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From the Congressional Record, Volume 140 (1994)

H.R. 4603--A bill making appropriations for the Department of 
    Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and related agencies 
    programs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1995, and making 
    supplemental appropriations for these departments and agencies for 
    the fiscal year ending September 30, 1994, and for other purposes.
  By Mr. MOLLOHAN, H4779 [21JN]
  Reported (H. Rept. 103-552), H4779 [21JN]
  Debated, H4923 [23JN], H4963 [24JN], H4976 [24JN], H4989 [24JN], 
    H5094 [27JN], H5111 [27JN], H5113 [27JN]
  Text, H4934 [23JN]
  Amendments, H4963 [24JN], H4967 [24JN], H4977 [24JN], H4981 [24JN], 
    H4982 [24JN], H5095 [27JN], H5098 [27JN], H5103 [27JN], H5105 
    [27JN], H5108 [27JN], H5114 [27JN], H5115 [27JN], H5118 [27JN], 
    H5123 [27JN], H5131 [27JN], H5159 [27JN]
  Amended and passed House, H5168 [27JN]
  Referred to the Committee on Appropriations, S7781 [28JN]
  Reported with amendments (S. Rept. 103-309), S9032 [14JY]
  Debated, S9379 [21JY], S9442 [21JY], S9444 [21JY], S9477 [22JY], 
    S9482 [22JY]
  Text, S9380 [21JY]
  Amendments, S9400 [21JY], S9402 [21JY], S9425 [21JY], S9431 [21JY], 
    S9433 [21JY], S9435 [21JY], S9436 [21JY], S9437 [21JY], S9443 
    [21JY], S9444 [21JY], S9472 [21JY], S9473 [21JY], S9478 [22JY], 
    S9483 [22JY], S9487 [22JY], S9488 [22JY], S9489 [22JY], S9490 
    [22JY], S9500 [22JY], S9510 [22JY], S9513 [22JY], S9522 [22JY], 
    S9523 [22JY], S9525 [22JY], S9531 [22JY], S9532 [22JY], S9552 
    [22JY], S9554 [22JY], S9555 [22JY], S9557 [22JY], S9558 [22JY], 
    S9570 [22JY], S9571 [22JY], S9572 [22JY], S9573 [22JY]
  Amended and passed Senate, S9559 [22JY]
  Senate insisted on its amendments and asked for a conference. 
    Conferees appointed, S9559 [22JY]
  House disagreed to Senate amendments and agreed to a conference, 
    H7307 [10AU]
  Conferees appointed, H7310 [10AU]
  Conference report (H. Rept. 103-708) submitted in the House, H8468 
  Explanatory statement, H8474 [16AU]
  Conference report considered in the House, H8614 [18AU]
  Conference report agreed to in the House, H8634 [18AU]
  Conference report considered in the Senate, S12145 [19AU]
  Conference report agreed to in the Senate, S12152 [19AU]
  Examined and signed in the Senate, S12289 [22AU]
  Presented to the President, H9085 [12SE]