) enhancing domestic shipyards' international competitiveness; and (3) fostering innovations in the domestic shipbuilding marketing system. Authorizes grants to any designated Institute.

Requires a State maritime academy receiving Federal assistance under specified provisions to reimburse individuals, from Federal funds provided for such purposes, for any charge paid by the individual for issuance, evaluation, or examination for an entry level license or merchant mariner's document. Authorizes appropriations.

Authorizes awards to National Maritime Enhancement Institutes on an equal or partial matching (currently, on an equal matching) basis. Removes a limit on the aggregate annual amount of the Federal share of awards.

Removes provisions, scheduled to go into effect in 1994, requiring State maritime academy students in merchant marine officer preparation programs to pass a licensing examination in order to graduate.

Authorizes the Secretary to enter into a contract for the maintenance of the NDRF, including the Ready Reserve Force only for specified services.

Directs the Secretary to maintain, in a reduced operating status, certain vessels in the Ready Reserve.

Mandates a pilot program on the feasibility of using long-term contracts for the maintenance and repair of outported Ready Reserve Force vessels.

Mandates reports: (1) describing where Ready Reserve Force vessels will be located in a specified fiscal year; and (2) on certain Department of Transportation policies regarding the U.S. merchant marine.

Requires a pilot program for Sealift Training at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Directs the Secretary of Transportation, in guaranteeing an obligation under Federal ship mortgage provisions with amounts appropriated for a specified fiscal year, to guarantee a certain percentage of the vessel cost that is used as security of the guarantee, unless special economic circumstances exist there is good cause for guaranteeing a lesser percentage.

Authorizes issuance of a certificate of documentation for 21 specified vessels.

Prohibits the transfer of a U.S.-documented oceangoing merchant vessel over a certain tonnage to a foreign registry under specified provisions of the Shipping Act, 1916.

Allows individuals: (1) attending a State maritime academy to receive student incentive payments if they accept midshipman and enlisted reserve status in the U.S. Naval Reserve or if they participate in the Coast Guard Maritime Academy Reserve Training Program (currently, if they accept midshipman and enlisted reserve status in the U.S. Naval Reserve); and (2) who received such payments and participated in such Coast Guard Program to fulfill service obligations by serving in the Coast Guard Reserve as well as through current means. Allows those in default from the Coast Guard service requirement to be ordered to active Coast Guard duty.

Prohibits funds appropriated under this Act from being expended by an entity unless the entity agrees to comply with specified provisions of the Buy American Act.

Declares that it is the sense of the Congress that entities receiving financial assistance under this Act and spending the assistance for equipment or products should purchase only American-made equipment and products.

Makes any person that intentionally affixes a fraudulent "Made in America" label to any product sold in or shipped to the United States ineligible to receive any contract or subcontract made with funds under this Act.