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National Student Testing bill (Identified by CRS)

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To prohibit spending Federal education funds on national testing without explicit and specific legislation.

Actions Overview (3)

Date Actions Overview
02/05/1998Passed/agreed to in House: On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 242 - 174 (Roll no. 9).
01/30/1998Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Education and the Workforce. H. Rept. 105-409.
11/06/1997Introduced in House

All Actions (22)

Date Chamber All Actions
02/05/1998SenateReceived in the Senate and read twice and referred to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources.
02/05/1998-12:51pmHouseThe Clerk was authorized to correct section numbers, punctuation, and cross references, and to make other necessary technical and conforming corrections in the engrossment of H.R. 2846.
02/05/1998-12:51pmHouseMotion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.
02/05/1998-12:51pmHouseOn passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 242 - 174 (Roll no. 9).
02/05/1998-12:29pmHouseThe House adopted the amendment in the nature of a substitute as agreed to by the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union.
02/05/1998-12:29pmHouseThe previous question was ordered pursuant to the rule.
02/05/1998-12:29pmHouseThe House rose from the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union to report H.R. 2846.
02/05/1998-12:28pmHouseH.Amdt.492 On agreeing to the Education and the Workforce amendment (A0 Agreed to by voice vote.
02/05/1998-12:28pmHouseH.Amdt.492 Amendment (A001) in the nature of a substitute offered by the Committee on Education and the Workforce.
02/05/1998-11:23amHouseGENERAL DEBATE - The Committee of the Whole proceeded with one hour of general debate.
02/05/1998-11:22amHouseHouse resolved itself into the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union pursuant to H. Res. 348 and Rule XXIII.
02/05/1998-11:22amHouseThe Speaker designated the Honorable Thomas W. Ewing to act as Chairman of the Committee.
02/05/1998-11:22amHouseRule provides for consideration of H.R. 2846. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions except motion to recommit with or without instructions.
02/05/1998-11:22amHouseConsidered under the provisions of rule H. Res. 348. (consideration: CR H345-355)
02/05/1998-11:21amHouseRule H. Res. 348 passed House.
02/04/1998-4:14pmHouseRules Committee Resolution H. Res. 348 Reported to House. Rule provides for consideration of H.R. 2846. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions except motion to recommit with or without instructions.
01/30/1998HousePlaced on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 236.
01/30/1998HouseReported (Amended) by the Committee on Education and the Workforce. H. Rept. 105-409.
01/28/1998HouseOrdered to be Reported (Amended) by the Yeas and Nays: 23 - 16.
Action By: Committee on Education and the Workforce
01/28/1998HouseCommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Action By: Committee on Education and the Workforce
11/06/1997HouseReferred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
11/06/1997HouseIntroduced in House

Cosponsors (114)

* = Original cosponsor
CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Rep. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC-3]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Roukema, Marge [R-NJ-5]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Paul, Ron [R-TX-14]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Norwood, Charles W. [R-GA-10]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Deal, Nathan [R-GA-9]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Hilleary, Van [R-TN-4]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Duncan, John J., Jr. [R-TN-2]* 11/06/1997
Rep. DeLay, Tom [R-TX-22]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Largent, Steve [R-OK-1]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Pappas, Michael [R-NJ-12]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Waters, Maxine [D-CA-35]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Shadegg, John B. [R-AZ-4]* 11/06/1997
Rep. McKeon, Howard P. "Buck" [R-CA-25]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Gingrich, Newt [R-GA-6]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Weldon, Curt [R-PA-7]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Hyde, Henry J. [R-IL-6]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Souder, Mark E. [R-IN-4]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Armey, Richard K. [R-TX-26]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Blunt, Roy [R-MO-7]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Wicker, Roger F. [R-MS-1]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Kasich, John R. [R-OH-12]* 11/06/1997
Rep. Watts, J. C., Jr. [R-OK-4] 11/09/1997
Rep. Ehrlich, Robert L., Jr. [R-MD-2] 11/09/1997
Rep. Istook, Ernest J., Jr. [R-OK-5] 11/13/1997
Rep. Ensign, John [R-NV-1] 11/13/1997
Rep. Dickey, Jay [R-AR-4] 11/13/1997
Rep. Bachus, Spencer [R-AL-6] 11/13/1997
Rep. Cubin, Barbara [R-WY-At Large] 11/13/1997
Rep. Hutchinson, Asa [R-AR-3] 11/13/1997
Rep. Boehner, John A. [R-OH-8] 11/13/1997
Rep. Canady, Charles T. [R-FL-12] 11/13/1997
Rep. Riggs, Frank [R-CA-1] 11/13/1997
Rep. Talent, Jim [R-MO-2] 11/13/1997
Rep. Hoekstra, Peter [R-MI-2] 11/13/1997
Rep. Peterson, John E. [R-PA-5] 11/13/1997
Rep. Weldon, Dave [R-FL-15] 11/13/1997
Rep. McIntosh, David M. [R-IN-2] 11/13/1997
Rep. Owens, Major R. [D-NY-11] 11/13/1997
Rep. Johnson, Sam [R-TX-3] 01/27/1998
Rep. Ballenger, Cass [R-NC-10] 01/27/1998
Rep. Bereuter, Doug [R-NE-1] 01/27/1998
Rep. Cannon, Chris [R-UT-3] 01/27/1998
Rep. Aderholt, Robert B. [R-AL-4] 01/27/1998
Rep. Chabot, Steve [R-OH-1] 01/27/1998
Rep. Tiahrt, Todd [R-KS-4] 01/27/1998
Rep. Goode, Virgil H., Jr. [D-VA-5] 01/27/1998
Rep. Moran, Jerry [R-KS-1] 01/27/1998
Rep. Emerson, Jo Ann [R-MO-8] 01/27/1998
Rep. LaHood, Ray [R-IL-18] 01/27/1998
Rep. Smith, Linda [R-WA-3] 01/27/1998
Rep. Salmon, Matt [R-AZ-1] 01/27/1998
Rep. Lewis, Ron [R-KY-2] 01/27/1998
Rep. English, Phil [R-PA-21] 01/27/1998
Rep. Gibbons, Jim [R-NV-2] 01/27/1998
Rep. Nethercutt, George R., Jr. [R-WA-5] 01/27/1998
Rep. Taylor, Charles H. [R-NC-11] 01/28/1998
Rep. Cunningham, Randy (Duke) [R-CA-51] 01/28/1998
Rep. Portman, Rob [R-OH-2] 01/28/1998
Rep. Bartlett, Roscoe G. [R-MD-6] 01/28/1998
Rep. Cox, Christopher [R-CA-47] 01/28/1998
Rep. Bliley, Tom [R-VA-7] 01/28/1998
Rep. Doolittle, John T. [R-CA-4] 01/28/1998
Rep. Schiff, Steven [R-NM-1] 01/28/1998
Rep. Dunn, Jennifer [R-WA-8] 01/28/1998
Rep. McCrery, Jim [R-LA-4] 01/28/1998
Rep. Crane, Philip M. [R-IL-8] 01/28/1998
Rep. Barton, Joe [R-TX-6] 01/28/1998
Rep. Neumann, Mark W. [R-WI-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Solomon, Gerald B. H. [R-NY-22] 01/30/1998
Rep. Combest, Larry [R-TX-19] 01/30/1998
Rep. Collins, Mac [R-GA-3] 01/30/1998
Rep. Smith, Christopher H. [R-NJ-4] 01/30/1998
Rep. Shimkus, John [R-IL-20] 01/30/1998
Rep. Barrett, Bill [R-NE-3] 01/30/1998
Rep. Hostettler, John N. [R-IN-8] 01/30/1998
Rep. Hefley, Joel [R-CO-5] 01/30/1998
Rep. Callahan, Sonny [R-AL-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Coburn, Tom [R-OK-2] 01/30/1998
Rep. Bunning, Jim [R-KY-4] 01/30/1998
Rep. Herger, Wally [R-CA-2] 01/30/1998
Rep. Jones, Walter B., Jr. [R-NC-3] 01/30/1998
Rep. Bass, Charles F. [R-NH-2] 01/30/1998
Rep. Kingston, Jack [R-GA-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Porter, John Edward [R-IL-10] 01/30/1998
Rep. Leach, James A. [R-IA-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Sessions, Pete [R-TX-5] 01/30/1998
Rep. Brady, Kevin [R-TX-8] 01/30/1998
Rep. Packard, Ron [R-CA-48] 01/30/1998
Rep. Latham, Tom [R-IA-5] 01/30/1998
Rep. Hastert, J. Dennis [R-IL-14] 01/30/1998
Rep. Klink, Ron [D-PA-4] 01/30/1998
Rep. Christensen, Jon [R-NE-2] 01/30/1998
Rep. Walsh, James T. [R-NY-25] 01/30/1998
Rep. Watkins, Wes [R-OK-3] 01/30/1998
Rep. Riley, Bob [R-AL-3] 01/30/1998
Rep. Sununu, John E. [R-NH-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Linder, John [R-GA-11] 01/30/1998
Rep. Pickering, Charles W. "Chip" [R-MS-3] 01/30/1998
Rep. Myrick, Sue Wilkins [R-NC-9] 01/30/1998
Rep. Pitts, Joseph R. [R-PA-16] 01/30/1998
Rep. Chenoweth-Hage, Helen [R-ID-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Scarborough, Joe [R-FL-1] 01/30/1998
Rep. Fowler, Tillie [R-FL-4] 01/30/1998
Rep. Bonilla, Henry [R-TX-23] 01/30/1998
Rep. Gillmor, Paul E. [R-OH-5] 01/30/1998
Rep. Thune, John [R-SD-At Large] 01/30/1998
Rep. Goss, Porter J. [R-FL-14] 01/30/1998
Rep. Smith, Robert [R-OR-2] 01/30/1998
Rep. Pryce, Deborah [R-OH-15] 01/30/1998
Rep. Manzullo, Donald A. [R-IL-16] 01/30/1998
Rep. Inglis, Bob [R-SC-4] 01/30/1998
Rep. Burton, Dan [R-IN-6] 01/30/1998
Rep. Crapo, Mike [R-ID-2] 01/30/1998
Rep. Knollenberg, Joe [R-MI-11] 01/30/1998

Committees (2)

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Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
House Education and the Workforce11/06/1997 Referred to
01/28/1998 Markup by
01/30/1998 Reported by H. Rept. 105-409
Senate Labor and Human Resources02/05/1998 Referred to

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Shown Here:
Passed House amended (02/05/1998)

Amends the General Education Provisions Act to prohibit the use of funds provided to the Department of Education, or to an applicable program under any Act, to develop, plan, implement, or administer any federally sponsored national test in reading, mathematics, or any other subject that is not specifically and explicitly provided for in authorizing legislation enacted into Federal law. Excepts from such prohibition specified requirements of the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Act, 1998 (Public Law 105-78) relating to voluntary national tests and assessments.

Exempts from such funding prohibitions the Third International Mathematics and Science Study or other international comparative assessments developed under the National Education Statistics Act of 1994 and administered to only a representative sample of pupils in the United States and in foreign nations.