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[Congressional Bills 103th Congress]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
[S.J. Res. 88 Enrolled Bill (ENR)]

        S.J.Res. 88
                       One Hundred Third Congress

                                 of the

                        United States of America

                          AT THE FIRST SESSION

          Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday,
  the fifth day of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three

                            Joint Resolution

          To designate July 1, 1993, as ``National NYSP Day''.

Whereas the National Youth Sports Program (hereafter referred to as 
  ``NYSP'') is a highly effective and comprehensive youth sports and 
  educational instruction program in the United States for economically 
  disadvantaged youth, ages 10 to 16 years old;
Whereas over 69,000 economically disadvantaged young people participated 
  in NYSP last year at United States colleges and universities in 153 
  cities, 44 States, and the District of Columbia;
Whereas NYSP provides over 70,000 medical and follow-up examinations as 
  well as health instruction by medical professionals to enrolled youth;
Whereas NYSP provides hot United States Department of Agriculture-
  approved meals and snacks daily to all participating youth;
Whereas the NYSP staff includes professional instructors with 
  undergraduate degrees who offer educational instruction in drug 
  education, AIDS, higher education, nutrition and health, and math and 
  science, and who offer counseling on such topics as career 
  opportunities, teen pregnancy, anti-gang strategies, and suicide 
  prevention in an effort to promote personal responsibility;
Whereas NYSP is administered by an advisory committee composed of 
  community leaders and college and university personnel, and 
  collaborates with local community action agencies and mayors' offices;
Whereas the NYSP partnership between the public and private sectors 
  ensures that Federal funds are used to provide direct services for 
  youth, that institutions of higher education contribute facilities and 
  personnel and pay the indirect costs of the program, and that public 
  and private businesses donate equipment and supplies; and
Whereas 1993 marks the 25th year that NYSP has provided economically 
  disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to participate in healthy 
  sports activities in order to encourage these youth to build good 
  habits, to direct the competitive urge toward constructive ends, to 
  stimulate the imagination to reach new goals, and to satisfy the human 
  desire to belong: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 
States of America in Congress assembled, That July 1, 1993, is 
designated as ``National NYSP Day''. The President is authorized and 
requested to issue a proclamation calling upon State and local 
jurisdictions, appropriate Federal agencies, and the people of the 
United States to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and 

                                Speaker of the House of Representatives.

                             Vice President of the United States and    
                                                President of the Senate.

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