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Conference report filed in House (08/01/1996)

District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 1997 - Makes appropriations for the District of Columbia Government for FY 1997, including funds for: (1) the Federal payment ($660 million); (2) Federal contribution to the Police Officers' and Fire Fighters', Teachers', and Judges' Retirement Funds ($52.07 million) and the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority (Authority) for contracting with private entities to carry out a program to inspect, flush, and repair the District's drinking water system ($1 million); and (3) expenses incurred in connection with presidential inauguration activities ($5.702 million).

Appropriates specified sums out of the general fund of the District of Columbia for the current fiscal year for: (1) governmental direction and support; (2) economic development and regulation; (3) public safety and justice; (4) the public education system (including public charter schools); (5) human support services; (6) public works; (7) repayment of specified loans and interests; (8) repayment of the general fund recovery debt; (9) repayment of interest on short-term borrowing; (10) necessary expenses incurred in connection with presidential inauguration activities; (11) lease payments involving the land site underlying the building located at One Judiciary Square; (12) human resources development; (13) construction projects (including rescissions); (14) the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund; (15) the Lottery and Charitable Games Enterprise Fund; (16) the Cable Television Enterprise Fund; (17) the Starplex Fund; (18) D.C. General Hospital; (19) the D.C. Retirement Board; (20) the Correctional Industries Fund; (21) the Washington Convention Center Enterprise Fund (from local funds and by transfer from the general fund); and (22) the Authority.

Prohibits the use of revenues from Federal sources to support the Statehood Commission and Statehood Compact Commission.

Requires the District to operate a free, 24-hour telephone information service where residents of the area surrounding Lorton prison can obtain information about all prison disturbances.

Requires the Chief Financial Officer of the District, on behalf of the Mayor and under the direction of the Authority, to make specified cost reductions in: (1) real estate initiatives; (2) management information systems; (3) energy cost initiatives; (4) purchasing and procurement initiatives; and (5) the workforce, including a reduction of 2,411 full-time positions.

(Sec. 101) Sets forth certain uses of and restrictions on the expenditure of appropriations made by this Act.

(Sec. 122) Directs the Mayor to submit to the D.C. Council, within 30 days after the end of the first quarter of FY 1997, the FY 1997 revenue estimates.

(Sec. 128) Prohibits the use of: (1) any Federal funds provided in this Act for salaries, expenses, or other costs associated with the offices of U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative under the District of Columbia Statehood Constitutional Convention Initiatives of 1979; (2) any funds appropriated under this Act for any abortion except where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term or where the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or (3) any funds made available pursuant to this Act to implement or enforce the District Domestic Partner Act (also called the District of Columbia Health Care Benefits Expansion Act of 1992) or any system of registration of unmarried, cohabitating couples whether they are homosexual, lesbian, or heterosexual, including registration for the extension of employment, health, or governmental benefits to such couples on the same basis that such benefits are extended to legally married couples.

(Sec. 132) Specifies reporting requirements for the Board of Education and the University of the District of Columbia.

(Sec. 140) Modifies D.C. reductions-in-force procedures to allow a personnel authority to establish lesser competitive areas within an agency on the basis of all or a clearly identifiable segment of an agency's mission or a division or major subdivision of an agency. Authorizes each agency head to identify positions for abolishment. Outlines procedures for abolishment of such positions for FY 1997.

(Sec. 141) Establishes a ceiling on the total operating expenses and deficit of the District of Columbia for FY 1997. Allows the Mayor to accept, obligate and expend Federal, private, and other grants received by the District government that are not reflected in the amounts appropriated in this Act.

(Sec. 142) Provides that the heads of all personnel of the District's Office of the Treasurer, Controller, Office of the Budget, Office of Financial Information Services, and Department of Finance and Revenue, together with all District accounting, budget, and financial management personnel (including independent agency personnel but excluding legislative and judicial branch personnel), shall be appointed by, serve at the pleasure of, and act under the direction of the District's Chief Financial Officer during any control period in effect under the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Act of 1995.

(Sec. 145) Amends the District of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995 to prohibit a public charter school, with respect to any student other than a nonresident student, from charging tuition, imposing fees, or otherwise requiring payment for participation in any program, educational offering, or activity (except for adult education, field trips, and similar activities) that: (1) enrolls students in any grade from kindergarten through grade 12; or (2) is funded in whole or part through an annual local appropriations.

(Sec. 146) Sets forth Buy-American requirements with respect to funds made available under this Act.

(Sec. 147) Provides that the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency shall not be required to repay moneys advanced by the District government pursuant to congressional appropriations for FY 1980 through 1992.

(Sec. 148) Amends the District of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995 to provide that the waiver of fees and contract requirements with respect to any contractor, subcontractor, and any other group, entity, or individual who donates materials and services for the repair or improvement of a District public school facility for 24 months after enactment of such Act shall not apply with respect to requirements of Executive Order 11246.

(Sec. 149) Requires the Director of the District of Columbia Office of Energy to: (1) develop a comprehensive plan to identify and accomplish energy conservation measures to achieve maximum cost-effective energy and water savings; (2) enter into innovative financing and contractual mechanisms such as utility demand-side management programs and energy savings and water conservation performance contracts that do not exceed 25 years; and (3) permit and encourage each District instrumentality to participate in programs conducted by any gas, electric, or water utility of the management of electricity or gas demand or for energy or water conservation.

(Sec. 150) Reduces the minimum number of members of the Board of Trustees of American University from 40 to 25.

(Sec. 151) Makes the following District of Columbia Acts effective on the date of enactment of this Act: (1) the District of Columbia Real Property Tax Lien Assignment or Sale and Transfer Amendment Act of 1996; (2) the Telecommunications Competition Act of 1996; and (3) the Mortgage Lenders and Brokers Act of 1996.