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Conference report filed in House (04/05/1995)


Title I: Emergency Supplemental Appropriations

Title II: Rescissions

Title III: Miscellaneous

Title IV: Mexican Debt Disclosure Act of 1995

Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and Rescissions for the Department of Defense to Preserve and Enhance Military Readiness Act of 1995 - Title I: Emergency Supplemental Appropriations - Appropriates funds for FY 1995 for: (1) active and reserve military personnel in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, as well as National Guard personnel in the Army and Air Force; (2) operation and maintenance for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy Reserve, and defense-wide; (3) other procurement for the Army; and (4) the defense health program.

Rescinds specified amounts of funds provided under Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Acts for various DOD accounts for: (1) operation and maintenance for the Navy, Air Force, defense-wide, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve; (2) environmental restoration, defense; (3) former Soviet Union threat reduction; (4) aircraft and ammunition procurement and other procurement, Army; (5) aircraft and missile procurement and other procurement, Air Force; (6) defense-wide procurement; (7) National Guard and reserve equipment; (8) Defense Production Act purchases; (9) research, development, test and evaluation for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and defense-wide; and (10) the National Security Education Trust Fund.

(Sec. 103) Allows DOD civilian personnel pay appropriations to be used during FY 1995 in the case of employees (or their dependents or immediate family) evacuated from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, pursuant to the order of the Secretary of August 26, 1994. Makes such provision effective as of March 5, 1995.

(Sec. 104) Authorizes DOD supplemental appropriations to be available only for transfer to the Coast Guard to cover incremental operating costs associated with Operations Able Manner, Able Vigil, Restore Democracy, and Support Democracy.

(Sec. 105) Authorizes the obligation of FY 1995 DOD appropriations for the special separation benefits programs and the voluntary separation incentive program.

(Sec. 106) Earmarks specified FY 1995 DOD funds for financing activities of defense federally-funded research and development centers (FFRDCs). Amends the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1995 to reduce by a specified amount the total amount appropriated for the use of DOD to reflect savings from the decreased use of non-FFRDC consulting services by DOD. Requires a report to specified congressional committees by the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) with respect to the total, separate amounts of appropriations provided for operations and maintenance, procurement, and research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) under such Act.

(Sec. 107) Requires the President to report to the Congress a detailed description of the estimated cumulative incremental cost of all U.S. activities subsequent to September 30, 1993, in and around Haiti.

(Sec. 108) Prohibits the obligation of funds appropriated for the DOD Technology Reinvestment Program for any new project until the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology makes certain certifications to the Congress with respect to appropriate military officer and civilian DOD employee representation on review panels under such Program.

(Sec. 109) Prohibits the obligation or expenditure of funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act for assistance to or programs in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or for the implementation of the October 21, 1994, agreed framework between the United States and such nation, unless specifically appropriated for that purpose.

(Sec. 110) Prohibits during FY 1995 the obligation or expenditure of DOD funds used for emergency and extraordinary expenses in the amount of $1 million or more for any single transaction without prior notification to specified congressional committees.

(Sec. 111) Prohibits using funds appropriated or otherwise made available to DOD to enter into a specified agreement between the United States and the Government of the Russian Federation for the exchange of equipment, technology, and materials unless the President has made certain certifications to the Congress with respect to the possible Russian sale of nuclear reactor components to Iran.

(Sec. 112) Prohibits, with certain provisos, the obligation of DOD military construction or family housing funds to initiate construction projects upon the enactment of this Act for any project on an installation that was included in any base closure or realignment recommendations under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990.

(Sec. 113) Rescinds specified funds for: (1) military construction in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Naval Reserve; (2) North Atlantic Treaty Organization Infrastructure; and (3) the Base Realignment and Closure Account, Part III.

(Sec. 114) Prohibits the Secretary from allocating a rescission to a military installation recommended for closure or realignment under the above defense base closure law in excess of the proportionate share for each installation in FY 1995 from the funds rescinded from Environmental Restoration, Defense, by this Act.

(Sec. 115) Requires certain funds received by the Air Force during FY 1994 and 1995 to be merged with and available for RDT&E and procurement for such fiscal years, and available only for those Titan IV vehicles and related activities under contract on the date of enactment of this Act.

(Sec. 116) Amends the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1995, to reduce the amount earmarked for the Reserve Component Automation System.

(Sec. 117) Rescinds on September 15, 1995, $100 million from funds appropriated for military procurement under the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1993.

Appropriates specified funds for a grant to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation for certain capital improvements at the Pennsylvania Station in New York City.

Title II: Rescissions - Rescinds funds made available to: (1) the Department of Justice for the Immigration and Naturalization Service; (2) the Department of Commerce for the National Institute of Standards and Technology; (3) the National Telecommunications and Information Administration for information infrastructure grants; (4) the Small Business Administration for salaries and expenses; (5) the Legal Services Corporation for payments under the Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974; (6) the Department of Energy for Defense Environmental Restoration and Waste Management; (7) the President for contribution to the International Development Association, the Development Assistance Fund, and the African Development Fund; (8) the President for assistance for the new independent states of the former Soviet Union; (9) the Department of Energy for clean coal technology; (10) the Department of the Interior for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service resource management; (11) the Department of Labor for the Employment and Training Administration; (12) the Department of Education for school improvement programs and student financial assistance; (13) the Department of Transportation for the Federal Aviation Administration and miscellaneous highway demonstration projects of the Federal Highway Administration; (14) the Federal Railroad Administration for local rail freight assistance; and (15) the Pennsylvania Station redevelopment project. Earmarks funds under a prior appropriations Act for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to initiate and complete remedial measures to prevent slope instability at Hickman Bluff, Kentucky. Provides that, upon the enactment of this Act, any Federal implementation plan that has been promulgated by the EPA Administrator under the Clean Air Act for the South Coast, Ventura, or Sacramento areas of California pursuant to a court order or settlement shall be rescinded and have no further force and effect.

Extends the availability of appropriations for national aeronautical facilities of NASA under a prior-year appropriations Act.

Title III: Miscellaneous - Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to issue a certificate of documentation for a named vessel.

Title IV: Mexican Debt Disclosure Act of 1995 - Mexican Debt Disclosure Act of 1995 - Directs the President to report semiannually to the appropriate congressional committees concerning all guarantees issued to, and short- and long-term currency swaps with, the Government of Mexico by the U.S. Government, including the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to report monthly to the appropriate congressional committees concerning such guarantees and currency swaps. Terminates such reports on the date that Mexico has paid all obligations to the United States with respect to such swap facilities and guarantees of securities made available under the program approved by the President on January 31, 1995. Requires certain presidential certifications to such committees before extending any loan, credit, guarantee, or arrangement for a swap of currencies to Mexico through the exchange stabilization fund or by the Board.