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Introduced in Senate (05/19/1993)

Minor Crop Pesticides Act of 1993 - Amends the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to define "minor use" as the use of a pesticide on an animal or a commercial agricultural crop or site or for the protection of public health where: (1) the use does not provide sufficient economic incentive to support registration; and (2) the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not determined that the use presents an unreasonable adverse environmental effect.

Prohibits data that relates solely to a minor use, without the permission of the original data submitter, from being considered by the Administrator to support a minor use application by another person for ten years following the submission of the data.

Requires the Administrator, on the request of a registrant, to extend the deadline for the production of residue chemistry data required solely to support a minor use pesticide up to two years subject to specified conditions. Applies the same extension conditions to data for reregistrations.

Permits the Administrator, with respect to the registration of a pesticide for a minor use, to waive applicable data requirements if such use does not have an adverse environmental effect.

Provides for expedited review (within 180 days of submission) of applications to support minor use pesticide registrations.

Requires the Administrator to conditionally amend a registration to permit additional minor uses even if data is insufficient if the applicant has submitted satisfactory data pertaining to the proposed minor use and amending such registration would not increase environmental risks.

Authorizes the Administrator to conditionally register or amend the registration of a pesticide for a minor use if: (1) the active ingredient has been listed for reregistration; (2) the minor use was a registered use of a product that has been canceled, proposed for cancellation, or deleted as a use after December 24, 1988; and (3) the use requires only residue chemistry data for reregistration. Outlines additional requirements for conditional registrations.

Directs the Administrator to establish a minor use program within the Office of Pesticide Programs.

Requires the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a minor use grant program to ensure the availability of a minor use crop protection chemical.

Authorizes appropriations.